Britney Spears prances around with a towel on

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Britney Spears is said to have shocked guests at a spa in California on Apr 29, when she entered the gym wearing nothing but a towel. Spears had just completed a grueling workout and had gone to the changing room for a shower. But needing a bottle of water she came back into the gym using only a towel to cover her modesty.

The singer just could not hide her smirk on seeing the gym-goers expression of disbelief as she strolled back into the changing room, the Sun reported.

Ever since planning for her big musical comeback, Spears has become a fitness fanatic and is following an intense exercise regime in a bid to get back to her former pop star shape. With rumours of her returning to the studio to get a feel of things again and to get some tracks done, it looks like the comeback might not be too far off.


While Miley Cirus is apparently lying low while the heat wears off, the debate has been started and won't go away soon. The issue with the worrying trend which makes women, both over and under 18, sexual objects to more or less extent, should have been noticed before Miley appeared quasi-naked at 15 on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Not only she posed in a sexy posture, showing the young star barely covered by a sheet, back bared and displaying a seductive look, the photos with her on her father's knee were also disturbing to most people. "This picture disturbs me. It looks like his daughter is his girlfriend. He's trying to be hot," radio host Howard Stern said on his show.

It appears that one of the sources for her inspiration is the Sex And The City show. Wenn reports that Cyrus wants her show to go in a direction more similar to the adult themes of New York based television show.

It is also obvious, as a WSJ article titled "The Miley Cyrus Uproar" remarks, that only a fool would believe the apologies of the adults involved in the photo shoot, including Annie Leibovitz. It's clear as daylight that she intentionally made Miley take a sexy pose, and everybody there understood that the 15-year-old was being turned into a sex symbol: "It is a blatant bedroom shot," says The Times' Janice Turner.

Also, People Magazine conducted an online poll in order to get feedback from people everywhere. According to the results, 77 percent of the respondents considered the magazine photos as "inappropriate for a 15-year-old" and only 23 percent didn’t find anything wrong with them.

Bill O'Reilly blamed Cyrus' parents for allowing their daughter to become a "sex symbol" at such a young age. During Monday's Factor, O'Reilly said that even though he thought "Miley is a nice girl," she made "a bad decision."

Everyone's had something to say about the recent Miley Cyrus controversy involving a series of racy photos she took for Vanity Fair, including Rosie O'Donnell, who is defending Disney's young star. "Leave Miley Cyrus alone," O'Donnell said in a video posted Monday night. "Disney [is] making her apologize. Ay yi yi."

A Disney spokeswoman, Patti McTeague, blamed Vanity Fair for manipulating the 15-year-old girl in order to sell magazines.

"She is a young girl. She shouldn't have to deal with any of this. I don't feel that she was duped ... there were people at the shoot that should have been looking out to make sure this didn't happen," actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 49, herself a former child star, wrote in the Huffington Post blog on Tuesday.


Amy Winehouse to start own label?


Amy Winehouse is rumoured to be leaving Island Records after her next album to start up her own label.

Winehouse is keen to get into business with Alex Haines, who it is claimed she is dating.

Winehouse would apparently like to sign her friends Remi Nicole and Tyler James and have control over her own finances.

A source told The Sun: "For the first time in her career, Amy is beginning to have her head turned by the cash she can make."

"It's never been a huge deal in the past, but she is beginning to realise everyone else is making all the money out of her success.

"Her deal with Island ends after the next record. That's why they are trying to get her to clean up first and make sure it's a classic.

"She's been planning it with Alex, who has a bit of music know-how from working as her manager's assistant."


Kristen Bell plans kinky wedding night show


Kristen Bell has a special treat for whichever man manages to whisk her down the aisle - she has preserved her school uniform for a saucy post-ceremony show.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star is currently single, despite recent reports she is dating Kate Hudson's ex boyfriend Dax Shephard.

But she'll have no shortage of willing suitors after confessing she still has the outfit she wore every day to Catholic school.

Bell says, "I tucked that away when I was 18. I'm going to wear it on my wedding night."


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt again brought up the alleged Lauren Conrad tape recently on the Tyra Banks show and both claimed that the wild sounding homemade video was real and still out there waiting to be released. According to a report from Us Weekly magazine Jason Wahler says they are both full of it.

The magazine reports that Jason Wahler is speaking out against Spencer Pratt's recent claims on national TV that a Lauren Conrad sex tape exists. "I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist," Wahler tells in a statement. "Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.

"Lauren is my friend," Wahler continues, "and it is insulting to her to suggest this." The magazine notes in an online report that on Tuesday's Tyra Banks Show, Pratt declared, "I know for 100 percent fact it did exist – 1000%!" His girlfriend, Heidi Montag, also claimed the video was "not a rumor. From what I have heard from confirmed sources... her ex-boyfriend was going around trying to sell it."

Banks then asked Montag, if she hadn't seen the tape, how could she be so sure it existed. "Well, I mean, I am not sure she has it anymore... but from what I've heard... Montag added, "I am not really allowed to elaborate."


Terence Stamp in 'quickie' divorce


Actor Terence Stamp was divorced on the grounds of his unreasonable behaviour.

He did not contest the "quickie" divorce granted to his wife, Elizabeth O'Rourke.

The star of films including Far From The Madding Crowd, Poor Cow and Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert was 64 when he married his 28-year-old bride at Westminster Register Office on New Year's Eve 2002.

Stamp, now 69, and his wife, 33, were not present at the High Court Family Division in London to hear District Judge Redgrave grant a decree nisi on the grounds that the marriage had irretrievably broken down because of the husband's unreasonable behaviour.

The actor now spends most of his time in the US.

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Paul Scholes has scored dozens of crucial goals for Manchester United over the years but none of them has been quite as precious as the sublime strike that sent Sir Alex Ferguson's squad into the Champions League final.

Scholes, along with Roy Keane, famously missed United's triumph over Bayern Munich in the 1999 final through suspension and Ferguson admitted he was delighted to see one of his most loyal servants claim the opportunity to make up for lost time with a stunning long-range strike in Tuesday night's 1-0 win over Barcelona at Old Trafford.

"It is great for Paul to be in the final," Ferguson said after watching the midfielder unleash a 14th-minute shot that ensured an all-English final in Moscow next month.

"He is one of the great players, he came through the ranks at the club and I am so pleased for him.

"It was a fantastic goal. You can't expect him to score 15 or 20 goals a season for you now like he did when was younger.

"But when he gets one like that it makes up for the ones he can't score because of his age. It was a marvellous moment for him."

Scholes deserved to savour the moment, as did the rest of a United side who made light of the absence of Nemanja Vidic and Wayne Rooney with a mature display which made Barcelona pay a high price for their failure to turn long periods of domination in terms of territory and possession into clear chances.

"We had to dig deep at the end because they put us under pressure," said Rio Ferdinand, who was outstanding in United's back four.

"It was our discipline and a moment of quality from a fantastic player that got us through. We don't care who we play in the final. Whoever comes we will be ready."

Ferguson added: "We needed a fantastic performance and we got one. We kept our concentration at the back, protected the space really well and our play up front was really good. We could have scored three or four goals."

