Hairdresser: Britney Spears 'scared' of ex-manager

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009 |

Britney Spears' hairdresser testified Wednesday that the pop superstar told her she was scared of her former manager and friend, Osama "Sam" Lutfi.

The testimony came as lawyers for Spears' father seek lengthy restraining orders against Spears' ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, attorney Jon Eardley and Lutfi. A judge on Wednesday extended temporary restraining orders against the men and plans to hear further testimony April 1.

Hairdresser Roberta Romero said Spears' comments came after Lutfi repeatedly sent her text messages in late December. She said Lutfi was trying to get her to convey messages to the singer, including that he was making efforts to "free" her.

Romero, who has worked as Spears' stylist for more than a year, said the singer told her to tell Lutfi to leave them alone. Romero and Spears notified the singer's security staff about Lutfi's text messages.

Romero said she only spoke to Lutfi once, weeks before Spears' security became involved. She said he was not threatening over the phone, but that the singer told her to avoid her former friend.

"She told me she's scared of him and not to talk to him," Romero said.

Joel Boxer, a lawyer for Spears' father Jamie, read some of the text messages in court Wednesday. One message said: "Very close to getting her free now."

Lutfi's attorney, Bryan Freedman, declined to comment after the hearing about the text messages.

Romero was the third witness to testify in the case. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva K. Bobb has also heard testimony from Spears' father, a security guard who logged the messages Lutfi allegedly sent to Romero, and Geraldine Wyle, one of Jamie Spears' attorneys.

Jamie Spears testified Monday that he did not know whether his daughter had spoken to Lutfi since last February. But he also repeated a claim that Lutfi put drugs in his daughter's food in efforts to control her.

Wyle testified Wednesday about an agreement that was reached last year between Jamie Spears and Lutfi in which the former manager agreed not try to contact the singer through any means.

Freedman said earlier this week that the only instance of direct contact was a call that Britney Spears apparently made to Lutfi.

Attorneys for Jamie Spears attempted to call Lutfi as a witness on Wednesday, but his attorneys said they had not properly served a subpoena. He said he did not know whether Lutfi would appear at the hearing in April.

Most of the testimony so far has concerned Lutfi and Ghalib, who is not represented in the restraining order case. Ghalib appeared in a Van Nuys courtroom Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to three felony charges that he struck a process server with his car last month.

The server was trying to deliver paperwork about the restraining order. Prosecutors filed felony charges on Tuesday, claiming the server broke his wrist after clinging to the hood of Ghalib's car to avoid serious injury.

Roger Diamond, a lawyer representing Eardley, has said his client has not had any involvement in Spears' case in a year. He has repeatedly tried to get Eardley dismissed from the case, but Bobb has refused.

"I see poor Ms. Britney Spears is being bled dry by these ongoing proceedings," Diamond said in court on Wednesday. "This is just a nightmare for Mr. Eardley."

Spears is not expected to testify in the case. She opens a tour for her hit album "Circus" on March 3 in New Orleans.

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The final instalment of the Harry Potter film franchise is to be released in 2011, it has been announced.

Fans of the boy wizard will get to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II in cinemas from 15 July.

Warner Brothers decided to split the seventh book in JK Rowling's series into two parts as it was impossible to cram its 608 pages into a single film.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is set to be released on 19 November 2010.

Stuntman David Holmes suffered serious back injuries on the set of Deathly Hallows last month practising an aerial sequence.

The set was closed for a week for investigation before being allowed to re-open by the Health and Safety Executive.

It was announced in August last year that the release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince would be pushed back eight months to July this year.

Warner Bros president Alan Horn said the decision was taken to guarantee the studio a major summer blockbuster in 2009.

He also blamed the Hollywood writers' strike, which hit the film industry hard in 2008.

The first five movies have made $4.5 billion (£2.2 billion) worldwide - making it the biggest film franchise in box office history, surpassing both James Bond and Star Wars.


Robert Pattinson isn't happy


Robert Pattinson might be one of the luckiest guys on the planet but he isn't happy.

It seems our favourite vampire misses the life he had before he was famous.

At the Oscars last weekend Rob seemed really nervous and unsure of what to say.

A source told E! online: "It's because [Hollywood] just so isn't his scene.

"All of this fame isn't what Rob's about."

Things should improve for Rob in the next few weeks once he starts filming New Moon.

He has been so busy promoting Twilight that he hasn't acted in ages.

All actors love to act so once Rob gets on set he should feel much better.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will no doubt help him get a smile back on his face.


The woman who was in the same car as Morgan Freeman on the night of a crash that left both the actor and his companion injured claims she was never involved in a relationship with the 71-year-old and is suing the “Bucket List” star for negligence.

Demaris Meyer and her attorney, Gloria Allred, organized a news conference on Wednesday in order to make public the fact that Meyer had filed a lawsuit against the Academy Award-winning actor.

“I have been labeled as the other woman and have been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman's marriage,” Demaris Meyer explained. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship.”

Throughout the days following the incident, which took place in August last year, Morgan Freeman’s lawyer, Bill Luckett, informed various sources that the actor and his wife of 24 years, Myrna Colley-Lee, had been separated for almost a year and were getting a divorce. Therefore, numerous media outlets reported that 48-year-old Demaris Meyer was in fact Morgan Freeman’s mistress.

However, the woman does not agree. She said on Wednesday that she first met Morgan Freeman on the same night the accident occurred, at a dinner party at the Bayou Bend Golf and Country Club, where she had been invited by Bill Luckett. In addition, Demaris Meyer said that the actor had acted like a “perfect gentleman” throughout the evening and that he invited her to stay at one of the three houses on his property, so that she “would have an easier drive to work the next morning.”

Gloria Allred said the accident took place when Morgan Freeman was driving his companion’s car with Demaris Meyer in the passenger seat from the actor’s lawyer’s residence in Clarksdale, Miss., to Freeman’s home in Charleston, Miss., which was approximately 40 miles away.

Demaris Meyer refused to give information on whether the actor had been drinking that night and did not say what generated the accident that left Freeman with a broken arm, broken elbow and shoulder damage. The woman’s injuries included a broken left wrist, right scapula and a damaged labrum.

Meyer said during the press conference that the accident has changed her life completely, as her condition following the crash impeded her from taking care of herself and leading a normal life. She added that she was still “suffering both physically and emotionally as a result of the accident.”

According to the lawsuit, Freeman did not maintain an adequate lookout and attention and failed to keep the vehicle under control and act upon the posted speed limit.

Morgan Freeman’s publicist, Ken Sunshine, said on Wednesday that he and his client trusted that everything would “be resolved.”


Amy Winehouse ready to save her marriage


Amy Winehouse is flying back to the UK in hope of a reunion with estranged hubby Blake Fielder-Civil after he was released from prison yesterday, reports say.

The troubled singer has been detoxing in St Lucia since December while Blake was in jail for assault. But now that he's free, she is determined to try to patch up their failed marriage.

Despite Amy's efforts to make their relationship work, Blake has insisted the divorce is still on and is looking for a fresh start while tackling his drug habit, The Sun reported.

The 'Rehab' singer has also been fighting her heroin and crack cocaine addiction while holidaying in the Caribbean and friends say she's doing well.

Amy returns to the UK next week to make her final plea to Blake for another chance.


Britney's Ex Surrenders to Face Assault Charges

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009 |

A day after an arrest warrant was issued, Adnan Ghalib, the photographer ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears, found himself on the other end of the paparazzi lens.

