Paris Hilton injured in paparazzi scuffle

lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008 |

Socialite Paris Hilton has been left with a swollen and grazed chin - after she was swarmed by paparazzi while exiting a restaurant in the Czech Republic.

The reality TV star is currently touring with boyfriend Benji Madden and his band Good Charlotte in Europe, with the pair squeezing in a romantic sightseeing tour together in Prague on Sunday (30Mar08).

But their plans were scuppered when the 27-year-old's presence led to hysteria amongst photographers clambering to take her picture, with a major fight breaking out amongst rival snappers.

And after seeking solace in a local restaurant in Prague's famous Staromestska Square, Hilton fell trying to escape the paparazzi as she tried to make her exit from the eaterie.

It's not the first time Hilton's presence in Europe on the Good Charlotte tour has incited violence among snappers - last Thursday (27Mar08) she sparked riots at Istanbul airport in Turkey, ahead of her stint as a judge in the Miss Turkey 2008 contest.

Paris Hilton injured chin


Kylie Minogue is not engaged


Kylie Minogue will not announce her engagement to on/off lover Olivier Martinez during a live concert, according to the event's organisers.

Media outlets in the Czech Republic have been speculating the Spinning Around hitmaker will announce the news at a concert in Prague on 12 May - because she asked for an "unusually high" number of tickets for family and friends.

However, concert organiser Jarda Hainzel insists she has been misquoted.

She says: "When contacted by local media regarding the Kylie concert in Prague, I commented that the number of requests for tickets for this show was more than normal, which I take as an indication of Kylie's popularity in Czech Republic.

"At no stage did I speculate on Kylie's personal relationships or on any announcement she may or may not make on the night.

"We do believe this will be a special show, as it is Kylie's first concert in our country, and I am very much looking forward to meeting her, however we have no reason to believe there is to be any special announcement during the concert."


Gary's Danielle is up for the cup


Gary Lineker’s gorgeous girlfriend Danielle Bux got to grips with the finer things in life during their holiday in Barbados.

The stunning former air hostess kept herself in check after getting off a speedboat with the soccer legend and his kids.

Rub it grin ... Danielle slaps lotion on Gary

An onlooker said: “They were laughing and joking all day.”

Wearing a cowboy hat and black bikini, Danielle also took time to rub suncream into her fella’s shoulders.


Picasso painting found in bedroom


An early painting by Picasso showing the artist in a naked clinch with a girlfriend has been found lying in a bedroom, an auction house has said.

The watercolour was found propped up against a wall in a West Country home, and will go under the hammer at Duke's auction house in Dorchester, Dorset.

It was found alongside two equine paintings by British painters George Stubbs and Alfred Munnings.

Each piece is expected to fetch at least £100,000.

Guy Schwinge, from the auction house, said: "It was a breathtaking find to discover these paintings that were stacked against the wall of a house.

"To find just one of these works would have been incredible - but to find three was quite exceptional.

"Of course, everybody has heard of Picasso and this is an early work thought to be of him in a naked clinch with his girlfriend Odette."

The piece, called Etreinte, is thought to have been painted in 1901 or 1902 when Picasso was a struggling artist in his early 20s.

It shows him and his lover Louise Lenoir, known as Odette, who is thought to have been his first girlfriend, in Paris.

The three paintings, from an anonymous seller, will go under the hammer on 10 April.


Donald Trump has his eyes on the hooker that bought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. The celebrity businessman wants Ashley Alexander Dupre to join the cast of his new MTV reality show.

Sources say The Donald thinks the Dupre would be perfect for the My Fair Lady-style reality show.

The still untitled series is being produced by Donald Trump Productions and was picked by MTV for 8 episodes. The show, which is based on the U.K. show called "Ladette to Lady," will tackle a group of 15 hard-partying young women and send them off to a boarding school where they will be taught how to become more ladylike.

A show insider tells of the 22-year-old Dupre, "She's the perfect candidate."

Trump could not be reached immediately for comment.

This is not the first time the billionaire had sent a hard-partying girl to the right road. In 2006, he famously sent Miss USA Tara Connor to rehab to give her a second chance at keeping her crown.


R&B Singer Sean LeVert Dies after One Week in Jail


Sean LeVert, brother of late R&B singer Gerald LeVert, has died in jail.

The 39-year-old son of lead O'Jays singer Eddie LeVert, was declared dead Sunday night at about 11:57 a.m. Leveret was reportedly sick and went to the infirmary of the Cuyahoga County Jail, where he was detained for failing to pay approximately $80,000 in child support.

His body was taken from the prison’s medical facility to the Lutheran Hospital.

According to a jail official, a guard who checked on LeVert noticed he couldn’t breathe normally. The guard called staff from the medical facility of the prison, but they couldn’t save his life. The jail official added that they weren’t aware of any pre-existing medical condition that could have helped them prevent this.

LeVert had been in jail for about a week.

The cause of his death is still unknown, but the autopsy scheduled to take pace on Monday morning will surely bring more light to the case. Toxicology tests will also be carried out according to Cleveland Coroner’s spokesman Powell Caesar.