United started nervously but scored what proved to the decisive goal inside the opening quarter of an hour, Scholes latching on to a loose ball and unleashing an unstoppable drive from the best part of 30 yards.

Ferguson's men also had to endure some intense late pressure but they conceded little in the way of clear-cut chances, while both Park Ji-Sung and Nani came within inches of adding to the Scholes's strike.

"If you are 1-0 down you have got to give it a go and they did that," Ferguson said before acknowledging: "It was a bit of a hang-on job at the end but they did not create many chances which is down to our defenders."

Barcelona boss Frank Rijkaard, who insisted he would not quit in the wake of the defeat, could not resist a dig about what he sees as a lack of adventure among the English clubs currently dominating the tournament.

But Ferguson declined to rise to the bait. "We are there in the final and that is an important thing in this year (the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster).

"It does not matter who we play, we deserve to be there. Our form throughout the tournament has been fantastic, we have shown good discipline and been tactically very good."

Ferguson is also counting on the feelgood factor generated by Tuesday night's performance spilling over on to the domestic front, where United need to beat West Ham on Saturday and Wigan on May 11 to wrap up the Scot's 10th Premier League title.

"It certainly won't do us any harm, that is for sure," he said. "And if the fans on Saturday are like they were for the Barcelona match, we have got a fantastic chance."

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Ricky Martin Buys an Island


Ricky Martin is going to be Shakin his Bon Bon all the way to Brazil because he just bought an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, Martin, who has had his heart set on buying the land for several months, paid nearly $8 million dollars for the private island.

I wonder if his friends will 'come out' to party with him.


Tom Cruise circling Mission Impossible IV?


Tom Cruise has reportedly held discussions with Paramount about making Mission: Impossible IV.

A source told Life & Style magazine: "Tom will make M:I 4 once Paramount greenlights the script."

It was rumoured that movie bosses wanted Brad Pitt to step into the franchise to replace Cruise's Ethan Hunt character.

Cruise exited Paramount in 2006 after falling out with Sumner Redstone, chairman of the studio's parent company Viacom.

He set up his own studio, United Artists, with producing partner Paula Wagner later that year but has experienced mixed fortunes as CEO.

His political drama Lions For Lambs flopped at the box office and Valkyrie has been delayed twice.

Cruise will next be seen in a cameo role in Tropic Thunder, due for release on September 19.


The former mental patient accused of stalking Uma Thurman appeared at her front door repeatedly at odd hours, and he left her a frightening letter, according to testimony Tuesday by two of the actress' employees.

Thurman's housekeeper Dorota Janas testified on the second day of Jack Jordan's trial that he rang the bell at the actress' Greenwich Village town house at least twice a day for at least 10 days last summer.

Jordan, 37, is on trial in Manhattan's state Supreme Court charged with stalking and aggravated harassment. He was arrested in October 2007 after following and trying to contact Thurman from early 2005 until about a month before his arrest. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

His lawyer, George Vomvolakis, says Jordan is a former mental patient who has been diagnosed as schizophrenic and bipolar and should be in psychiatric treatment, not in jail.

Janas, testifying through a Polish interpreter, said she saw Jordan sitting on the front stoop a few days before another employee called police. Some time later, she retrieved a letter Jordan had left for Thurman on the stoop.

Samara Koffler, a film producer who was Thurman's former personal assistant, testified that she returned from the Bahamas in August 2007 and saw the letter Janas had found. She read part of it in court.

"Dear Uma," Koffler read, "I love you completely. Unless rousted, I'll spend the night in front of (Thurman's address)."

At another point, she read: "Ask your assistant to let me wait inside until you return. I feel afraid that if I see you with another man I'll kill myself."

Koffler said she told Thurman about the letter and called 911 and told police "an unstable man" was hanging around the house.

The 38-year-old Thurman — who has starred in "Pulp Fiction," "Kill Bill," "The Producers," and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," among other films — hired a private detective and allowed installation of surveillance cameras around the house, where she lives with her two children.

Earlier in the day, Thurman's parents testified.

Her father, Robert Thurman, said his reaction after reading e-mails from Jordan was to try to remember the FBI's telephone number. He said in court Tuesday he was seeing Jordan for the first time.

Her mother, Birgitte "Nena" Thurman, testified that she believed Jordan "was someone who would benefit from medical attention." She said the first time she spoke to the defendant was in 2005 when he called her home in Woodstock, N.Y., and told her that he "and my daughter had a predestination to be together." She said he asked her to relay that message.

"I tried to assure him in no uncertain terms that this was just a fantasy and he was projecting," Thurman said, and that her daughter had no interest in him.

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Alleged Hendrix sex tape released


A video said to show Jimi Hendrix having sex with two women has been released for sale on the internet.

The 11 minutes of footage of a man resembling Hendrix cavorting with two unidentified brunettes in a dimly lit bedroom is packaged in a 45-minute DVD distributed by Los Angeles adult film studio Vivid.

Vivid - which also distributed the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee sex tape - said in a press release that its Hendrix footage was shot about 40 years ago in a hotel room and was unearthed by a rock and roll memorabilia collector.

Hendrix - considered one the greatest rock guitarists of all time with such hits as Hey Joe, Purple Haze and Foxy Lady - died in 1970 at age 27.

The film's authenticity has immediately been challenged by some.

The musician's long-time girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, told the New York Times after viewing still photos taken from the footage: "It is not him."

"His face is too broad and nose and nostrils too wide for Jimi," she was quoted as telling the Times via email.

Charles R Cross, author of the noted Hendrix biography Room Full of Mirrors, has also disputed the identity of the man in the tape.

"It doesn't add up to Jimi," Gross told the Times, saying he had encountered the film during his book research and dismissed it as a fake.

But Vivid said it consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage, including Pamela Des Barres, author of the book I'm With The Band: Confessions Of A Groupie, and Cynthia Albritton - better known as Cynthia Plaster Caster - famed for making plaster moulds of celebrities' genitals, including those of Hendrix.

Both women appear on the DVD offering their commentary.

"They both immediately had the same reaction: 'I can't believe it, it's Jimi Hendrix'," Mr Hirsch quoted the two women as saying when they first viewed the footage.

Vivid bought the tape from an individual distributor, Howie Klein. Mr Klein approached Vivid after purchasing it from the collector who found it.

Mr Hirsch told Reuters that private investigators hired by Vivid's lawyers later tracked down the man who claimed to have shot the footage in eight millimetre colour film. Vivid then struck a deal with him for rights to commercially distribute it.

"That's why we believe, in fact, that we own the copyright," he said.

Bob Merlis, spokesman for Experience Hendrix - the Seattle company owned by the musician's relatives that controls rights to his music - said: "We're in no position to verify [the tape's authenticity]."

He declined further comment, saying only that rights to Hendrix's likeness remain an unsettled legal issue.


Paula Abdul must be hearing double.

On a night when "American Idol" switched up the judges' format by making them hold their appraisals until every contestant had a turn, Abdul offered feedback Tuesday for two songs by Jason Castro — except that he'd only sung one.

Unlike the usual format, in which each "Idol" performance is judged immediately, Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell were made to take notes, then offer individual critiques in rapid succession at the end of each round. The reason, Seacrest explained, was because "this show is so tight."