Tracked by his media colleagues, Ghalib, 36, surrendered Wednesday to face felony charges for allegedly trying to run over a process server. He pleaded innocent in a Van Nuys Superior Court and was released on $110,000 bail.

He also went to the police station for formal booking on the warrant, and visited a bail bondsman.

On Tuesday, prosecutors charged Ghalib with assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run and battery, all worth up to seven years in prison if convicted. The charges include special allegations: use of a deadly weapon - a car - and great bodily injury.

The charges stem from a Feb. 11 incident at Ghalib's apartment in which Ghalib allegedly tried to assault a process server by running into him. The process server was attempting to serve a restraining order obtained by Spears's father.


The husband of singer Amy Winehouse was set free from prison today after completing his sentence for assaulting a pub landlord and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Blake Fielder-Civil was reportedly picked up from the gates of Edmunds Hill Prison by his mother Georgette at 10am Wednesday morning.

The pair were seen walking arm in arm to the prison car park to an awaiting silver BMW which then drove them away.

A spokesman for the prison said: 'He was released after completing his sentence.'

Fielder-Civil was jailed for 27 months in July last year following an attack on North London publican James King in June 2006.

King was so badly beaten he required plates fitted into his face for a broken cheekbone after the attack.

Fielder-Civil, 26, was released momentarily on bail at the end of last year but was sent back to jail after breaching his bail conditions, following reports he failed a drug test.

At the time it had been reported he would then stay in jail until at least 2010 following the test.

At the time Blake was undergoing a £30,000 rehab programme as part of his release terms, which was reportedly paid for by his wife.

The singer is not expected to see her estranged husband, as she is currently rehabilitating on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

A spokesman for the star, 25, said he was not aware of Blake's imminent release.

Before she fled to the island at the end of last year amid rumours the couple were set to end their stormy marriage following a string of adultery claims on both sides. The pair wed eloped to Miami in May 2007 to marry.


Rihanna Breaks the Silence


Rihanna, who has been dominating headlines for a couple of weeks now, finally opened up about the incident that brought her in the spotlight, explaining that she was “strong” and “doing well."
The singer, who spent the anniversary of her 21st birthday in private on Friday, would not talk about Chris Brown, her 19-year-old boyfriend who allegedly played a violent role in the attack that took place on February 8.

“At the request of the authorities, Rihanna is not commenting about the incident involving Chris Brown,” the two-sentence statement read. “She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time.”
Rihanna’s comments came shortly after her dad criticized Los Angeles police over the leak of a picture showing the young star’s bruised and battered face.

Ronald Fenty told People magazine that officials had done “sloppy work,” adding that his daughter did not intend to celebrate her birthday by throwing a party.

The photo that showed a woman said to be Rihanna with her eyes closed, a fat lip and visible bruising to her forehead was first published by celebrity gossip Web site Immediately after the leak, the Los Angeles Police Department launched an internal investigation in order to establish whether the picture could be included in the case’s police evidence.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating an alleged confrontation between Rihanna and fellow singer Chris Brown, who authorities said that wounded the star during an argument the couple had last week in a Hancock Park neighborhood hours before the Grammy Awards ceremony was due to take place. Chris Brown was taken into police custody on February 8 on suspicion of making criminal threats but was not immediately charged with the felony because the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office explained that police had to find more evidence in the case. Thus, the star was released after posting a $50,000 bail.


Jennifer Aniston Presents Oscar Award In Front of Brangelina

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009 |

Jennifer Aniston went face to face with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the 81st annual Academy Awards Sunday in Hollywood. It is first time all three have been in the same room since Pitt and Aniston split in 2005.

Along with Angelina Jolie’s Kung Fu Panda costar Jack Black , the Valentino-clad Aniston (who skipped the red carpet at Sunday’s show) presented Best Animated Feature.

They originally stood to the side of the stage.

When Black made a joke about how all Pixar films win Oscars, Aniston said: “I apologize Mr. Katzenberg [Jeffrey Katzenberg is the co-founder of Dreamworks], I don’t know why we let him out of the house.”

The camera then panned to Angelina Jolie, who laughed.

When Jennifer Aniston announced the nominees, she moved to the center of the stage, right in front of Jolie and Pitt. When the lights were down, Aniston smiled directly at Pitt, but not at Jolie.

Aniston then presented Best Short Film; both Pitt and Jolie kept huge smiles on their faces the entire time.

As Aniston walked off stage, Jolie and Pitt both clapped.

Black told afterwards: “Jen did fine. She’s a pro!”
Aniston and her date for the night, John Mayer , sat behind and to the side of Pitt and Jolie.
Asked earlier in the night if she was nervous, Aniston responded: “Yes!”


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden love being parents so much they're going to have another baby, barely one year after having their first daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden, who was born on January 11 last year.

"What's better than winning an Oscar?" a very enthusiastic Madden wrote on his band Good Charlotte's website. "I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister!"

"God has truly blessed my family. Hope you're all feeling as good as I am right now," he added.

Joel was equally excited about becoming a father when he and Richie announced her first pregnancy on "Good Morning America" in late July 2007.

In an October cover story for People, Joel sounded eager to expand his young family with another child.

"Eventually we'd love to have more kids," he said at the time. "Especially if they can all be as easy and wonderful as Harlow!"

At the time, Nicole was not so easily convinced! "Right now? Oh my God, I need a nap first," she joked.

The couple, who have been dating for almost three years, have yet to disclose when Nicole is due. Most recently, Nicole was spotted in New York with her daughter shopping for a new apartment.

Before Nicole gave birth, the two some twosome established the Richie-Madden Foundation, a charity that supports needy families and children.


Mel C gives birth to baby girl


Mel C has given birth to a baby girl.

The singer, real name Melanie Chisholm, welcomed her first child with long-time partner Thomas Starr at 4.10pm yesterday.

An announcement on her official website confirmed that the new arrival has been named Scarlet and was born weighing 8lb 3oz.

Both mother and daughter are reported to be "doing fine".

Last year, Chisholm admitted that she was feeling nervous about childbirth after listening to her Spice Girls bandmates' "horror stories" about labour.


The Oscars aren't all about winning. They're also about romance, as in Jennifer Aniston overheard backstage whispering into John Mayer's ear, "I really love you, every part of you."

The couple arrived at the backdoor entrance to the Kodak Theatre shortly before the show began.

Perhaps indicating why they hadn't gotten there earlier, Mayer joked that it took Aniston three hours longer to get ready than him.

As the couple stood hand-in-hand, pre-show chaos unfolded all around them.

At one point Ben Stiller sprinted by. A moment later, two crates filled with Oscars for the night's winners were carried toward the stage.

"Wow!" Aniston exclaimed. "Do we have to stand and salute?" ---


Paris Hilton ‘desperate’ to win back Madden

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009 |

The stunner - who parted ways with the Good Charlotte rocker last November - has gone green with envy after seeing snaps of Benji spending Valentine’s Day with singer Katy Perry, reports the China Daily.

A source said: "Paris still has very strong feelings for Madden and seeing those pictures has really hurt her - especially as they were taken so close to her birthday.

“She is determined to get Madden back and she is not going to let anyone or anything stand in her way."

Madden and Katy spent the romantic day together in Las Vegas, although the Hot n Cold singer has since claimed they are just good friends.

She said: "It’s two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other... doesn’t mean we were bumping uglies! You know I don’t just do that with anyone!