Sean LeVert of Streetsboro was the younger brother of Gerald LeVert and a member of the band "LeVert." His brother Gerald, a Grammy award winner, also passed away on November 10, 2006 at the age of 40. He was found dead in his bed at his Newbury home.

The “LeVert” band was an R&B group formed in 1984 in Cleveland. Its founding members were Sean and Gerald LeVert and Marc Gordon. The group increased their popularity with hits like (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind and Casanova. Sean LeVert also featured in a few movies such as "New Jack City."

The LeVerts enjoyed much appreciation in their native Canton, where a street was named after them.


Source dismisses Pitt, Jolie wedding rumor

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2008 |

Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were not married this weekend in a New Orleans church as indicated by certain reports, a source said Sunday.

An unidentified source close to the celebrity couple told People magazine that while initial reports had Jolie and Pitt marrying in the Louisiana city Saturday, there was "no wedding."

The two cinematic stars were in New Orleans for the weekend with their children as Pitt helped break ground for a charitable organization rebuilding the devastated city.

Pitt has been an active participant with the Make It Right project, which is rebuilding portions of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The celebrity family has also been spending time in Austin, Texas, where Pitt is filming the drama "Tree of Life," People reported.


Miley Cyrus queen of the Kids Choice Awards


Many stars vied for honors at the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday, but only two mattered to the thousands of screaming children on hand.

Miley Cyrus, the 15-year-old heroine of the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana," and the Jonas Brothers, a pop band comprised of three fresh-faced siblings, were the top draws at the Oscars for the pint-sized set. A-listers like Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz could only look on in bemusement.

Cyrus performed at the 90-minute ceremony, and picked up a pair of orange blimp statuettes for favorite female singer and television actress.

Her "Hannah Montana" concert tour was the hottest ticket in the land last year, with anxious parents paying thousands of dollars for scalped tickets. The scarcity of tickets prompted political probes and even a Federal Reserve economics primer on the basics of supply and demand. A concert film recently topped the North American box office.

Arriving at the Pauley Pavilion with three bodyguards in tow, Cyrus elicited ear-splitting shrieks from the excitable fans. When she took to the stage to accept her awards, she thanked, in true Hollywood style, "my lord and savior Jesus Christ" and her coterie of managers and agents.

The Jonas Brothers -- Joe, 18, Kevin, 20, and Nick, 15 -- were named favorite music group.

The ceremony, now in its 21st year, is organized by Viacom Inc-owned kids cable channel Nickelodeon. Host Jack Black said more than 88 million votes were cast online. Last year's telecast drew a record 6.1 million viewers across the United States. The show is also broadcast internationally.

The decidedly goofy event gives serious Hollywood celebrities an excuse to degrade themselves for children's amusement. Harrison Ford and Orlando Bloom were drenched in green slime, the network's traditional badge of honor. Diaz, winner of the Wannabe Award for best role model, took time out in a special booth to display her belching skills.

Perhaps most bizarrely, German supermodel Heidi Klum was hoisted through the air on a cable, and had to pop balloons with spikes attached to the derriere of her jumpsuit. That's quite a leap from the catwalks of Milan and New York.

Other winners -- not that anyone really remembered five minutes afterwards -- included "Shrek" co-star Murphy for favorite voice from an animated movie, "Alvin and the Chipmunks" for favorite movie, and Jessica Alba and Johnny Depp for favorite movie stars.


Jade Goody Splits With 'Cheating' Jack Tweed


Jade Goody has ended her reconciled romance with Jack Tweed over rumours of his cheating ways.

The Big Brother star is apparently “devastated” after ending her relationship with Tweed again, but felt she had no choice after reports of Tweed’s philandering had eroded her trust in him.

A source tells the Mirror, “Jade is devastated, and she's been in floods of tears. But now she realises she's got to be strong and move on with her life.

"No one thing has caused this, it's just that Jack has been accused of cheating so many times Jade doesn't know what to believe."

The pair had got back together late last year after Tweed got Jade into bed and “lasted longer than I usually do”.


British teenager to play Tintin on big screen


British teenage actor Thomas Sangster has been chosen to play Tintin in a big screen adaptation of the comic adventures of the fictitious young Belgian reporter, newspapers here reported Saturday.

Seventeen-year-old Sangster, who has appeared in films such as "Love Actually" and "Nanny McPhee," was picked by Steven Spielberg, who is directing the first in a trilogy of Tintin films, reports said.

"I loved Tintin when I was younger," Sangster was quoted as saying by the British press.

"I didn't read any of the books but I really got into the (television) cartoon. I wasn't good at reading when I was younger but the cartoon was a good memory for me," he added.

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Simon Cowell has decided to splash out on a $5 million Los Angeles home for Leona Lewis.

The music mogul has told his protégé that she will need a permanent base in the States if she wants to capitalise on her recent international success.

"Simon thinks she is absolutely amazing so he wanted to treat her," a source told The People. "He's so pleased with how hard she works and what a massive success she's become. Even though Simon is very rich, he's careful with money and doesn't like to waste it."

Leona's single 'Bleeding Love' topped the US Billboard chart this week. She is the first British female artist to reach number one in America for more than 20 years.