So after each of the final five contestants sang one Neil Diamond song, Jackson zipped through his appraisals, offering a few terse words for each before kicking it to a visibly flustered Abdul.

"Oh gosh, we've never had to write these things down ... fast enough," she began, shuffling through her notecards. "Jason, first song, I loved hearing your lower register, which we never really hear, um ... ."

And that's where it started going off the rails.

"The second song, I felt like your usual charm wasn't — it was missing for me. It kind of left me a little empty."


All six people on stage, including Seacrest, stared blankly (except Syesha Mercado, who wore the furrowed brow of mystification).

"The two songs," she continued, "made me feel like you're not fighting hard enough to get into the top four."

After a smattering of nervous crowd laughter, Jackson finally broke the tension.

"That was just on the first song," he said sheepishly, pointing up to Castro. "Just on the first one."

Simon Cowell closed his eyes and shook his head, and began to guffaw as Abdul's confusion mounted.

"Oh my god, I thought you — I thought you sang twice!" she said.

She explained that she got confused by looking ahead at the notes for David Cook.

At that point Seacrest, who makes his money by smoothing over situations just such as these, pointed to Abdul, saying: "You're seeing the future, baby!" before cutting her off and throwing to Cowell.

Even Cowell gathered himself to help patch up the moment, patting Abdul on the shoulder and asking, as if to speed things along, "Paula, who was your favorite?"

Her reply: Cook (the same contestant whose performance she supposedly noted as having left her "empty").

Pressed for time, Cowell then put an end to the awkward-fest by bursting into his own rapid-fire valuation: "Jason, forgettable; David Cook, just above average; Brooke (White) a nightmare; David Archuleta, I thought it was amateurish; and Syesha, I thought it was old-fashioned.

"So guys ... I want to see the performance of a lifetime coming up," he said, as if to ensure absolute clarity, "the second time around."

Abdul told "Entertainment Tonight" after the show that she was thrown for a loop when producers apprised the judges of the change "in the dark" at the last minute.

"This was officially the strangest show we've ever done," Cowell said at the conclusion of the telecast, "but I like that. It's kind of a bit chaotic tonight."

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Nereida Gallardo's photos

martes, 29 de abril de 2008 |

Goal king Ronaldo’s gorgeous girlfriend performs a sexy footie strip — and shows she´s in fabulous form too.

Tanned model Nereida Gallardo, 24, peeled off on a beach in her native Spain, revealing a diamond belly button stud and saucy tattoo.

Man Utd winger Ronnie, 23, has netted 38 times this term, winning the Players’ Player of the Year award.

But he hasn’t bagged a bigger beauty all season.


Cher reveals affair with Tom Cruise


Singer Cher has revealed that she had a brief fling with actor Tom Cruise.

According to the Daily Mail, the singer had an affair with Cruise, who is 16 years her junior, in 1986 at the start of his career.

At the time Cher was 39-years-old and 23-year-old Cruise had released his hit film 'Risky Business' and was working on 'Top Gun'.

The paper reported that Cher, now 61, told Oprah Winfrey: "I was crazy about him."

In the show, which will go to air in the US next month, she spoke of Cruise, now 45, as an awkward young man and she said: "He was shy."

Speaking about the affair, during an interview publicising her upcoming run of shows in Las Vegas, she said: "It could have been a great big romance because I was crazy for him".

She told Oprah she was currently single and broke up with her last serious boyfriend, actor Rob Camilletti, almost 15 years ago.

Cher added: "Dating is a strange thing. It's not every man who can be comfortable with me. Being Cher is a hard thing and difficult for him to hold his place."


Gary Dourdan Arrested for Drug Possession


The mess that is Gary Dourdan was busted for drug possession in Palm Springs yesterday morning. He was arrested on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs. Geez, that’s enough drugs to kill a small elephant

TMZ reports that the CSI star was found asleep in his car at 5:21AM when the popo approached his car. He's was held on $5000 bail, but he's already out.


A tearful Mindy McCready confirmed to the New York Daily News that she carried on a longterm affair with Yankee star pitcher Roger Clemens.

“I cannot refute anything in the story,” the country singer says of reports that she met Clemens in 1990 when she was 15 years old and singing in a karaoke contest at a Florida bar.

Clemens, then with the Boston Red Sox, was 28 and a married father of two at the time.

"Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time," McCready told the paper in a prepared statement. "He's a kind and caring man.”

McCready's father, Tim McCready, told the New York Post that his daughter's relationship with the baseball star didn't turn physical until years after their first meeting, when Mindy's engagement to Lois & Clark actor Dean Cain broke off in 1998. He says their affair was an "on again, off again thing" he also describes star pitcher Clemens as a "gentleman".

A music insider tells PEOPLE he recalls meeting Clemens with McCready, 32, at the Peninsula Hotel Bar in New York City about 13 years ago. Bumping into Clemens recently, the insider recounted that meeting and the Yankee pitcher replied, "Oh yeah, I remember that."

Clemens's lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed a longterm relationship to the New York Post but said it was not sexual or "inappropriate."

Legal Implications
Clemens, who is currently under investigation for perjury for allegedly lying about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, had earlier filed a defamation suit against his former personal trainer Brian McNamee and the affair allegations could be a complicating factor.

McNamee's lawyer, Richard Emery, told the Daily News that revelations of the affair would have an impact on that case because they influence the baseball star's claim that his reputation was damaged.

"If the case heads to trial and is not dismissed, as we feel it should be, we will be calling [McCready] as a witness," Emery said.

This isn't the first round of high-profile drama for McCready either.

In 2005, she was hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt; her boyfriend William McKnight was charged with attempted criminal homicide when he attacked McCready at her Nashville home; and in 2007, she was sentenced to jail time for violating probation from a 2004 drug arrest.

Upon her release from jail in January, McCready, who is working on several new projects including a documentary, a new album and a reality show, said in a statement:

“I am very fortunate to have been presented a number of great opportunities to do my best to take advantage of. What I am going to do now is put my head down and do my very best to make the most of those opportunities. Just as soon as I have something to talk to the world about I would love to share it.”


Oteri Murder: More Details


Family and friends of Tom Oteri (father of SNL alum, Cheri Oteri) are trying to make sense of his violent death this past weekend.

Oteri was fatally stabbed Saturday night in the wrist with a pocketknife by songwriter Rich Fagan. The murder happened after a drunken fight in the Nashville home the two shared according to police.

Oteri was known those who knew him to be a peace-loving man.

Son Brian Oteri told the media that the scenario was out of character for his father, who rarely drank to excess.

“I can't remember him once raising his voice to me. He would be the referee in any family argument. Dad never let things go too far,” said Brian

A music industry insider says, "No one can believe it. Rich lived hard, but Tom sort of kept him in line. He was very much a fatherly figure to Rich."

Cheri Oteri has declined to make a statement regarding her father's death.
Very sad.


MIley Cyrus 'embarrassed' by photographs

lunes, 28 de abril de 2008 |

The 15-year-old girl who plays Disney's Hannah Montana apologised ahead of appearing semi-naked in the next issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Pop star Miley Cyrus said she was "embarrassed" after seeing the images taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The Disney Channel said "a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines" but the US magazine defended the images and added that "everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley".