"I was there celebrating a really fun show and a boozy Valentine’s Day with all my good friends. We were like a group of 25! Benji is a nice young fellow, but my heart really belongs to my cat."


Photos of Rihanna’s Injuries Released


Recently, entertainment website got its hands on a photo of Rihanna, which shows her injuries following the incident involving her and boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown that resulted in the latter having been charged with assault and with having made criminal threats.

Previously, the website reported that after the unfortunate event that took place Sunday morning before the Grammy Awards ceremony, Rihanna had initially refused to be treated at the scene of the incident, still she allowed the police to take images of her injuries before she was taken to the hospital.

Photos of the injuries show major contusions on both sides of the singer's face, with major swelling and bruising, including a split lip and a bloody nose, along with bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers, said five days after Brown was arrested.

Now, in the photo released, Rihanna’s lips are swollen, while she has welts on her forehead and bruises on her eyes, nose and cheeks.

According to TMZ, Rihanna, who turned 21 years old today, has some bite marks on her arm, as well.

The picture could be used to determine whether criminal charges should be brought to Chris Brown, while it could also play a major role in establishing how severe these charges should be.

On February 8, LA police stated that Brown and an unidentified woman had got into an argument in a parked car in the Hancock Park area of the city, adding that when the two had stepped out of the car, the squabble had aggravated.

The night before the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown and Rihanna attended a party, whereas afterwards, neither of them showed up for the ceremony held on February 8, although they had both been scheduled to perform during the event.


Brangelina to Bump Into Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009 |

Brad Pitt’s ex and current partner will at last bump into each other at the Night Before the Oscars party, which is due to be held in Beverly Hills on February 21. The meeting is sure to enter the spotlight, as everybody has been waiting for this moment ever since the actor made public his split from actress Jennifer Aniston in January 2005 and showed up with his “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star at various events.

“It’s taken lots of time, but she’s getting past her insecurities about Brad and Angie and their huge, happy family. Though the meeting is sure to be difficult, Jen knows it has to happen sometime,” an unnamed source informed OK! magazine with regard to Jennifer Aniston.

In spite of the fact that both stars had been expected at different ceremonies, one of them or even both failed to show up, thus avoiding the much awaited meeting. However, this time Jennifer Aniston is due to attend the pre-Academy Awards ceremony bash together with her boyfriend, rocker John Mayer, who has just confirmed his attendance.

In the meantime, Angelina Jolie seems to be preoccupied with finding a place to live, since she has been spotted examining several apartments in New York City, thus stirring buzz with regard to the fact that the Brangelina couple intends to see the world through the eyes of the Big Apple.

Angie was seen checking out an apartment in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood just a couple of days ago.


Rihanna still loves Chris Brown


Brown, 19, was arrested on the night of Grammys on suspicion of assaulting the ‘Umbrella’ hit maker and was released on 50,000-dollars bail. However, Rihanna is ‘torn’ over her parents' pleas to cooperate with police after she was allegedly assaulted by Brown.

"I mean, damn, her eye's black and the sides of her face are all hurt. But she keeps saying she still loves him," the New York Daily News quoted a friend, as telling the Us Weekly magazine.

Rihanna's parents are reportedly pleading with her not to worry about how jail time might affect Brown's career.


Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie Finally Meet

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009 |

After four years of fighting words, near encounters and private pain, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie will finally see each other at the Feb. 21 Night Before the Oscars party in Beverly Hills.

Ever since Brad Pitt split from Jen in Jan. 2005 and hooked up with Angie, the world has waited for this Hollywood showdown — and no one is more anxious about this emotional encounter than Jen.

"She has always known that this moment would happen and she's never been more ready to see her nemesis, Angie, in the flesh," a source tells OK! of the 40-year-old He's Just Not That Into You star. "She's no longer alone — she has a hot man in her life — John Mayer — and she plans to bring him as her date to the party."

The insider adds that Jen has felt very confident ever since reuniting with John, 31, last year after their brief breakup. "It's taken time, but she's getting past her insecurities about Brad and Angie and their huge happy family. Though the meeting is sure to be difficult, Jen knows it has to happen and now couldn't be better timing."

So how do Brad, 45, and Angie, 33, feel about the upcoming showdown? Both nominated for Oscars for their respective films, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Changeling, the super couple has been enjoying a whirlwind of PR.

"They've shown up for every major awards show and have every intention of enjoying themselves at the party," an insider tells OK!. "They don't consider it Jen's turf."


Rihanna Still Has Feelings for Chris Brown?


Rihanna is going through really harsh times following the scandal which her boyfriend, Chris Brown, dragged her into. The 20-year-old singer is lethargic, suffering from serious headaches and “torn” over her parents’ requests to cooperate with police officials after she was allegedly attacked by the 19-year-old R&B star, the new issue of Us Weekly reports.

An unnamed source close to the “Umbrella” performer told the magazine that Rihanna “is more quiet than I’ve ever seen her,” in spite of the fact that she sometimes whines. In addition, according to the star’s unidentified friend, Rihanna saw a doctor last Friday, a few days following the incident in which Chris Brown allegedly assaulted her as a result of an argument the couple had had inside a rented Lamborghini.

The source informed the publication that Rihanna decided to visit a doctor because she had been suffering from “endless headaches” ever since her boyfriend assaulted her. It appears that physicians expressed their concern with regard to “the contusions on the sides of her head,” Us Weekly reported. Moreover, the singer has other problems as well, apart from her physical condition, since she had to help police build a case against Chris Brown, who was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of making criminal threats.

However, the R&B singer was released from custody after posting a $50,000 bail. He has not been charged by the district attorney’s office, as the alleged domestic violence case is still being looked into.

In spite of all the issues, however, Rihanna seems to still care about her boyfriend, since her friend told Us that “she keeps saying she still loves him.”


Robert Pattinson's shrinking body


Robert Pattinson lost so much weight when he was training for Twilight that Catherine Hardwicke ordered him to eat more.

Rob told Entertainment Weekly: "I used to go to the gym for about five hours a day but then I started losing so such weight. My head started to look really huge in comparison to the rest of my body.

"(Director Catherine Hardwicke) came up to me and said, 'What are you doing to yourself?'

"(To gain weight) I literally stopped exercising. Eating a cheeseburger after two-and-a-half months of doing that - it tasted like ambrosia."

We better hope that Rob has learnt his lesson and won't be pushing himself so hard when he prepares for New Moon.

We don't want him to injury himself or become fitness obsessed.

After all, we love Rob just the way he is.


Lindsay Lohan Blames Severe Weight Loss On Hard Work

martes, 17 de febrero de 2009 |

We can’t possibly know what hides behind Lindsay Lohan’s increasingly skinny frame, but if we were to trust her words, it’s because of the stress caused by the hard work she’s been doing lately.

Hollywood is one tough place to live in. While some celebrities are criticized for gaining a few pounds, see Jessica Simpson’s recent weight gain scandal, some get scrutinized for dropping too many and setting the wrong example.

Resembling more and more to a bobblehead doll, Lindsay Lohan showed off her slimmed down body in a low-cut dress and Christian Louboutin heels at the launch party of Matthew Williamson’s New York store on Sunday night.

Admitting the obviously, Lindsay said she did indeed lose some weight but defended her small frame saying it was “unintentional” and she is suffering from any eating disorder.