The insider added: "Leona's a homely girl and isn't at all flash so Simon got the idea to buy her something practical she would use. He sees a bright future for her. He thinks she can become a global star like Shirley Bassey or Whitney Houston."


Combs/Shakur Documents Appear Fake


Papers purporting to be FBI reports linking associates of music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs to a 1994 attack on rapper Tupac Shakur appear to be fakes, the agency said Friday. The documents had been cited in recent Los Angeles Times and Associated Press stories.

James Sabatino, a convicted con man who is serving a federal prison sentence for fraud, filed the documents last fall in Miami federal court as part of a $19 million lawsuit against Combs, claiming Combs never paid him for arranging a recording and video session by the late Notorious B.I.G.

The documents purported to be an FBI agent's reports on interviews conducted in 2002 of confidential informants linking Sabatino and associates of Combs to the 1994 shooting of Shakur in New York City. The shooting triggered a feud between East and West Coast rappers that later led to the killings of Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. None of the shootings have been solved.

"We have no record of these documents in our system," Agent Stephen Kodak said. "They don't appear to be legitimate." He said no decision has been made on whether to investigate the documents and their origin.

The Times used the documents as a basis for a story earlier this month linking Combs' associates to the first attack on Shakur. The newspaper apologized Wednesday for the story. The AP quoted from the documents when they were filed. It issued a corrective Friday.

The Web site The Smoking Gun first reported this week that the documents appeared to be fakes. The reports were written on a typewriter, not a computer, and contained misspellings identical to ones Sabatino made in other documents, its report pointed out.

Sabatino, 31, has a long history of falsely claiming to be a major player in the rap industry and perpetrating other frauds. He is currently serving an 11-year sentence for identity theft and fraud at a federal prison in Pennsylvania. His father once said in a letter to a judge that his son "is a disturbed young man who needed attention like a drug."

Howard L. Weitzman, Combs' attorney, said his client and Sabatino never had a business relationship.

"It should be clear that Mr. Sabatino has a vivid imagination, to say the least, and his credibility quotient is zero," Weitzman said in an e-mail.

Sabatino's lawsuit against Combs remains pending. No trial date has been set. Calls to the attorney he claims is representing him have not been returned.

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An anti-Islam film by Dutch right-wing legislator Geert Wilders, depicting Islam as a ticking time bomb that endangered the West, offended several Islamic and Arab leaders, who considered it insulting to religion.

Big protests, involving more than 15,000 people, took place in Afghanistan even before the 15-minute film was released.

The film, titled “Fitna” or ordeal in Arabic, was first posted late Thursday on Wilder’s Freedom Party website, but, as the site crashed due to heavy traffic, it soon appeared on the LiveLeak website, and then on YouTube and DailyMotion and several other shared-video sites.

LiveLeak took down the video, shortly after it had been posted, saying that its staff had received worrying threats, and Muslims thanked the site for promoting tolerance on the Internet.

The controversial film is marked as mature content, containing graphic images such as beheadings, violence against women in Islam and terrorist attacks. The scenes are separated by Koran verses, which promote violence against believers from other religions. Wilders believes that Muslim holy book causes Muslims to have this intolerant attitude against Christians and Jews, who are called “apes and pigs” in “Fitna” by a young Muslim girl.

Amsterdam police expected riots from Dutch Muslim, so they carefully watched the Muslim neighborhoods in Amsterdam, but no violence was initiated. Wilders even congratulated the Muslims in Netherlands for reacting calmly.

"They were all disgusted by the film, but so far there isn't a big explosion," said police spokesman Arnold Aben, according to the Los Angeles Times. "In fact, it's quieter than usual here today. Sort of like a holiday."

Wilders said on Friday he was happy his film had not caused violent reactions. He said he had only wanted to warn Europe about the danger represented by the Islamic terrorism. It was a film that advertised freedom, he insisted.

However, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia officially rejected and condemned the film. Iran had urged the Netherlands and the European Union to remove the film from the Internet.

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said in a statement that he disapproved of Wilders’ idea. He said he regretted that the vast majority of Muslim, who are against violence, were offended by the release of the film.


Angelina Joile 'Suffering From Diabetes'

sábado, 29 de marzo de 2008 |

Angelina Jolie is suffering from a type of diabetes which strikes pregnant woman, according to a new report.

The health of the Hollywood star has been speculated upon for several weeks, and now a US magazine claims Jolie has developed gestational diabetes.

Angelina - who is thought to be expecting boy and girl twins with partner Brad Pitt - is said to be suffering from symptoms including exhaustion and nausea, and her legs have swollen to the extent she now needs to wear bigger shoes.

A source tells Star magazine, “She has gestational diabetes. She found out about a month ago. She’s been seeing a nutritionist about it frequently.

“She’s sick and irritable and feels heavy and weak.”

However, it’s not all bad news for the actress - the condition can be cured with diet and exercise, although it can also develop into Type 2 diabetes.

As we reported last week, it is thought Jolie has been urged by Pitt to cut down on her hectic schedule in order to regain her health.


Hotpants get Bruno in trouble


If you thought Borat got up the noses of some Americans, I reckon Sacha Baron Cohen´s other comic creation, camp Austrian TV presenter Bruno may have outdone him.