The photographs include images of the teenager wrapped in what appears to be a satin bedsheet, looking over her shoulder with her back exposed.

They will appear alongside an interview with Cyrus and her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

"I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed," Miss Cyrus said.

"I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologise to my fans who I care so deeply about."

But when the images were released by Vanity Fair last week, Cyrus said: "I think it's really artsy.

"It wasn't in a skanky way. Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought that was really cool. That's what she wanted me to do, and you can't say no to Annie."

A spokesman for The Disney Channel, which airs the Hannah Montana TV show, said: "Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines."

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Kim Cattrall Wanted More Money For SATC


Kim Cattrall is making her emotions about the The Sex and the City movie known, and it's all about the money There were reports that Kim wasn't being cooperative on set, but she says she just wanted more money.

"I never expected to be paid what Sarah was being paid. But I felt that the offer was not worthy of what the three of us had contributed. And I spoke up about it. I feel like I stuck my neck out. I fought. I don't ever want to be on a set where I feel undervalued."

Wow! Gotta give her props for coming right out and saying it! Kim also addressed those rumors that she and SJP don't get along.

"Do you get along with your colleagues all the time? If you're spending 18 hours a day at work, the last thing you want to do is go and have a drink with the people who you just (spend the day with). You just need to get away."

Well, at least whatever's going on when the cameras aren't rolling doesn't affect the on-screen chemistry between all the girls.


James McAvoy: 'I'm not a typical action hero'


James McAvoy didn't expect to land the lead in comic book movie 'Wanted' - because he lacks the physique of a typical action star.

In the forthcoming film, adapted from Mark Millar's graphic novel of the same name, the actor plays Wesley, a young man who discovers his father has ties to a secret guild of assassins.

But because of the character's ordinary physical abilities, the 29-year-old realised he was perfect for the part.

He tells Britain's Empire magazine: "I'm not playing a born superhero guy. Actually, after the filmmakers got very excited about me - and then made me audition three times - they didn't call me for about six months. I think they explored going down the more conventional route, but then realised the film wouldn't work unless you had someone you really, really believe isn't an action hero."

And McAvoy credits director Timur Bekmambetov for the casting decision: "I think I have Timur to thank for that."


Halle Berry Debuts Post-Baby Body


Halle Berry shows of her post-baby body in the Sunset Room at the Silver Rose Awards and Auction Gala on Sunday held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Awards and Auction Gala is a fundraiser that supports efforts in continuing to provide critical programs and services for families affected by domestic violence. This event the opportunity to highlight the progress Jenesse Center, Inc. has made in changing the lives of women and children for 28 years. To see the items that were auctioned off, check out


Coldplay offer free download single


Coldplay are releasing their new single for free as a download, along with two shows for which fans will pay nothing.

Violet Hill is the band's first single from their new album Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends.

It is is being made available as a free download for one week from their website -, from Tuesday at 12.15pm.

At that time the single will be played for the first time on radio, a week ahead of its general digital release - a conventional paid-for release.

The website will also have preliminary details of two free shows that the band will play - one in London and one in New York.

The free shows are at London's Brixton Academy on June 16 and New York's Madison Square Garden on June 23.

Organisers stressed that fans should check for details of how to win tickets and not contact the venues as no tickets will be available to buy.

Meanwhile, the release of Coldplay's new album has been brought forward four days in the UK, bringing it into line with global release dates.

The album, to be released on June 12, comprises 10 tracks produced by Brian Eno and Markus Dravs.

The announcement follows Radiohead's invitation for fans to set their own price on its album In Rainbows when it was released online last October.

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Roger Clemens had relationship with Mindy McCready


Roger Clemens had a decade-long relationship with country star Mindy McCready that began when she was a 15-year-old aspiring singer and the pitcher was a Boston Red Sox ace, the Daily News reported.

Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed a long-term relationship but told the newspaper it was not sexual.

"He flatly denies having had any kind of an inappropriate relationship with her," Hardin said. "He's considered her a close family friend. ... He has never had a sexual relationship with her."

Clemens was 28 and a married father of two when he first met McCready, the newspaper reported.

The story, which appeared on the newspaper's Web site Sunday night and in editions Monday, quoted several people who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation. It said Clemens sent cash to McCready to help her with legal issues and reached out to her when she was in jail last year in Tennessee.

The 32-year-old McCready, sentenced last September for violating probation from a 2004 drug arrest, was released from jail last Dec. 30. The violation occurred in July when McCready was accused of scuffling with her mother and resisting arrest at her mother's home in Fort Myers, Fla. She still must serve two years' probation.

McCready had a No. 1 single in 1996 with "Guys Do It All the Time."

The revelation could undermine Clemens' reputation, which is central to the defamation suit the former pitcher has filed against former personal trainer Brian McNamee. McNamee contends Clemens used performance-enhancing substances during his major league career.

"If true, it's just another example of Roger's pervasive prevarications which will be at the core of any defamation case," said McNamee's attorney, Richard Emery, in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

Hardin did not respond immediately to an e-mail from the AP.

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Miley Cyrus Topless Photos: Nude Magazine Cover Pictures?

domingo, 27 de abril de 2008 |

Is there really going to be a topless photo of Miley Cyrus now unveiled? There are now reports that the star of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, will be set for a nude cover shot for a magazine. Miley is only fifteen years old and the cover shot that is going all over the World Wide Web keeps all of her private parts covered and it could easily be a hoax.

The photo that is circulating shows the singer and actress on what would appear to be a grab from a high definition television in freeze frame from a promo spot. It could easily be a hoax and the photo might be doctored but it shows the a photo of Miley and she appears to have nothing on at all. On the bottom of the photo a logo says "ET Monday" and the cover is supposedly from Vanity Fair.

When you visit the ET Online and Vanity Fair websites there is no mention of the photo shoot or the cover shot that is floating around the web. If it is real it will spark massive controversy. It will be easy for many to believe because of the many racy photos that have leaked of Miley Cyrus of late. She has had several pictures posted of her online and they have ranged from lesbian like kissing photos to pictures of Miley in her underwear.

The latest snaps showed Miley pulling away her top to flash her bra and show her rolling around and canoodling with a guy that looks quite a bit older than her with both snuggling together. If this latest Miley Cyrus photo is real, Hollywire has it and it will bring in everyone to comment. But keep in mind, this could easily be a hoax.


Brenda Song sues over escort ad


Suite Life TV star Brenda Song is launching a legal battle for $100,000 in compensation after her photograph was used to advertise an escort service.

Disney star Song, 20, was stunned to discover her head shot in the L.A. Weekly newspaper last week, accompanying an advert offering her services as a prostitute.

The ad read, "Hawaiin (sic) beauty. Come get lei'd."

After it was uncovered last week (18Apr08) a Disney representative told, "This is an unauthorised use of Brenda Song's image and her personal attorney has issued a cease and desist to the advertiser."

Now Song has filed suit at Los Angeles Superior Court against the company supposedly responsible for the advert, Vibe Media. She says, "In filing suit, I hope to prevent this company from doing this again to anyone else."


Madonna's harrowing new documentary on Malawi is clearly designed to draw attention to the poverty-stricken nation's plight and help to its people. But the superstar doesn't think much about enlisting aid from the U.S. government.