Claiming to be eating just as she always has, Lohan cited the Big Mac she had at McDonald's recently as evidence. She reasons that the weight loss is a side product of working too much, stress, and lack of sleep when traveling.

“I think it's all that stuff that adds up,” the starlet said.

She refused to say how many pounds she melted over the past year, or last several months claiming she never weighs herself, but that Hollywood’s pressure to be thin is not her concern at the moment.

“They've already said everything about me that they can say. And I've never really cared then. I'm my own person, and people can say whatever they want. I'm still going to be the person that I am. And I think that's so important for people in Hollywood,” Lindsay said.

“You should always accept yourself for who you are. And that's what I've done, and I'm happy,” she added.

Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson just pulled out the last minute of a Valentine’s Day party they were scheduled to host on Saturday, claiming they were suffering from an ear infection. The night before, the two were spotted having a very public fight following Charlotte Ronson’s fashion show.


Lily Allen and Perez Hilton have continued their ongoing feud on their respective Twitter pages.

The pair have had a long-running spat, with the celebrity blogger describing Allen as "washed up" and the popstar claiming that Hilton is a "bully" who hates women.

On his Twitter page yesterday, Hilton noted that Allen is casting the music video for her next single and called on readers to suggest him for a part.

Allen said: "Oh, I'm sorry, we've already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time eh?"

Hilton responded: "Jealous of who? David Beckham, maybe. And if I wanted to be a f***ed up Brit, I'd rather be Amy Winehouse - whose got talent."

Allen claimed that Hilton was "obsessed" with her and called him a "douchebag" and "parasite", while he called her "desperate" for reducing the price of her album to $3.99.

Hilton added: "Aw, u can see I've lost weight! I am a littler Perez. But I'm still a big fat c*** - just like U! That's why I lova ya. Xoxo P.S. Thanks for advertising on my website. I'll take your money (or the label's) anytime!"

Allen concluded: "I know you will, and that's what makes you a cheap a** whore. Now leave me alone, stop following me, I'm working. Bye x x."


Justin Timberlake wins style props in the March issue of GQ magazine. The magazine picked the entertainer to lead a list of the "10 Most Stylish Men in America." It singled out Timberlake for his impact on fashion, willingness to take risks and "knack for targeting trends" such as hats, three-piece suits, skinny ties and beards.

Timberlake, who launched his clothing line William Rast several years ago, tells GQ he considers model Kate Moss a style icon because she "could put a barrel on and it would be some sort of statement."

It irks the 28-year-old heartthrob when an entire outfit revolves around a hat, and he'd never wear an argyle sweater vest off the golf course. He prefers to keep it simple, clothes-wise.

Other "Stylish Men" include Kanye West, T.I., Jason Schwartzman, hotelier Andre Balazs and photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

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Britney Spears waxwork unveiled

lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009 |

A new waxwork of Britney Spears has been unveiled in London, complete with a megawatt smile and clutching an award.

London attraction Madame Tussauds said the new model was designed to show Spears at her glamorous, award-winning best, dressed to reflect her "sensational" comeback.

The Spears waxwork sports long tousled blonde hair and a plunging silver dress, clinging to her toned figure. Spears' world tour is due to hit the UK this summer at London's 02 Arena.

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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson celebrated the most romantic day of the year with a furious screaming match in the street.

The Mean Girls star was seen begging her lesbian lover for forgiveness for some unknown crime as the pair left Eldridge Lounge after attending Charlotte Ronson's fashion show afterparty on Valentines Day in New York.

The couple walked all the way back to their hotel but didn't manage to hold off their disagreement until they got inside.

Instead, Lindsay fought back tears as she repeatedly asked her girlfriend to forgive her.

But just the day before, the pair had looked every inch the happy couple as they posed for pictures at Charlotte Ronson's show on Friday.


Sources say that the 50-year-old singer is using one of her typical publicity tricks to drum up interest in her tour.

"It's a classic Madge publicity stunt but suits both parties well,” the New Daily News quoted a source, as saying. "Despite her advancing years, she looks like she's still got what it takes to pull a 22-year-old. And Jesus is getting a boost of publicity as well. Everyone's a winner," the source added.

The Material Girl hit maker also took him to the Kabbalah centre in New York at the weekend with children Lourdes and David Banda. "Guy saw the pictures of her and Jesus together and laughed out loud. He sees it as another publicity exercise,” the source said.

"Taking Jesus to Kaballah is a masterstroke as she always historically introduces her lovers to the religion. It's just Madonna for you. She loves being the centre of attention. You would have thought she'd grown tired of it by now," the source added.


R&B singer Chris Brown, who was detained by police last weekend on suspicion of assaulting a woman widely believed to be his pop star girlfriend Rihanna, explained on Sunday that he was “sorry and saddened” with regard to the incident, and that he was seeking counseling.

The 19-year-old popular performer best known for chart-topping hits like “Forever” and “Run It!” had not issued any statement related to the alleged attack until yesterday. Chris Brown surrendered to Los Angeles police on February 8, but was subsequently released on $50,000 bail after being booked for a domestic violence investigation. Although he was suspected of making a criminal threat, which is a felony, he has not been charged by the district attorney’s office, as the case is still being looked into.

The arrest reportedly followed a not very peaceful argument with 20-year-old Rihanna soon after the couple left a pre-Grammy Awards party. The row initially took place in a Lamborghini the singer had rented and continued outside the vehicle, where several people witnessed the alleged fracas.

The artist hired a public relations company that dedicates to crisis management to release a five-sentence statement in which he explains that media reports have made wrong deductions. “Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired,” the statement read. “I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person.”

Chris Brown did not mention his father in the release, although Clinton Brown was quoted by People on Friday as saying that his son was “very remorseful” and “concerned about the situation.” In addition, the singer’s dad told the publication that his son needed some time on his own “to get his thoughts together” and that he cared about Rihanna’s condition.

In spite of the fact that authorities have not officially revealed the name of the assault’s victim, unidentified police sources told various media outlets that Rihanna had been bruised in the attack, while numerous blogs and publications have issued reports in which they offered the same information.

Chris Brown, however, wrote in the statement that “the media is wrong.” Moreover, he said that he would like to disclose more details, but that he was unable to do so until “the legal issues are solved.” The star warned his fans not to take into consideration blog posts bearing his signature because “those posts or writings under my name are frauds.”

Many showbiz figures defended both Chris Brown and Rihanna, explaining that the couple needs support during this phase of their relationship. Rapper Jay-Z told People magazine that Rihanna, whom he helped launch a career in music, is going through a harsh period and that she is “very young” to cope with the situation. The hip-hop singer stood up for Rihanna in an attempt to urge media to take it easy on his pal.


Robert Pattinson wants a girlfriend


Robert Pattinson can't find a girlfriend now he is a global superstar.

Rob told the Mirror all about his love problems.

He admitted: "I'm not dating anyone at the moment.

"But it's weird. If you try and chat people up, everyone's like, 'Oh, you're just an actor. You probably go around sleeping with everybody'.

"So fame has the opposite effect of what you'd expect."

We think these lucky girls should stop giving Rob a hard time and go on a date.

We would love to be his Valentine's date!


US screaming for new Jason movie


A re-make of the classic 1980 horror film Friday the 13th has topped the North American box office in its opening weekend.

The revival of the slasher franchise took $42.2m (£29.7m) over three days according to early figures.

It sets a new record for the horror genre, topping the $39.1m (£27.5m) debut for 2004's The Grudge.