The Brit funnyman was in Kansas filming his latest mockumentary, gathering footage of the oddball character interacting with locals.

Though residents didn't overly warm to his dress sense, particularly his hotpants, which caused a bit of a stir.

Local newspapers have reported that a "European man" was "putting security on red alert" by "stripping down to tight shorts and dancing in the lobby of Wichita Airport".

Cohen didn't leave it there, the comic and his crew reportedly disrupted an Easter play at a Kansas church by turning up in "chains".


Piers Morgan Wins 'Celebrity Apprentice'


Piers Morgan is hired. The former British tabloid editor was crowned the winner on NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice," triumphing over Trace Adkins.

The final task on Thursday's finale was to hold a charity event. Adkins was in charge of taking care of the talent, The Backstreet Boys, who demanded wheatgrass juice backstage. Morgan was responsible for the auction and food.

Adkins sold more tickets, but Morgan — who has been a judge on NBC's "America's Got Talent" — raised the most money, earning an additional $250,000 prize for his charity.

"Apprentice" host Donald Trump said Morgan "did an amazing job" and showed up his celebrity competitors (who included Gene Simmons and "Apprentice" villain Omarosa).

Trump called Adkins, whose single "You're Gonna Miss This" has climbed the country charts, a "special human being. A beautiful guy."

Morgan's charity is the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides help for families of U.S. military personnel who died in the line of duty. Morgan's brother has served two tours of duty in Iraq, and his brother-in-law has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

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Paris Hilton wows Turkey with belly dance


Paris Hilton wowed people in Turkey by showing off her belly dancing skills on the country's national television. Paris accepted the offer from a well-known local dancer to perform on stage at the Miss Turkey beauty pageant, where Hilton was a judge. The Simple Life star was unable master the hip-shaking boogie but managed to add her own flair by doing some sexy swaying as the audience cheered.

The famous heiress of the Hilton Hotel empire landed in Istanbul in order to take part in the jury of the beauty pageant. Paris helped choose the stunner who will represent their country in the Miss World contest. "This is my first time judging anything like this. I'm going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say, The Sun quoted her, as saying.

She crowned the country's top beauty Leyla Lydia Tugutlu as Miss Turkey 2008.After the contest, the 27-year-old also told reporters she was happy to be seen as a role model for young girls. She said: "I work very hard and I've built this empire on my own. I think this is an inspiration for a lot of girls out there."


Newly divorced Sir Paul McCartney is enjoying a romantic Caribbean holiday with a new woman.

The 65 year old has been spotted in the exclusive Jumby Bay, Antigua resort with American business woman Nancy Shevell, 47.

A pal tells The Sun, “It’s great. They are really happy together and are very close.

"It’s a blossoming friendship and Nancy really cheers him up. Paul deserves some happiness after everything he’s been through.”

“Nancy is really good for Paul - he has put the smile back on his face.”

Nancy, who is thought to have originally got to know Paul when he was married to first wife Linda, was pictured kissing the former Beatle after a lunch date in New York last year.


Katharine McPhee wowed America with her vocals as a contestant on "American Idol," and now she will wow the cosmetic industry by partnering with Neutrogena. After much media speculation, the skincare brand has confirmed that McPhee will take part in a new project starting with them in May.

Past star collaborators include Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hayden Panettiere and Mischa Barton. Actress Jennifer Garner is Neutrogena's current face for their anti-aging line.

McPhee was the runner-up in season five of "American Idol," placing second to Taylor Hicks. Her beautiful girl-next-door looks helped keep her in the spotlight as did a record deal. She also married producer Nick Cokas, who is 19 years her senior, and starred in the movie "I Know What Boys Like."

McPhee also appeared in People Magazines "100 Most Beautiful" issue.


Richie Sambora busted for DUI


Rocker Richie Sambora could face criminal charges of child endangerment after being busted on a DUI charge Tuesday night.

Cops in Laguna Beach, Calif., tell us they're investigating whether there's enough evidence to hold the Bon Jovi guitarist responsible for putting his 10-year-old daughter, Ava, and another child at risk.

Police pulled over Sambora, 48, at 10:52 p.m. on the Pacific Coast Highway after spotting his car "weaving within lanes," Laguna Beach Sgt. Jason Kravetz tells us. "The officers smelled alcohol on his breath and did several field sobriety tests. He failed [all of them] and was arrested."

A blood test was done on Sambora at the police station. Results are due in about a week.

"If test results are positive, we could add child endangerment onto a misdemeanor DUI charge," says Kravetz.

The musician was released from jail at 4 a.m., when police drove him home.

"He was very cooperative, very nice," adds Kravetz. "He was quiet."

Cops confirmed there were three females in the car - an adult and two children - but declined to identify them. The children were released to the woman in the car, who was deemed sober.

Sambora, who is due in court May 7, underwent detox at the UCLA Medical Center last year and followed it with a stint at Cirque Lodge in Utah.


Poison drummer arrested for rape


Rikki Rockett, drummer for US rock band Poison, has been arrested for rape in Los Angeles.

Rockett - real name Richard Ream - was held after a woman filed a complaint claiming she had been raped at a casino in Neshoba, Mississippi.

A police spokesperson said prosecutors were deciding whether the star would be sent back to Mississippi.