"I don't know what our government does period, instead of getting us in more debt and blowing up countries," she told the audience at the Tribeca Film Festival after premiering the film "I am Because We Are" on Thursday night. The packed audience included close friend Rosie O'Donnell and Natalie Portman.

Madonna produced and narrated the film on Malawi after she traveled there, where she met the toddler David Banda, whom she took home and is in the process of adopting.

The film shows the abject poverty that children face, how the AIDS crisis is claiming lives, the deplorable conditions that cause disease and other hindrances to Malawian life. However, the film urges people to volunteer and tries to offer hope.

After the film, Madonna and director Nathan Rissman took questions from the audience — one of which was from a filmgoer who wondered what the federal government could do. Madonna replied that change should come from the people, not the government.

"It's our own job to change that and I think it's a fool's errand to rely on the government to change things."

Madonna was also asked about the difficulty in adopting children from Malawi. Her adoption of David with husband Guy Ritchie has yet to be approved, though the boy has been living with the family since the fall of 2006.

"It's a new concept, the concept of adoption, consequently it's very very time consuming," she said. "I guess if you really want to do it you have to be willing to walk through the fire."

Madonna said she is looking for a distribution deal so the film can be seen in more theaters, and hopes to get it on DVD soon: "Fingers crossed, that will be happening soon."

"I Am Because We Are," is not Madonna's only project these days — her new album "Hard Candy" is released in stores on Tuesday."

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Actress Jennifer Aniston and singer John Mayer had a lunch "date" Friday at a Miami restaurant, a witness to the event says.

The anonymous witness told the two celebrities ate together and their behavior was indicative of a romantic liaison.

"(It) definitely seemed like a date," the witness said.

"He had a sandwich," the source added. "She stole some bites and nibbled on a salad."

The general manager of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, the eatery where Aniston and Mayer dined, said the nature of Friday's meal was difficult to determine.

"I can't speculate on what kind of meeting it was but they looked happy and seemed to have a great time," manager Charles Bell told said the 30-year-old pop singer was later seen at another Miami eatery with his arm around the 39-year-old former "Friends" star.


Chace Crawford Takes the Wheel


Chace Crawford is amongst the first to test drive the new Mario Kart Wii video game at Nintendo’s daytime block party at the Nintendo World store in NYC’s Rockefeller Center on Saturday.

The 22-year-old Gossip Girl hottie posed with Nintendo mascot Mario and also helped debuted the Wii Wheel, which lets players wirelessly steer their car.

Mario Kart Wii, which is available everywhere tomorrow (April 27), allows players to race against each other through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Wiiiiiiiiiiii!

And, no, this post’s title is not in reference to ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood’s hit single “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” No, no reference at all.

10+ pictures inside of Chace Crawford taking the Wii wheel…


Dario Franchitti ruled out of Talladega


Dario Franchitti has been ruled out of Sunday's Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway after breaking his ankle in Saturday's Nationwide Series event at the same circuit.

The 34-year-old Scot was injured in the early stages of the race when his Dodge appeared to lose its right rear tyre before slamming into the wall and spinning down the track.

The stricken car was then hit in the driver's side door by the Ford of Larry Gunselman.

Franchitti was taken to an ambulance on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation, where X-rays confirmed a left ankle fracture.

Doctors have not revealed how long the injury is likely to keep Franchitti out of action.

David Stremme will race in place of Franchitti in the Chip Ganassi entry. Franchitti had qualified in 43rd place for Sunday's Aaron's 499.

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As the city's "Pastie Lady," Jennifer Moss bares a lot more than her soul as she rides around town in a hemp G-string and flower-shaped pasties to promote Earth friendliness.

"Nudity is natural, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with it," said Moss, 32. "It's OK for children to play video games where they are killing each other, and it's patriotic to murder people in a war. But women's breasts in public? You better watch out!"

Moss, who comes from a town near Corvallis, Ore., has become a fixture around the town of 8,000 in the year since she began zooming around the street on a bike or skates several times a week to promote natural-fiber clothing and the benefits of water.

Folks seemed divided over whether she is a harmless eccentric or a public nuisance.

Moss has been arrested twice and ticketed repeatedly for obstructing traffic. The City Council has heard from some parents who want Moss to cover up.

Her latest misdemeanor arrest was for removing everything but her G-string and pasties in front of parishioners leaving an Easter Sunday Mass outside a Catholic church. Stunned parishioners thought she was naked, police said.

"We got several calls," said Ojai Police Chief Bruce Norris.

The Ventura County district attorney's office is looking into whether Moss could be charged with public indecency.

Moss isn't worried.

"I stripped my clothes to speak the truth, but I was legally covered," she said.

Moss said she chose the church demonstration because "there are so many bad people who are hurting and destroying the Earth, and many of them are religious people." But she now admits that the stunt was "poor judgment."

Pro- and anti-Moss residents have expressed their views in the local Ojai Valley News.

"Ojai tolerance is not eternal," Leland Hammerschmitt wrote in a guest editorial that accused Moss of "naked narcissism" and told her to leave.

Dusty Fernandez of Oak View disagreed.

"In the South, they actually embrace you if you are eccentric or even a little crazy," Fernandez wrote. "So lighten up people! Enjoy the view or turn the other way."


David and Victoria Beckham trying for another baby

sábado, 26 de abril de 2008 |

David Beckham and wife Victoria are "working on" having more children.

The soccer star - who already has three sons with the Spice Girl - has revealed the couple are planning to extend their family as soon as possible.

He told US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: "We're working on having more children. We're very family oriented. We always wanted a big family, which was weird because when we first got together we never even discussed how many children we wanted.

"It's worked out that we want a big family and we love kids so it's worked out perfect."

Despite usually being comfortable naked, David also admitted he found it tough to pose in underwear for his Emporio Armani advertising campaign.

He explained: "Around the house we are comfortable being naked but when I was doing the Armani shoot I was quite uncomfortable because I've never done a shoot before just in underwear. I was quite uncomfortable."

David and Victoria have three sons, nine-year-old Brooklyn, five-year-old Romeo and three-year-old Cruz.


Amy Winehouse Released From Custody


Amy Winehouse was released on Saturday from the police custody, her spokesperson announced. She has spent the night at Holborn Police Station in central London after arriving for questioning Friday afternoon.

Winehouse was questioned by police officials over allegations of assault. A 38-year-old man made a complaint to police in Kentish Town that she had assaulted him. It appears that Amy Winehous headbutted an onlooker, who tried to help her get a taxi. She thought he was trying to molest her. She also punched a second person in the face.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, Winehouse spokesman Chris Goodman said the singer "admitted to a common assault by slapping a man with an open hand and accepted a caution." "Amy was fully cooperative with inquiries and apologized for the incident," Goodman added.

According to, Amy Winehouse was “in no fit state” to be questioned when she arrived at the police station on Friday.

Also on Friday her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court. He is charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and inflicting grievous bodily harm. The 25-year-old denies the charges. While Winehouse had been due to attend her husband’s hearing, she did not appear.

Amy Winehouse may have the queen of the Grammy Awards this year, but her personal life continues to be troubled.