The film updates the grisly story of hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees and his rampage at a secluded summer camp.

The Friday the 13th series has been one of the most-enduring horror franchises, spawning 10 sequels, including crossover Freddy Vs Jason, pitting Voorhees against the killer from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The movie bumped off the previous weekend's top earner, romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You, which fell to number two taking $19.6m (£13.8m).

Kidnap thriller Taken, starring Liam Neeson, also fell one place to three in its third week, taking $19.3m (£13.5m).

New entries in the top 10 included Isla Fisher comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic at four and Clive Owen thriller The International at seven.

The top 10's three-day overall total of $190m (£133m) helped give Hollywood its best President's Day weekend ever, beating the previous best of $157.1m (£110.2m) over the same weekend in 2007.

"Hollywood seems to be unstoppable right now. With this notion of the recession helping the box office, I guess this is just another example of that," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Media By Numbers.

"People want to go to the movies and just have fun and escape."


Salma Hayek picked a romance-lover's ideal time and place for her wedding: Valentine's Day in Paris. The Mexican-born actress wed French magnate Francois-Henri Pinault in a civil ceremony Saturday at the City Hall in Paris' chic 6th arrondissement, according to an official there.

The wedding was a small affair, said the official, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, in accordance with policy.

The nuptials followed a rocky romance. The two met in Italy in 2006, announced their engagement and had a baby, Valentina Paloma, in September 2007. Last year they broke off their engagement but made up a few months later.

Hayek, 42, was nominated for an Oscar in 2003 for the film "Frida," the biography of the painter Frida Kahlo, which she produced and starred in. She is one of the executive producers of the hit series "Ugly Betty" and is also the chief executive of Ventanazul, a production company she formed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Pinault, 46, is chief executive of the French luxury and retail group PPR SA, which owns high-end labels such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Puma.

Via associatedpress

Britney's ex in 'hit and run' saga

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009 |

Britney's Spears ex-lover Adnan Ghalib could have landed himself in more hot water after allegations of a hit and run with a deadly weapon were made against him.

According to US website, the British paparazzo is being investigated for assault using a deadly weapon after he allegedly hit out at a court server who was attempting to hand him restraining order documents from Britney.

It is then claimed he fled the scene after the court server reportedly landed on the hood of his car.


Madonna’s Expensive Photos


Everything about Madonna is expensive! Let us not mention the movies and albums, but a simple photo. According to the Associated Press, a nude, full-frontal photo of Madonna was sold at auction for $37,500 yesterday in New York.

The explicit black and white picture was taken in 1979 when the star was a dancer struggling to make her way into the music business. She was 20-years-old and known then as Madonna Louise Ciccone when she met photographer Liz Friedlander by responding to a classified ad seeking a nude model. She was taken many pictures but apparently only six of them were featured in a 1985 issue of Playboy.

This photograph of the future Material Girl became the highest-priced ever sold at auction, beating out the top bid of $15,000 for the Herb Ritts-shot cover of “True Blue.”

According to Christie’s auction house an anonymous European was the one who paid all that amount of money for the picture which had been expected to fetch $15,000 (£10,365).

There was another photograph of Madonna sold on Thursday at Christie’s but it was not that expensive. Perhaps it cost less, only $18,750, because the diva was not showed completely naked but wearing lingerie, with a man kneeling beside her.

On Thursday’s bid there were sold around 150 photos featuring many other different celebrities, as part of the Leon and Michaela Constantiner collection. Madonna’s images were only two of them.

As for the other five photos left from the singer’s shoot 30 years ago were also sold, but back in 2003 for $7,170.


Lily Allen begs fans to buy her album


The 23-year-old pop singer’s latest single It's Not Me, It's You is already climbing the UK charts.

"Earlier today my record company told me It's Not Me, It’s You has a pretty good chance of going to number 1 in the U.S. charts this week,” Contactmusic quoted her as writing on her blog.

"I'm currently sitting behind Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, who, quite rightly, are sitting at no. 1.

“I've never had a number one album in England, never mind the U.S., and all of this is a bit crazy. I could well be up for no.1 here (America), which makes me want to cry a bit.

"I've never begged you to buy from me ever, but I am now. This will be the only time ever in my life that this could happen for me. Help me get to no 1, you’re the only hope I've got guys. I'll love you forever," she added.


Rihanna 'dumped' on Facebook


Chris Brown has officially ended his broken romance with Rihanna via Facebook.

The under-fire rap star reportedly changed his relationship status to 'single' on the networking site to bring down the curtain on the relationship following the vicious fight, reported to haven taken place on Sunday.

The 19-year-old also defended himself against allegations that he beat the Umbrella star, leaving her hospitalised with reported facial injuries before the Grammys.

Pushing the blame back in RiRi's court, Brown reportedly wrote: 'You'll begin to see her true colours. Believe it!'

Meanwhile, more of his nearest and dearest have stepped forward to defend his reputation.

The rapper's cousin Phylicia Thompson insists Rihanna would have had to 'provoke' him for him to strike out.

'Chris was not brought up to beat on a woman. So it had to be something to provoke him for Chris to do it', says Thompson.

The cousin also made an astonishing claim that any physical assault would be his version of 'having fun'.

'He wouldn't have done it just to be having fun...But what happens behind closed doors, nobody ever knows.'

Thompson insists her famous cousin is feeling 'down' about the 'incident'.

'He might feel down right now because his fans are looking down on him, like he's done something wrong,' she said.

'Of course, yes, he's done something wrong because he put his hands on her, but like I said, you don't know what happened. He had to be provoked to do it. Chris would never have done it.'


Rihanna Cooperating with LAPD in Brown Investigation

jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009 |

Rihanna is said to be cooperating with the Los Angeles Police Department in the investigation concerning the incident involving R&B singer Chris Brown, which took place on Sunday and resulted in Brown having been arrested for having made criminal threats.

Currently, more pieces of information are being brought to light, with reports from TMZ having announced that unnamed police sources had revealed Rihanna’s injuries had been massive.

Reportedly, photos of the injuries show major contusions on both sides of the singer's face, with major swelling and bruising, including a split lip and a bloody nose, along with bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers.

According to TMZ, Rihanna initially did not want to be treated at the scene of the incident, still she allowed the police to take images of her injuries before she was taken to the hospital.

For the time being, the Los Angeles Police Department has not given out the name of the woman involved in the Chris Brown incident, by virtue of rules aiming to protect the victims of domestic violence.

Nevertheless, several media outlets have revealed that Rihanna had been Brown’s victim, including the Los Angeles Times.

LAPD did not disclose the location where the victim had been taken in order to receive treatment for her injuries, yet Radar Online said that an unnamed eyewitness had seen Rihanna undergoing treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday.

The source stated that Rihanna had been brought through the back entrance on a gurney, guarded by two police officers, at the aforementioned medical institution.


Kylie Minogue not serious about new beau


Australian author Kathy Lette says that though the Kids hit maker has met Velencoso's family, she is not planning to settle down with him.

"He's gorgeous, but I don't know if he's the main one. I think she's got a few (men) on the menu," the Daily Express quoted Kathy as saying.

Kathy revealed that Kylie is in two minds about the relationship and is basically having fun at the moment. "Kylie is just having some fun at the moment. She works too hard, so she deserves it," Kathy added.

Meanwhile, the duo was recently rumoured to be close to setting up home together in London.