The 46-year-old musician, who was unavailable for comment, has been released from police custody.

The band, who are best known for releasing the song Talk Dirty to Me, was founded in the 1980s by Rockett and singer Bret Michaels.


Grammy nominated rapper Remy Ma hopes her fan base will count in the courtroom when she is to be sentenced for shooting a woman outside a nightclub.

A statement posted prominently on Remy Ma's MySpace page asks visitors to write letters about how the rapper and her music have "positively affected you, influenced you, inspired you, etc. ... in hopes that the judge will be lenient."

It provides a special e-mail address for anyone inclined to do so.

Remy Ma is being held without bail until her sentencing, set for April 23. She faces up to 25 years in prison.

The 26-year-old performer, whose real name is Remy Smith, was convicted Thursday of assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion. Her lawyer has said the rapper plans to appeal.

The defense acknowledged she fired a shot toward a friend she suspected of stealing $3,000, but said the gun went off accidentally. Prosecutors said Remy Ma acted deliberately by getting out the gun, loading it and cocking it as she got into a car with the friend, who was shot in the abdomen.

The shooting followed a party at a club in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood on July 14, 2007.

Remy Ma was nominated for a Grammy as part of the Terror Squad for the 2004 hit "Lean Back." She also has recorded with Busta Rhymes and Eminem.

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Lindsay Lohan to Star in Charles Manson Movie

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008 |

First Mark David Chapman, and now this! Lindsay Lohan, fresh off her big-screen role opposite John Lennon's killer (aka the chubby Jared Leto) in Chapter 27, has signed up to star in another film about a murderer – this time, it's Charles Manson.

Lohan, 21, will play one of Manson's cult followers, Nancy Pitman, in the movie Manson Girls, E! Online reports. The site quotes the film's producer, Brad Wyman, as saying, "Yes, I am doing it with Lindsay."

The actress has been busy back at work since her departure from rehab last fall. She's also recording a new album and will costar in an upcoming Jack Black movie, Ye Olde Times.

But as she recently told PEOPLE, she doesn't see this as a "comeback." "I think this is what I love to do," she said. "I'm just continuing to do it – in the right ways."


Zac Efron: 'Hollywood parties not my scene'


Teen heartthrob Zac Efron is determined not to be drawn in by the Hollywood party scene - insisting he can have fun without going to wild clubs.

The clean-living High School Musical star would rather lead a grounded existence, and is repulsed by the thought of joining the debauched Hollywood party circuit.

He says, "I don't find myself drawn to that scene. I think acting is a tradition that far pre-dates celebrity and, today, the two are just meshing. It's not even that I've made a conscious decision not to party.

"I don't think clubbing is a choice you make. You can have fun with friends without part of that scene."


Leto's weight gain forced him into a wheelchair


Jared Leto has revealed his role in controversial new movie Chapter 27 left him wheelchair bound.

Jared, who plays John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman in Chapter 27, revealed gaining 27kg to play Chapman left him unable to walk.

He said: "My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained.

"I don't know if it was gout - but I had a definite problem with my feet. I couldn't walk for long distances. I had a wheelchair because it was so painful."

The 36-year-old star insists the weight gain was essential to the role and was shocked by people's reactions to his enlarged body.

Jared explained: "It was important to make that transformation. It changed everything about who I was - the way I walked, talked, how I felt about myself and the way people treated me. It was interesting to see what people thought - some obviously thought I'd let myself go."

The Lord of War star insists he will never resort to such drastic measures for a movie role in the future because his body still hasn't recovered.

Jared added: "I'd never do it again, it definitely gave me some problems.

"It took about a year to feel semi-normal. I don't know if I'll ever be back to the place I was physically."


Australian actress turned pop diva Kylie Minogue will announce her marriage to French actor Olivier Martinez at a concert on May 12, a Czech website said Thursday.

Minogue, who turns 40 in May, will announce the marriage in Prague, Czech organiser Jarda Hainzel was quoted as saying in the website, adding that the number "of VIP tickets demanded by Kylie's team for the show surpassed the usual number."

Minogue launched her singing career in 1987 with the album "Locomotion", which sold 14 million copies.

In 2006 she was forced to cancel her "Showgirl" tour due to breast cancer, making a comeback after her recovery.

Her European tour Kylie X2008 kicks off in Paris on May 6 and wraps up in London on July 27.

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Corinne Bailey Rae Grieves In Public


Corinne Bailey Rae made her first public outing since her husband Jason Rae tragically died last weekend.

The 28-year old went to Otley Chevin in West Yorkshire lay a posy of heather at the base of a 32 foot Easter cross in memory of her late husband.

Leeds born singer Corinne has reportedly been left so heartbroken that she has not ventured out of her house since she found out about the death.

An inquest heard yesterday that Jason died from a suspected overdose.

In an interview conducted with fanzine Funk’d over a year ago Jason said: "I could die tomorrow and think I've lived my life.

"The lifestyle is part and parcel of being a musician. It makes you feel separate from the rest of the world. There's more angst, torture and edge to my life."


Pete Doherty flirting with Scientology?