At this year’s Grammies Amy Winehouse was nominated in six categories, including all four top categories: album of the year, song of the year, record of the year and best new artist.

In the end, Amy Winehouse won five awards including best new artist, best pop vocal album for “Back To Black” and best female pop vocal.

Unfortunately, because the US embassy in London has granted her a work visa too late, Amy Winehouse attended the Grammies ceremony via a satellite link.

Earlier this year, Amy Winehouse checked in the Capio Nightingale clinic in North London after a video of her smoking crack cocaine surfaced online.

In December last year, Amy Winehouse was arrested in connection with her husband Blake Fielder-Civil’s obstruction of justice case. She was questioned regarding her husband’s alleged $400,000 plot to fix his assault trial.

At the time, Winehouse voluntarily went to the Shoreditch police station in east London to be formally booked on a charge of perverting justice and was later released after being fingerprinted and having provided a DNA sample.

Last October, she was arrested in Norway for possession of cannabis. Amy Winehouse paid a fine and later said she had not been aware that under Norwegian law, paying the fine is equivalent to pleading guilty.

A judge agreed to postpone her court hearing, which was supposed to take place on 29 February in Norway, because her jailed husband Fielder-Civil must also attend the hearing.


Phil Collins to retire


Veteran singer Phil Collins is to retire after over 30 years in the music industry.

The star, who recently completed a reunion tour with his former band Genesis, announced on Friday (25Apr08) that he will not be releasing any more albums or do another tour.

Instead, Collins wants to take on a more behind-the-scenes role so he can enjoy a more leisurely life - although he will still continue to write songs.

And the 57-year-old hopes he will now have more time to indulge in his favourite hobby - collecting memorabilia from the Battle Of The Alamo, the historical 1836 clash between the Republic of Mexico and the rebel Texan forces in San Antonio, Texas.

He says, "It's not that unusual for a man of my age who grew up reading (books about American hero) Davy Crockett."


James Corden contacted Lily Allen's mother to ask for her permission to date the singer.

The Gavin & Stacey actor arranged a lunch date with film producer Alison Owen to discuss the matter, but he initially pretended that he wanted to talk about business.

A source told The Mirror: "Alison was bemused when James blurted out, 'Actually I got you here to talk about Lily'. She roared with laughter. She thinks James is a lovely young man and would be delighted if he stepped out with Lily."

Reports claimed that Corden had confirmed the romance earlier this month, however he later played down tabloid speculation about his relationship with Lily.


Carrie Underwood Gets Emotional


Carrie Underwood must be feeling a little fragile these days. First it was her breakup with Chace Crawford, which was all over the tabloids, and now there are reports that she wants Tony Romo back.

At last night's concert in Atlanta, Carrie broke down on stage right in the middle of a song. Poor thing!

During a performance of "Don't Forget to Remember Me," from her album Some Hearts, the country chanteuse broke down into tears in the middle of the song's second chorus. According to an audience member, the singer cried through several lines of the song – then attempted to tackle the chorus but broke down again.

According to a rep for Underwood, the emotional song was inspired by the singer's mother – and leaving home. In it, she sings: "Hey Momma … tell Me-maw that I miss her/ Yeah, I should give her a call/ And make sure you tell Daddy that I'm still his little girl."

Maybe Carrie just misses her family. She's always on the road, and that's got to be tough on a person after awhile!


Gwyneth Paltrow´s new sexy look


It's been a stylish week for Gwyneth Paltrow, and she did not fail to live up to expectations at last night's London premiere of Iron Man.

The Oscar winning actress donned yet another super short mini dress, teamed with her new favourite accessory, a pair of vertiginous stiletto shoes, this time by Alexander McQueen.

To see more of Gwynnie at the premiere, and of her super stylish week, click here for our gallery

The previously demure Paltrow has seen something of a style revamp in the last month, since her long locks were chopped into a wavy bob. Gone are the pastel shades and long hemlines, and in their place, thigh skimming little black dresses and kinky heels.


Jazz legend Humphrey Lyttelton dies


Humphrey Lyttelton, jazz musician and presenter of Radio 4 comedy show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, has died aged 86.

Lyttelton, who had hosted the "self-styled antidote to panel games" since 1972, was admitted to hospital earlier this week for surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm.

Best known as a musician, Lyttelton began playing the trumpet in 1936 and still toured with his band up until recently. In 1956, Lyttelton's Bad Penny Blues was the first British jazz record to enter the top 20.

BBC bosses paid tribute. Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer described Lyttleton as "an extraordinarily modest man". He said: "Humphrey Lyttleton was a great and towering figure in the history of Radio 4 comedy.

"Of course he was fabulously funny and sharp: but more than that he was the definition of a certain sort of wit - self-deprecating, mordant and linguistically brilliant. I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue has been the most successful Radio 4 comedy - and Humphrey its centrepiece."

Jenny Abramsky, Director of Audio and Music at the BBC, said: "Humphrey Lyttleton has been one of the wonders of radio broadcasting for years. He championed British jazz with his weekly programme on Radio 2.

"At the same time his deadpan stewardship of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, the unique ringmaster of an anarchic world, ensured the programme became the jewel of radio comedy."

BBC director general Mark Thompson said: "Humphrey Lyttleton will leave an enormous gap not just in British cultural life as a whole but in the lives of many millions of listeners."

The spring series of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue was cancelled this month after Lyttelton was admitted to hospital.

In 1993 he received a Sony Gold Award for services to broadcasting. In 2006 he published an 'autobiographical scrapbook' called It Just Occurred to Me.

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Russell Brand denied entry to US


Russell Brand has been denied entry to the US after flying to New York to appear on a talkshow.

Immigration officials stopped the comedian at JFK Airport when he arrived to discuss new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Wednesday's Late Night with David Letterman.

He was delayed for eight hours before boarding the same plane back to the UK.

He joked: "Now that I know what it's like to be an illegal immigrant, I've cancelled my membership to the BNP."

However, The Sun reports that he managed to pull Virgin stewardess Nicola Toft on the journey home and the pair took a taxi back to his flat after hitting the tarmac.


Baby girl for TV host Les Dennis


TV presenter Les Dennis has become a father for the second time after his fiancee gave birth to a girl called Eleanor Grace at a London hospital.

She is the first child for 37-year-old Claire Nicholson and the second for Dennis, 53, who already has a grown-up son with his first wife, Lynne.

The couple said: "We're really thrilled. This is a dream come true. We're ecstatic!"

A spokeswoman for the pair said: "Mother and baby are both fine."

The former Family Fortunes host, who was at the birth, is on paternity leave until June when he is due to rejoin the cast of the touring musical Eurobeat.

He has been with Ms Nicholson for two years after meeting her at a ball for Laura Sadler, the Holby City actress who died after falling from a balcony.

Dennis was also married to actress and Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden for seven years.

The couple split in 2002 following her affair with Men Behaving Badly actor Neil Morrissey.

He famously sparked concern amongst fans when he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother the same year his marriage fell apart.

Fellow contestants feared he was cracking under the pressure of living within the confines of the house.

Dennis' career received a boost after he poked fun at himself on the Ricky Gervais comedy Extras.


Judge sentences Snipes to 3 years for tax convictions

viernes, 25 de abril de 2008 |

Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison on tax charges Thursday, a victory for prosecutors who sought to make an example of the action star by aggressively pursuing the maximum penalty.