Concern for Michael Jackson's health has fuelled fear that the star may have contracted an MRSA-type infection that is resistant to conventional antibiotics and might leave him needing reconstructive surgery.

The 50-year-old has reportedly been hooked up to an IV drip at a Beverly Hills clinic to receive antibiotics to cure the "staph" infection which may turn into a flesh-eating disorder.

A source revealed to The Sun that the virus has already spread to his face and body and doctors are trying all they can to beat the infection.

Jackson was photographed visiting the clinic for alleged treatment wearing a surgical mask, cap and sunglasses.

The disease is thought to be contracted through cuts and is some-what common to contract throughout health care facilities, much like MRSA.

If the 'staph' infection develops it has the potential to kill off body tissue, but if caught early and treated patients are expected to make a full recovery.

Michael Jackson's spokesman denied the allegation however, saying the pop singer is healthy and negotiating an entertainment deal currently with a television company.


Britney Spears Diaries and Videos Stolen from Home

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009 |

Britney Spears is allegedly in a “panic” after discovering that her journals and video diaries have been stolen from her Beverly Hills home. According to the National Enquirer, the diaries contain intimate details about Spears’ breakdown and time in the mental ward at a California hospital.

Sources say the information is “crucial” to Spears’ autobiography. “Britney is in a panic over the stolen journals and video interviews done during some of the darkest days of her life. She wants desperately to tell her side for her boys. She wants them to know the truth - her truth,” says the insider.

Meanwhile, Spears has announced that she plans to take sons Sean Preston and Jayden James on her Circus tour. The Circus Starring Britney Spears kicks off in New Orleans March 3 and ends April 28 in Chicago.


Leona Lewis has been forced to deny she sparked Chris Brown's violent 'attack' on his girlfriend Rihanna just hours before the Grammys on Sunday.

It's now claimed Leona's friendly chat with Brown sent the Umbrella star into a spin after they shared a joke together.

Witnesses at the pre-Grammy event claim: 'At one point, Rihanna caught Chris flirting with Leona.'

'They were carrying on and laughing, and Rihanna saw Chris with his hand on the small of Leona's back. It may have been innocent, but that set Rihanna off,' the insider alleged to Star magazine.

But now friends of British sensation Leona insist the Bleeding Love singer would never have flirted with Rihanna's man.

'I can't imagine this has anything to do with Leona. Leona's not like that. She wouldn't flirt and is happy in her own relationship,' her friend told Metro.

Another said Leona was busy celebrating her nominations with her boyfriend Lou.

A spokeswoman for Lewis, 23, insisted: 'This has nothing to do with Leona'.

Meanwhile, the fallout over Brown's alleged attack on the Barbadian beauty continues to grow after she was hospitalised with reports of facial injuries.

Insiders close to police investigations reportedly allege Rihanna, 20, has told cops her 19-year-old boyfriend attempted to 'choke her' and threatened to 'kill' her in their car.

It comes as Brown's own stepdad says he is not surprised about the allegations made about his son.

Donnelle Hawkins says: 'I wouldn't be surprised.'

'He has to take responsibility for his own actions.'

Meanwhile, US rapper Kanye West has branded the alleged assault on his friend 'devastating'.

'I feel like that's my baby sis and I would do any and everything to help her in any situation', West told US radio.

Meanwhile, Brown's friend, rapper T.I has stepped up to defend the 'Kiss Kiss' singer telling he is only 'human'. The loyalty came as a string of radio stations across America have begun boycotting his music.

Rihanna has been discharged from a Los Angeles hospital and has cancelled her 21st birthday celebration because of her 'injuries'.


Jessica Simpson has been at the centre of media eye ever since pictures of her rather ‘curvy’ appearance were made public and she goofed up at a concert. However, Maria wasn’t really surprised by all the newsprint and headlines dedicated to the singer’s ‘weight-gain’.

"It's a weight gain, and we're in the public eye. If I gained 20 pounds, people are going to talk about me and it's unfortunate but it's the truth," Fox News quoted Maria as saying.

She added: "I think she's beautiful and happy and that's kind of led to all of it. She's comfortable, she's got her man."


Robert Pattinson wants a girlfriend


Robert Pattinson can't find a girlfriend now he is a global superstar.

Rob told the Mirror all about his love problems.

He admitted: "I'm not dating anyone at the moment.

"But it's weird. If you try and chat people up, everyone's like, 'Oh, you're just an actor. You probably go around sleeping with everybody'.

"So fame has the opposite effect of what you'd expect."

We think these lucky girls should stop giving Rob a hard time and go on a date.

We would love to be his Valentine's date!


Britney Spears rehires personal assistant

martes, 10 de febrero de 2009 |

Britney Spears has rehired the assistant who worked for her at the height of her success.

Felicia Culotta, who played the teacher in Spears' iconic Baby One More Time video, worked as her assistant from 1998 to 2007.

She is leaving her job as assistant to teenage band the Jonas Brothers to rejoin Spears.

She told Spears' website she "had to be a part of this exciting time in Britney's career".

Culotta, described on the website as a "long-time friend of the Spears family", said: "Britney has always held a special place in my heart and, over the course of the last year, I have seen her work harder than she ever has in her entire life."

She added: "I love Britney and missed her dearly."

Successful comeback

In 2007, pictures of the singer shaving her head were shown worldwide.

The singer was frequently seen looking dishevelled and behaving erratically before she lost custody of her two children.

Spears has staged a successful comeback after her public breakdown.

After releasing a new album in December, she is due to start touring across the US and the UK in March.

Last week, it was announced that her former manager Sam Lutfi was suing her parents for libel and defamation.

That came after a judge granted Spears and her parents a restraining order against Mr Lutfi, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib and a lawyer.

Her parents claimed Mr Lutfi controlled their daughter's life by drugging her and taking control of her finances.

Mr Lufti says their claims have caused him "humiliation" and "distress".


Rihanna delays Malaysia show after alleged attack


Pop superstar Rihanna has postponed a concert in Malaysia this week, organizers said Tuesday, following reports that she accused her longtime boyfriend Chris Brown of assault.

Rihanna's Los Angeles-based representatives informed Malaysia's Pineapple Concerts that the Feb. 13 show would have to be rescheduled to an unspecified date "in light of recent events involving Rihanna," Pineapple Concerts said in a statement to The Associated Press.

Rihanna had been slated to visit Indonesia and Malaysia on her "Good Girl Gone Bad" tour.

Her planned stop in Kuala Lumpur drew publicity after organizers said she would shun skimpy outfits to conform with Muslim-majority Malaysia's strict rules on performers' dress.

The Los Angeles Times, citing law enforcement officials familiar with the case and other sources it did not name, reported that Rihanna told police that Brown had hurt her the night before the Grammy Awards.

A police statement released Sunday said Brown and an unidentified woman began arguing while riding in a car following a pre-Grammy party where they were spotted together Saturday night. The fight escalated when they got out of the car, the report said.

The report indicated the woman was injured, but Brown was booked only on suspicion of making a criminal threat after walking into a police station Sunday night. Authorities said the district attorney could choose to expand the charges.

Via associatedpress

Madonna's new sexy kissing photos


They are the pictures Guy Ritchie would hate to see - his ex wife snogging another man.

But that's exactly what has happened. Madonna been photographed romping with a new lover in a photo shoot.

The singer rolls around in a hotel bedroom with naked 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, said to be her new boyfriend in the 46 page spread for W magazine.