Pete Doherty is being introduced to the controversial religion Scientology, which counts Tom Cruise and Beck as members, by his new DJ girlfriend Nadine Ruddy.

According to today's Sun, the Babyshambles frontman is apparently very taken with the faith, which teaches that all humans are inhabited by the souls of aliens from other galaxies.

Showing enthusiasm for his new faith, Babyshambles' lead singer has bought an assortment of books on the religion by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The church was established in 1951 after Hubbard claimed: "The best way to make a million dollars is to start a religion."


Filmmakers drop clues about "X-Files" movie sequel


Ten years after the last "X-Files" movie hit theaters, the team behind the hit sci-franchise is tossing out some tidbits about the sequel, currently scheduled for release on July 25.

The film, which has not yet been named, will mark the return of David Duchovny as Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Scully, two FBI agents who investigate the paranormal.

It is being directed by Chris Carter, creator of the series that ran on Fox from 1993 to 2002.

"I know what I want it to be, but Fox has ideas of their own," Carter said of the title. "I know what it should be."

What he and co-writer Frank Spotnitz did reveal Wednesday during the 25th annual William S. Paley Television Festival, was the trailer. It featured lots of snow, running, a large syringe and a helicopter.

The film will pick up six years after the end of the series. It's supposed to be a standalone feature removed from the alien mythology of the TV show, a throwback to the show's "monster of the week" episodes. Still, some lingering aspects from the series, like whether Scully's child will be a normal tyke, will be addressed.

"It will not be a mythology movie, but it's true to everything that's come before," said Spotnitz.


Rapper faces jail after pleading guilty to gun charge


Rapper TI has pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing firearms at a hearing in Atlanta today (March 28).

The star, born Clifford Harris, was arrested last October for possession of machine guns that a bodyguard has purchased for him.

Initially, the rapper pleaded not guilty, which would have left him facing a possible ten-year prison stretch for each of the charges.

However, after a plea bargain he will now serve 1000 hours of community service working with young people, in exchange for a lighter one-year prison sentence and a $100,000 fine. He will also spend three years on supervised release and could face more community service.

Sentencing will formally take place in March 2009, though his US attorney has warned the rapper he faces a more serious sentence if he breaks his side of the agreement.

"I'm not looking forward to being incarcerated," TI told the Atlanta Journal And Constitution. "I have a long road of redemption to travel... I realise completely I violated the law, and I take it very seriously."


Cousin confirms Jamie-Lynn Spears' engagement

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008 |

Britney Spears' cousin has confirmed the singer's pregnant sister Jamie Lynn will wed her boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

Tina Robinson claims Aldridge, the father of the 16-year-old's unborn child, proposed to Jamie Lynn "a few days ago".

Reports the 'Zoey 101' star and Aldridge, 18, are engaged to be married surfaced earlier this week when Jamie Lynn was spotted showing off a diamond ring to friends and family in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, and to relatives in Mississippi.


David Beckham has no intention of saying goodbye to England after reaching 100 appearances.

The Los Angeles Galaxy star, who reached the milestone Wednesday night, maintains the wave he gave when he walked off during England's 1-0 loss to France was just an acknowledgment of the standing ovation that even the French fans gave him.

"I don't know where the rumours came from but they weren't from me," Beckham said. "It is 100 not out as far as I am concerned. The wave at the end was not a goodbye, just a thank you.

"The reception when I came off from both sets of fans was amazing. You obviously expect it off your own fans and I thank them for that but from the French people as well, it was an amazing standing ovation."

Although Beckham didn't even have a shot on goal and collected a yellow card for a foul on French goalscorer Franck Ribery, he was satisfied with his performance.

"The most important thing for me was to prove my fitness and I felt that I did that. I felt very fresh and a lot better than I thought I would," he said after playing 62 minutes at the Stade de France.

"As much as you work hard in pre-season, there is nothing better than playing in games and I enjoyed it."

Even though he had been replaced, Beckham was the last England player to walk off the field. At the end of the game, he walked back on, hugged France defender William Gallas, and had a long talk with the Arsenal player before again waving and applauding the fans.

"If there was another place I would have liked the game after Wembley, it would have been in Paris because it is where (Zinedine) Zidane played," he said in reference to his former Real Madrid teammate. Zidane scored two goals in the 1998 World Cup final at the same stadium where France beat Brazil 3-0.

"It is also one of my most favorite cities and I have a house in the South of France."

Beckham, who turns 33 in May, believes he will still be fit enough to play at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, assuming England qualifies.

"I want it to carry on," he said. "It doesn't stop here for me."

"I still feel I can perform at the highest level. The 2010 World Cup remains an ambition for me. I am quite a stubborn person so it is something I want to reach. I'd love to be part of the squad in 2010."

Although the loss was greeted by scathing criticism in the English media on Thursday, Capello was satisfied with the performance.

"As I told the players I am very happy with what they did because we made progress compared with the Switzerland game," he said, referring to England's 2-1 victory over the Swiss at Wembley last month.

"I am happy because I saw some very good things, especially because we played against a top level team and we showed our value. I am happy because I made the team play two different ways and I could see many players. Therefore my ideas are a lot clearer for the future."

Capello was also pleased with Beckham.