Snipes' lawyers had spent much of the day in court offering dozens of letters from family members, friends — even fellow actors Woody Harrelson and Denzel Washington — attesting to the good character of the "Blade" star and asking for leniency. They argued he should get only probation because his three convictions were all misdemeanors and the actor had no previous criminal record.

But U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges said Snipes exhibited a "history of contempt over a period of time" for U.S. tax laws, and granted prosecutors the three year sentence they requested — one year for each of Snipes' convictions of willfully failing to file a tax return.

"In my mind these are serious crimes, albeit misdemeanors," Hodges said.

Snipes apologized while reading from a written statement for his "costly mistakes," but never mentioned the word taxes.

"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance," Snipes said.

Snipes said his wealth and celebrity attracted "wolves and jackals like flies are attracted to meat." He called himself "well-intentioned, but miseducated."

Snipes was the highest-profile criminal tax target in years, and prosecutors called for a heavy sentence to deter others from trying to obstruct the IRS. The government alleged Snipes made at least $13.8 million for the years in question and owed $2.7 million in back taxes.

Snipes was acquitted in February of five additional charges, including felony tax fraud and conspiracy. Snipes' co-defendants, Douglas P. Rosile and Eddie Ray Kahn, were convicted on both those counts. Kahn, who refused to defend himself in court, was sentenced to 10 years, while Rosile received 54 months. Both will serve three years of supervised release. Snipes will serve one year of supervised release.

Snipes and Rosile remain free and will be notified when they are to surrender to authorities.

Kahn was the founder of American Rights Litigators, and a successor group, Guiding Light of God Ministries, that purported to help members legally avoid paying taxes. Rosile, a former accountant who lost his licenses in Ohio and Florida, prepared Snipes' paperwork.

Snipes maintained in a years-long battle with the IRS he did not have to pay taxes, using fringe arguments common to "tax protesters" who say the government has no legal right to collect. After joining Kahn's group, the government said Snipes instructed his employees to stop paying their own taxes and sought $11 million in 1996 and 1997 taxes he legally paid.

Prosecutors sought to justify the maximum sentence by raising those and other details from the IRS investigation, as well as a tax loss even for years in which Snipes was acquitted of failing to file a return. Such "relevant conduct" is allowed by law for a judge's consideration at sentencing.

Criminal tax prosecutions are relatively rare — usually the cases are handled in civil court, where the government has a lower burden of proof. Prosecutors said Snipes' case was important to send a message to would-be tax protesters not to test the government.

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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were the victims of monkey thieves who stole all their designer gear during a recent Costa Rican retreat.

The pair was staying at a hotel in the Latin American paradise when things started to go missing from their room.

Simpson explains, "We'd go to sleep and we'd wake up, and the maid wasn't even here, but sunglasses, my Sony, my favourite Wireseal hat, all this stuff, my favourite make-up bag (was gone).

"We were like, 'Where is everything?' We asked the hotel and they said that the monkeys like shiny things.

"That monkey has some serious designer clothes."


'Assault' questions for Amy Winehouse


Singer Amy Winehouse is due to report at a London police station shortly to be questioned over an alleged assault.

The 24-year-old's spokesman said the star would speak to officers "voluntarily" about an alleged incident in north London on Wednesday.

Police have confirmed a 38-year-old man claimed he was assaulted by a woman aged 24 in the Chalk Farm area.

However, a Scotland Yard spokesman would not elaborate on who would be questioned during the police inquiry.

Husband's case

Meanwhile the singer's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London, where a provisional trial date was set for him to face charges of assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The 25-year-old, who married Winehouse last May, has denied the allegations and is due to stand trial from 2 June.

Mr Fielder-Civil will remain in custody until that time.

He is accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to pub landlord James King of Risley in Derbyshire.

He has also pleaded not guilty to a separate allegation that he plotted with his alleged victim to pervert the course of justice.

During Friday's hearing - which Winehouse did not attend - Mr Fielder-Civil was warned for repeatedly smiling and trying to communicate with a woman who was sitting in the public gallery.

Sophie Schandorff was formally warned to stop communicating with him too.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, she described herself as a close friend of Mr Fielder-Civil.


Padma Lakshmi dating Teddy Frostman?


Padma Lakshmi, the estranged wife of Booker Prize winning author Salman Rushdie, has been spotted with entrepreneur Teddy Frostman.

Princess Diana's former suitor Frostman is the owner of IMG, which represents the American reality show "Top Chef" hosted by Padma Lakshmi.

Reports about their romance had floated earlier also, but it was clarified that their meetings were just for business. But now it can be confirmed that the two are romantically involved, reports.

The couple spent time with rocker Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley at Evelyn Lauder's party to raise money for breast-cancer research.


Gwyneth Paltrow has wowed fans on the red carpet at the premiere of her latest film.

The mother-of-two, 35, stunned admiring onlookers in super-high heels and a barely-there black dress.

Paltrow, recently seen working out in the gym for two-and-a-half-hour exercise sessions with Madonna, has been capturing the headlines with a new preference for seven-inch heels.

She stole the limelight from her Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr. Paltrow had praise for both Downey Jr and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, at the event in London's Leicester Square.

She said of US actor Downey Jr: "He's full of life. I hope I work with him for the rest of my life."

Asked how her husband's latest album was coming along, she told Sky News: "It's brilliant. Don't tell him I told you. I can't talk about it. He gets furious."

Downey Jr said: "I have never had it so good. I can't say it's down to my career taking off or being in a good relationship. It's a function of age."

Iron Man is a comic book hero adventure story of billionaire industrialist and genius inventor Tony Stark (Downey Jr).

He develops a suit of armour that gives him superhuman strength and physical protection when he is injured by shrapnel embedded near his heart.

He and his assistant Pepper Potts (Paltrow), uncover a nefarious plot with global implications in the Marvel Studios production.


Jennifer Lopez's reality, coming to TV


Jennifer Lopez is about to become the star of her own reality TV show.

J. Lo is the co-creator and executive producer of the show, which is expected to deal with her marriage to Latino singer Marc Anthony, their twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel, born in February, and her careers in music, film and fashion.

"I'm looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together," Lopez told the UK's Telegraph.

The as-yet-unnamed show will air on The Learning Channel (TLC), whose president said, "Jennifer is unbelievably passionate about life and will be an incredible role model for our audience. …It's a fun, emotional journey that will be inspirational and yet very relatable to today's women."

However some may question just how 'relatable' a megastar like JLo will be. Lopez was valued at $110 million last year, and her babies' super-luxe nursery has a crystal chandelier.


Carmen Electra to Marry Third Time


They say the third time is lucky and Carmen Electra will learn if it works for her as well, as she prepares to marry guitarist Rob Patterson.

Carmen Electra is engaged to musician Rob Patterson, her publicist, Jill Fritzo, confirmed Thursday to

“He told friends three days ago that he got engaged,” adds a source. “The ring is a black diamond set in white diamonds.”

The two lovebirds apparently decided on lifelong plans over the weekend, when Patterson, 37, the former touring guitarist for Korn, proposed to Electra while they celebrated her 36th birthday in Las Vegas.