Kissing her brooding lover in a pair of sunglasses, the singer adds to her controversy by styling herself as a nun and wearing a religious cross.

The singer can be seen locking the bedroom door before rolling around the bedroom with Jesus Luz - who has his full name branded in a tattoo across his back.

Other pictures show Madge, 50, recovering in her knickers after the pair's sex session in the bedroom.

They posed in a hotel room in Rio de Janeiro before Christmas to be shot by photographer Steven Klein.

So thrilled with her modelling partner, Madge reportedly asked him to join her for the remainder of the South America leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

The images are released just days after Madonna and Jesus were spotted dining together in New York.

A spy said: 'During their brunch here, Madonna and Jesus held hands across the table. At one point, Jesus had his hand on her bottom.'

Their date reportedly came just hours after Guy Ritchie put on a brave face to join his ex-wife and children at one of the star's Kabbalah meetings.

Ritchie is in New York filming scenes for his upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, is already said to be unhappy by Madonna's latest fling.

'Guy doesn't think highly of Jesus since he is convinced this is a casual fling and is not thrilled this is happening so soon after the divorce,' a friend is quoted as saying.

'He's definitely got reservations about the fact Jesus has already met the children.'


Miley Cyrus apologises again


Miley Cyrus has made a second apology over her racially offensive photograph.

The 'Hannah Montana' star - who last week spoke out about the picture of her slanting her eyes, but was later blasted for being disingenuous - has issued a more serious and heartfelt apology.

Miley writes: "I want to thank all of my fans for their support not only this week, but always! I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometimes my actions can be unintentionally hurtful. I know everything is a part of GOD's ultimate plan, and mistakes happen so that eventually I will become the woman he aspires me to be. Peace and love, Miles."

The picture, which was leaked on the internet, sees the singer slanting her eyes with her fingers.

Her apologies follow claims from an Asian American advocacy group that Miley was "mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent".


Both Emma Watson, 18 and Grint, 20, feel awkward about the impending kiss between their characters Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows .

While at the BAFTA ceremony, Emma revealed that she is terrified of pairing up with her co-star of eight years, despite Daniel Radcliffe, 19, reassuring her about it.

“Well I’ve never had to do it before so I can't say I have any techniques,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying. “I’ve never had to kiss anyone on screen so it is all new to me. “Of course I am nervous about it. But, apparently it gets quite boring after a couple of takes, that's what Dan said to me anyway,” she added.

Grint has also revealed that he is concerned about the kiss despite having done a graphic nude scene in his recent film Cherrybomb . “As I’ve known Emma for so long, I reckon it will be 10 times worse,” he said. “I really love the seventh book, but there is no way it will be tame with the Hermione stuff,” he added.


Rihanna 'well' after Brown is arrested for assault

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009 |

Rihanna has assured fans she is 'well' and thanked disappointed fans for their 'concern' just hours after her boyfriend Chris Brown was arrested for assault.

The Umbrella singer addressed fans after dramatically pulling out of the Grammy Awards before it kicked off on Sunday night.

Her cancellation came as her boyfriend handed himself over to Los Angeles police on Sunday evening in connection with an investigation for assault.

The 19-year-old's arrest came amid reports he had argued with an unidentified woman and that the fight escalated when they got out of a vehicle in Los Angeles' Hancock Park neighbourhood.

An official police statement did not name the victim but said the woman in the incident 'suffered visible injuries'.

Officer Karen Smith said: 'He turned himself in around 7pm to one of our stations and is being interviewed by detectives now."

The arrest came amid separate US claims that his Barbadian girlfriend, 20, had been 'reportedly hospitalised with bruises on her face.'

A spokeswoman for the Umbrella star said today: 'Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support.'

Police records claim Brown was taken into custody at 6.30pm and was officially charged at 7.41pm for making criminal threats.

He was posted on bail at $50,000 (£33,500) and was released after an alleged battery incident. The 'Kiss Kiss' singer is now due to appear in court on March 5.

Rhianna's spokesperson released a statement to Grammy organisers just before proceedings kicked-off telling: 'We're sorry she is unable to join us this evening", but giving no explanation why.'

The no-show left fans gutted as the lovers were touted to perform at the US music awards ceremony.

Rihanna was supposed to sing Live Your Life/Disturbia as the second performance of the night, Brown was later to sing Forever.

Show organisers said: 'Rihanna will not be performing. We are sorry to see she is unable to join us this evening.'


According to a source, The Curious case of Benjamin Button star is not happy in his relationship with Angelina Jolie and often reminisces about his relationship with former Friends star, reports China Daily.

"The way Brad talks about Jennifer is enough to make his drinking buddies wonder that maybe, after all this time, he wishes he hadn't broken up with her,” a source told National Enquirer magazine.

"I'll bet he's secretly lusting after her as she turns 40. She's sexier than ever. Surely he had more than a twinge of jealously when she got back with John Mayer. You get the feeling Brad knows he could always be himself around Jennifer," the source added.

Pitt was married to Jennifer for five years, until they split in 2005.


Katy Perry: I was obsessed with teen girl


Katy Perry has revealed the secret behind her candy stick hit 'I Kissed A Girl', admitting it was penned about a teen friend she was once obsessed with.

Perry, 24, reveals: 'People always ask me whether I've really kissed a girl. The song was inspired by a friendship I had with a girl when I was 15, but I didn't kiss her.

'I was totally obsessed with her. She was beautiful – porcelain skin, perfect lips – and I still talk to her, but I've never told her the song is about her.'


Robert Pattinson hates his photos


Robert Pattinson isn't a fan of having his photo taken.

He has admitted in the past that he doesn't like watching movies he is in but now it seems he won't even look at his own photos.

Rob told the LA Times: "When my parents say, 'Oh, did you see this photo?' I immediately start going, 'Don't tell me about photos!'

"I haven't watched anything since the premiere of 'Harry Potter.' And that's because I couldn't find a way out.

"It would have looked a bit bad for me to walk out."

Rob is going to have to change his ways as 2009 is set to be a big year for the 22-year-old.

He won't be able to avoid watching his own movies for very much longer


Miley Cyrus: Media Making Her the New Britney Spears

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009 |

Miley Cyrus fired back at her critics on her blog over her most recent public faux pas, a picture of her and a group of friends slanting their eyes. One group, OCA (Organization of Chinese Americans) has called for an apology for what it calls an offensive and stereotypically hurtful denigration of Asians. Miley Cyrus maintains that she was only making a "goofy" face.

On her blog, according to EOnline, Cyrus says that she had heard that some people were "upset with her" and her friends for maing "goofy faces." She wrote, "Well, I'm sorry if those people looked at the pics and took them wrong and out of context!"

It does not read like much of an apology, but, then again, it probably isn't one. Especially when taken in context with the rest of what she wrote in her blog.

The "Hannah Montana" star complained that the media was out to make her the "new BAD GIRL!" She even brings Britney Spears into the fray. "I feel like now that Britney is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me! haha."

She went on to thank her fans for their support and to admit that when she felt she had done wrong, she had done the responsible thing and apologized. She finished by saying that she wished that "everyone would stop focusing on my personal life." She wants the public and the media to concentrate on her acting and music.

(Miley Cyrus should be careful what she asks for, due to the fact nobody other than children actually believes that she can do either of those things outside the confines of Disney and children's programming.)

Miley Cyrus' latest picture scandal just might cost her some awards, though, according to Tom O'Neil at the Los Angeles Times. O'Neil says that the two-time Kids Choice Awards Best Television Actress award-winner might lose this year because of the controversy.