"He played like I know he can play," said Capello, who has only friendlies between now and qualifying for the 2010 World Cup because England failed to reach this summer's European championship.

"I only substituted him because I know how he can play and I wanted to see other players."

Beckham, who was overlooked by Capello for the Switzerland game because the Italian didn't consider him fit enough during Major League Soccer's off-season, called on the England fans to be patient with the new manager while he tries new formations, tactics and selections.

"As soon as a new manager comes in, there is always a period when it takes time to get going," Beckham said. "But he was pleased with the fact we passed the ball around well and in the first half kept a lot of possession.

"But if you don't score in that time, teams like France are always going to capitalize on it. And they did."

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According to a source, Nicole Kidman has been a “nervous wreck” since becoming pregnant with her and Keith Urban’s first child. The insider claims that the 40-year-old actress is “terrified” that she is going to lose the baby.

Last year, Kidman revealed that she suffered a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy when she was married to Tom Cruise. After being unable to have a biological child, the pair adopted two children.
“Nicole is a nervous wreck,” an insider claims. “Because she’s suffered a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy in the past, she’s terrified of losing her baby.”


Grey's Anatomy Star Explains Hospital Stay


One of the stars of televisions 'Grey's Anatomy', Justin Chambers, has explained why he was admitted to a psych ward earlier this year, revealing that he suffered "a biological sleep disorder".

The 37-year-old father of five checked into UCLA's Resnick Neuropsychatric Hospital in late January, with his publicist stating at the time that he went in voluntarily due to exhaustion.

In an interview with People magazine this week, Chambers explains his condition, saying, "Your body is tired but your mind keeps racing," adding that he would only sleep for "maybe an hour" each week.

However, the actor says that following his stay in hospital he's doing well and is now maintaining a regular sleep pattern.

"I'm fine," he says. "I get six or seven hours of sleep a night."


New home for Lineker and his girl?


Former footballer Gary Lineker is apparently thinking of buying a new home with his girlfriend, model Danielle Bux.

The 28-year-old beauty says she and the 47-year-old ex-England striker are on the lookout for a home to share, reports the Daily Star.

She is quoted as saying: "We are looking for a big house, with all the children. I also want a dog and a bit of space to decorate and make it our home together."

Danielle, who apparently met the Match Of The Day presenter on a blind date in October, reportedly moved into his house in Ely, Cambridge, not long after they started dating.

The Star quotes a source as saying the couple have "a fabulous future" together.

The insider said: "They are really loved-up and take such joy in each other's company. They have a fabulous future ahead and everyone who knows them wishes them the best."


Leona Lewis has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US with her single 'Bleeding Love'.

The singer, who was discovered on 2006's 'X Factor', is the first British woman to top the chart for over 20 years.

In 1987, Kim Wilde's cover of The Supremes' 'You Keep Me Hanging On' reached Number One.

Lewis' chart success has been partly attributed to her and Simon Cowell's appearance on Oprah Winfrey's chat show last week.

'Bleeding Love' was the UK's biggest selling song in 2007, despite being released near the year's end.


"Apprentice" Women High-Five Trace


Trace Adkins has a real test on his hands tonight as he squares off against "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan in the finale of the NBC series "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Trace has frequently said that he had no strategy for winning "Apprentice" because he figured he would be fired in the boardroom in the first four or five episodes. That ended up being a positive approach in a contest filled with Type-A personalities.

"I think [Type A's are] what we classically think are the people that win in life," fellow contestant Nely Galan reflects. "He says he had no strategy, but his strategy was really very analytical: lay back, take it slow, get under the radar for a while, and then come in for the kill."

"A lot of the other guys had that Type-A personality," Marilu Henner adds, "and they were sucking up all the oxygen in the room. There was like no air to breathe, and there was Trace in the corner, playing his guitar, creating his own oxygen."

And perhaps creating a path to a $250,000 prize. The winner of tonight's episode will win a quarter-million dollars for his charity of choice. Trace will provide an additional way for viewers to contribute to his charity, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. He's scheduled to perform his current single, "You're Gonna Miss This," on the show, and a download will be available immediately after the performance with the proceeds slated for FAAN.


Oregon Transgender Man Is Five Months Pregnant


Thomas Beatie, a woman who changed her sex and now calls herself a man, is five months pregnant with a baby girl.

The Oregon resident said in an article of "The Advocate", a national magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender readers, that he went through a sex change but reconstructed only his chest and had testosterone therapy. He kept his female reproductive organs and became pregnant through artificial insemination.

Thomas and his wife Nancy decided to have a baby, but when the latter went through a hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis 20 years ago, they came up with the idea that Thomas should carry their child.

"I stopped taking my bimonthly testosterone injections. It had been roughly eight years since I had my last menstrual cycle, so this wasn’t a decision that I took lightly," Beatie said in the article.

"My body regulated itself after about four months, and I didn’t have to take any exogenous estrogen, progesterone, or fertility drugs to aid my pregnancy," he added.

Beatie labeled as "incredible" the experience of carrying the pregnancy for his wife. And it’s not a first for him. Beatie is now at his second pregnancy after he went through an ectopic pregnancy with triplets.