The couple have been dating less than a year according to People.

This will be her third marriage. She was previously wed to basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman, for a very short time, as the marriage was annulled after 10 days, and to Jane’s Addiction rocker Dave Navarro.

Electra shared her second marriage with the world by starring with her hubby in the MTV reality show “Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave.” She and Navarro divorced in 2006.

She recently confessed she wanted to start a family with Patterson, her boyfriend of almost a year, saying, “I have pictured myself as a mother for years and look forward to fulfilling that strong desire,” according to media reports.

Electra became famous for her Playboy appearances in the 1990s. She appeared in the television series “Baywatch” and has had roles in movies such as “Scary Movie” and “Meet the Spartans.”


Megan Fox tops FHM's sexiest 100

jueves, 24 de abril de 2008 |

The blue-eyed beauty from "Transformers" has landed at the top of FHM's sexy list.

Megan Fox, 21, beat out the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie to get the No. 1 spot in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2008.

"Megan is the deserving winner of this year's FHM title," said FHM Online U.S. Editor JR Futrell. "She's young, she's hot, she's a rising star and her sex appeal has definitely transformed this year's list. She's got a great future ahead of her."

Fox has slowly worked her way up the list in the last two years. She originally premiered on it in 2006 at No. 68. In 2007, she crawled up three spots to 65.

Her sudden leap to the top came largely because of her sexy turn in Michael Bay's robot-smashing "Transformers," as the love interest to Shia LaBeouf. It was a far cry from her more wholesome role as the older daughter on the ABC family sitcom, "Hope & Faith," starring Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa.

Joining Fox on the list's top ten are Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff and "Battlestar Galactica" star Tricia Helfer. Last year's topper, Jessica Alba, fell to No. 3 on the list.

Britney Spears came in at No. 100.

According to FHM, nearly 9 million votes were cast by readers in this, their 14th annual top 100. Other actresses considered "sexy" by voters were Lindsay Lohan (16), Cameron Diaz (18), Beyonce Knowles (20), Jennifer Aniston (42), Eva Longoria Parker (59), Fergie (60), Katie Holmes (65), and Paris Hilton (77).


Paris Hilton: 'We're not getting married'


Paris Hilton has denied rumours that she is to marry boyfriend Benji Madden.

Hilton recently celebrated her two-month anniversary with the Good Charlotte rocker and said she had "never been so in love".

However, she dismissed claims that she plans to wed Madden when Nicole Richie ties the knot with his brother Joel later this year.

She told People: "No! We're really happy right now. He's definitely different than any guy I've ever been with. He makes me feel really happy, comfortable and really in love.

"We totally trust each other and we're in love and we have an amazing time together."


Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Dating Model Lauren Hastings


Transformers star Shia LaBeouf is reportedly dating model Lauren Hastings, according to gossip reports Thursday.

Hastings, 23, was featured in Justin Timberlake’s video "Cry Me a River", playing the Britney Spears-clone.

LaBeouf, 21, reportedly began to be interested with Hastings after meeting her through a mutual friend, and the two were recently seen at New York's Beatrice Inn.

According to an unnamed source, LaBeouf is claiming Hastings was "one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen."

After Transformers and the horror click Disturbia, LaBeouf is next set to star alongside Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


British court rejects Snoop Dogg visa ban


A British court has overruled the government's decision to deny Snoop Dogg a visa after he was involved in an airport lounge brawl in 2006.

The Guardian newspaper says a panel of immigration judges has rejected an attempt by Britain's Home Office to keep the 36-year-old U.S. rapper out of the country.

A lower court ruled in January that Snoop hadn't started or been responsible for any public disorder.

Police arrested Snoop and five members of his entourage after a brawl at British Airways' VIP lounge at London's Heathrow airport. The rapper, whose real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, was given a warning.

The judges say Snoop cooperated with police and didn't retaliate when pushed.

The government has a week to appeal.

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Jimmy Fallon To Replace Conan O'Brien


Fox News' Roger Friedman reports that a long-swirling TV rumor is about to become fact: Jimmy Fallon will replace Conan O'Brien when O'Brien makes the jump to "The Tonight Show" in 2009. Friedman writes:

The word is out among the NBC brass: As rumored and bounced around for some time, Jimmy Fallon is set to take Conan O'Brien's job as host of "Late Night" in 2009. It's a done deal....

There's much debate about letting Leno leave NBC etc. but right now let's just concentrate on Jimmy. He's the perfect successor to Conan and should have just as big an audience when he takes the reins. Fallon is one of those great underrated performers. This should be the right milieu for him.

Reports of Jimmy Fallon replacing Conan O'Brien are not new. The New York Times' Bill Carter reported in February 2007 that NBC was eying Fallon as O'Brien's replacement, and a later report in July 2007 from Broadcasting & Cable's Ben Grossman said that Fallon was NBC's first choice for the "Late Night" job.


Eric Mabius, co-star of ABC's "Ugly Betty," says he and his wife, interior designer Ivy Sherman, are expecting their second child.

Mabius, who portrays playboy editor Daniel Meade on the comedy, told The Associated Press that Sherman surprised him with the news on the show's set last week.

"We don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet," Mabius said Wednesday. The couple have a 1-year-old son.

Mabius said Sherman was "very frustrated" that she hadn't gotten pregnant before the Hollywood writers strike ended and thought that since "Ugly Betty" had resumed production, they'd have to wait until the summer break.

"I proved her wrong," he said, grinning.

Mabius, 37, has also appeared in the TV series "The L Word," "The O.C." and "Eyes."

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Billie Piper expecting first child?


Billie Piper has sparked rumours that she is pregnant with her first child after she was photographed repeatedly stroking her stomach.

The 25-year-old actress and former pop star was seen rubbing her slightly swollen belly on numerous occasions while on holiday in Mauritius with her second husband Laurence Fox.

A source told The Sun: "Billie and Laurence want lots of kids so if she is pregnant it will be unexpected but fantastic news. They hadn't planned on a baby so quickly."

Piper and Fox married on New Year's Eve and it was recently reported that the couple have been telling friends that they are planning to start a family in the near future.

A spokesman for the pair said he did not know whether they are expecting a baby.


Jackass Margera sex tape scandal

miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008 |

Jackass regular Bam Margera is at the centre of a sex tape scandal - with racy footage of the star reportedly set to be released on a pay-per-view website.

The TV star - who has previously been romantically linked to Jessica Simpson - is allegedly shown in the tape performing sex acts with blonde Lindsay Hughes, the fiancee of New York radio host Gregg 'Opie' Hughes.

U.S. magazine Steppin' Out reports the tape has been obtained by a former employee of Gregg Hughes, who is now considering taking legal action in a bid to stop the film being published on the Internet.

The publication's Chaunce Hayden tells New York gossip column PageSix, "They're doing the nasty - and I mean nasty. Hughes is taking legal action to prevent its distribution.

"Apparently, he's so distraught, he's banned the name 'Bam' from being mentioned on the (radio) show."

The alleged video footage is sure to put Margera's one-year marriage to Melissa Rothstein under further pressure. Just months into their marriage, in July 2007, Rothstein reportedly gave the star an ultimatum - to quit drugs or end up divorced.