Jennifer Aniston to do 'Friends' special


The actress, who played Rachel Greene in the hit show, joined Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox who have previously hinted about the one-off special.

The Bruce Almighty star made the revelation to host Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show while being interviewed at the set of The Central Perk coffee shop from the sitcom.

"I would absolutely do the show - like one; it wouldn't hurt... (but) not a movie. I think our Thanksgiving episodes were so fun," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

She was later presented with a birthday cake to mark her special day on February 11 when she turns 40.


Brad Pitt's friends suspect he still has feelings for ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

'The Curious case of Benjamin Button' star is reportedly feeling increasingly unhappy in his relationship with Angelina Jolie, and often reminisces about his relationship with Jennifer.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "The way Brad talks about Jennifer is enough to make his drinking buddies wonder that maybe, after all this time, he wishes he hadn't broken up with her.

"I'll bet he's secretly lusting after her as she turns 40. She's sexier than ever. Surely he had more than a twinge of jealously when she got back with John Mayer.

"You get the feeling Brad knows he could always be himself around Jennifer."

Brad raises six children with Angelina - Maddox, seven, Zahara, five, Pax, seven, Shiloh, two and twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline who are six months old.

Brad was married to Jennifer for five years, until they split in 2005.


Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have been overheard fighting again. The couple were embroiled in a heated exchange at DJ Samantha's Hollywood home that was so loud it could be heard from the street. Lindsay's father Michael, meanwhile, continues to criticize the actress' relationship with the DJ.

Yet another fight between Lindsay Lohan and her lover Samantha Ronson, a DJ, was overheard. According to reports, the fight took place at Samantha's home and involved not only yelling, but they also threw objects aroung. A source told gossip website x17: "The noise was pretty frightening. It was the two of them screeching at one another, and you could hear stuff being banged around too - it sounded like a lovers' quarrel, but a pretty bad one!"

When an angry-looking Lindsay, 22, emerged from Samantha's house hours later, she reportedly phoned the police from the end of the road to ensure she wasn't followed by paparazzi.

Earlier this week, Lindsay's father Michael Lohan claimed the 31-year-old DJ is a destructive influence on his daughter.

Michael - who has promised to stop criticising Lindsay's relationship on his blog - said: "Before I go, however, I must say that I received a text message from a dear friend of Lindsay's.

"The text said, 'From what I hear, from Lindsay's nearest and dearest friends, Lindsay is worse off than ever since she has been with Sam.' "

Michael alleges Samantha is only dating Lindsay to boost her bank balance and blames her for ruining Lindsay's career.


Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want to turn 40

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009 |

Although the former ‘Friends’ star says that she’s feeling great– she admits to a moment where she feels she doesn’t want to turn 40.

"I have to say really, I feel better than I ever felt in my life," People quoted Jennifer as saying on The Ellen DeGeneres Show .

"I did have a moment, though, over the weekend my first like huh. ... I don’t want to [turn 40].

"I found a really long gray hair and it kind of flipped me out. It’s not my first but it’s the fact that it was so long. I was like, ‘Oh that’s been there. How many others are there, and what does that mean?

“It actually brought me to tears slightly," she added.


Lily Allen goes all Google-eyed on the booze


Singer Lily Allen once 'Googled herself' to find out how she got home from a night out after she passed out drunk.

The 23-year-old, who has a reputation for wild partying, is currently number one in the UK singles chart with her single The Fear.

She said: "I don't remember what happened. I woke up the next day and there was a party at my house."

She added: "Mark Ronson, Alan Carr and Jonathan Ross had been there because Alfie [Lily's brother] had brought them back.

"But I'd passed out in bed and saw my Glamour award on the floor and thought, 'How did I get home? I Googled myself."

Lily won the Editors Special Award at the bash last year before passing out and the incident shocked her into cutting back on alcohol.

Since then the Smile star's lovelife has been the subject of numerous headlines.

Recently she was linked with art tycoon Jay Joplin, who is over 20 years older than her.

She has also admitted she tends to go for older men. But saying she wants to 'shag' 86-year-old artist Lucian Freud is surely pushing it too far, even for Lily!


Miley Cyrus Fights Back in Photo Scandal


Miley Cyrus defends herself in a scandal in which she was accused of mocking Asian people after a photograph showed the teenage star stretching the corners of her eyes.

The 16-year-old singer and actress wrote on Thursday in a post on her official Web site that she had not poked fun at members of any ethnicity and that she “was simply making a goofy face.” In addition, the “Hannah Montana” star said that she had apparently been the victim of a scheme in which “someone is trying to make something out of nothing to me.”

The snap, which can be seen on the Internet, shows Miley Cyrus and some of her friends making slant-eyed gestures. An Asian young boy sits next to the singer in the photo, but he does not take part in the group pose.

The Organization of Chinese Americans disparaged the teenage Disney star for setting “a terrible example” for her admirers. Moreover, OCA executive director George Wu said in a statement that the group expected Miley Cyrus to apologize to her fans.

In response to the request, Cyrus said that she was sorry if anybody “took (the photos) out of context,” but added that the press wanted to make her look like the “new bad girl.”

This is the most recent photo scandal that got the “Hannah Montana” star up the creek. Last year, some photographs of the tween queen sparked national controversy, since the shots by Annile Leibovitz captured the back-then 15-year-old Cyrus revealing her bare back and shoulders, covered only by a sheet.


Brangelina trying for baby No. 7?


The " Changeling " actress and Pitt are making plans for baby number seven, according to reports.

"Angie is doing everything she can to get pregnant," a source told OK! magazine.

"She’s taking prenatal vitamins, has dramatically cut down on her junk-food consumption, and is seeing her obstetrician regularly whenever she’s back in L.A," the source added.

According to the magazine, doctors had warned Jolie not to conceive for at least a year after she having twins, Knox and Vivienne, last year, reports the New York Daily News.

Although the babies’ July 12 birthday is still months away, Jolie is anxious to add to the Brangelina clan.

"Her goal is to be pregnant by the time Knox and Viv have their first birthday," reveals the source.

"Angie is one of those people who always manages to achieve whatever she wants," the source added.

Along with the twins, Angelina and Pitt have another biological daughter, Shiloh, 2, and three adopted children, Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, and Zahara, 4.


Axl Rose has said that there is no chance that he and his former Guns N' Roses bandmate Slash will reunite – saying that one of the pair will "die" before such an event could occur.

The frontman told Billboard that the dispute between the pair would never be healed. He went on to say that Guns N' Roses, in its current guise, could tour in the near future.

"In regards to Slash," he said, "I read a desperate fan's message about, 'What if one of us were to die, and looking back I had the possibility of a reunion now'. My thoughts are, 'Yeah, and while you're at the show your baby accidentally kicks a candle and burns your house down, killing himself and the rest of your family.'

"Give me a fucking break. What's clear is that one of the two of us will die before a reunion and however sad, ugly or unfortunate anyone views it, it is how it is. Those decisions were made a long time ago and reiterated year after year by one man.

"There are acts that, once committed between individuals, they are what they are. To add insult to injury almost day after day, lapsing into year after year, for more than a decade, is a nightmare. Anyone putting his own personal entertainment above everything else is sickening."

Speaking about a possible Guns N' Roses tour, he added, "No plans, but there's talk. Management and our promoters are really excited with the offers coming in both here and worldwide."