He described his first pregnancy as a “life-threatening event” because it required surgical intervention. Beatie lost all his embryos and his right fallopian tube in the intervention.

He acknowledged the fact that he and his wife are facing the anger of some people who feel offended by their decision. Among those feeling offended by this were doctors, health care professionals, receptionalists, friends and family.

Asked about his identity regarding the fact that his stomach is now growing, Beatie said that he "constantly" remained a man.

"I am so lucky to have such a loving, supportive wife. I will be my daughter’s father, and Nancy will be her mother. We will be a family," he said.


LA Times Apologizes for Shakur Story


The Los Angeles Times apologized for using documents that were apparently fabricated in a story implicating associates of Sean "Diddy" Combs in a 1994 assault on rapper Tupac Shakur.

"The bottom line is that the documents we relied on should not have been used," Editor Russ Stanton said in a story posted Wednesday night on the newspaper's Web site. "We apologize both to our readers and to those referenced in the documents ... and in the story."

Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Chuck Philips, who wrote the story, and his supervisor, Deputy Managing Editor Marc Duvoisin, also apologized.

The apologies followed an investigation launched by Stanton after The Smoking Gun Web site reported earlier in the day that the paper was conned by a prisoner who doctored the documents.

Combs denied that he had any prior knowledge of or involvement in the robbery and shooting of Shakur at a New York recording studio. He and other subjects of the story claimed they had been defamed by the newspaper.

The Smoking Gun said the documents seemed phony because they appeared to be written on a typewriter instead of a computer and included blacked-out sections not typically found in such documents, among other problems.

The Web site claimed the documents were fabricated by a prison inmate with a history of exaggerating his place in the rap music world.

The Times said its March 17 story was based on FBI records, interviews with people at the scene of the 1994 shooting, and statements to the FBI by an informant.

None of the sources was named.

Philips said Wednesday that a former FBI agent examined the documents in question for him and said they appeared to be legitimate.

But Philips said he wished he had done more to investigate their authenticity.

"I now believe the truth here is I got duped," he said.

Marc Lichtman, an attorney representing rap manager James Rosemond, one of two men the story linked to the Shakur attack, had earlier demanded an apology.

"I would suggest to Mr. Philips and his editors that they immediately print an apology and take out their checkbooks — or brace themselves for an epic lawsuit," Lichtman said Wednesday.

The shooting triggered a feud between East and West Coast rappers that led to the killings of Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

The story said associates hoping to curry favor with Combs — who was overseeing B.I.G.'s white-hot career at the time — lured Shakur to the studio because of his disrespect toward them.

The story and related features on attracted nearly 1 million hits — more viewers than any other story on this year, the newspaper said.

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Kate Bosworth plays the odds, and wins


The knife thrower — formerly the surf goddess, the porn star's girlfriend, the wise innocent, the new Lois Lane, and, most recently, the blackjack geek — wanders into her trailer, a little beleaguered, frowning. She is wearing an absurdly elaborate blood-orange dress, her face partially hidden by a fiery red wig piled high on top of her head. She is mostly interested in locating lunch.

But for the moment, she is surrounded by an assortment of people from the set, a little distracted, unfocused. It's the last time she'll seem that way. In one motion, she cocks her head to the side and then, from inside the flurry of people around her, crosses her eyes and sticks her tongue out. "Here she is, the deranged wench!" she says. "I can see it now, 'Kate Bosworth, deranged wench, walks into the trailer...'"

"Oh, God," she says. "I look like a ridiculously ornamented cupcake! And the character, she usually looks like a badass! She's usually in chaps — she's a knife thrower, this is a disguise for a scene. Now I come in looking like a cupcake, like a deranged wench. What a disappointment for you."

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Kristin beats Scarlett at auction

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008 |

Kristin Davis is more popular than Scarlett Johansson. The star auctioned off the chance to meet her at the world premiere of Sex and the City: The Movie on eBay to raise money for charity.

The winning bid was a staggering $US52,100, and easily surpassed the $US42,000 Scarlett raised when she offered a similar experience earlier this month to meet her at the premiere of her latest movie He's Just Not That Into You.

The money will be donated to Oxfam America.

The winner of Kristin's auction, identified only as 'superiorlotus912', will be driven to the New York premiere on May 27 in a chauffeured car where they will meet the actress and receive a pair of Jimmy Choo 'Felix'-style shoes in their size.

Other celebrities who have auctioned off meet-and-greets to raise money for the international poverty relief agency include Colin Firth and Charlize Theron, while The Blood Diamond star Djimon Hounsou is currently offering a fan the chance to accompany him to the press junket and premiere of his new film Push.

Oxfam America is a Boston-based branch of Oxfam International. It offers development programmes and emergency relief services, and campaigns for change in global practices and policies that keep people in poverty.


Britney's cameo boosts US sitcom


Pop star Britney Spears' appearance on US TV comedy How I Met Your Mother has pulled in almost 3m extra viewers.

The CBS show attracted 10.6m people on Monday - its highest ratings this season, according to official figures.

The boost is likely to secure a fourth series, which has averaged 7.8m viewers during its current run.

Spears, whose assets are currently controlled by her father, was praised for her performance as a doctor's receptionist in the show.


The New York Daily News said: "Spears proved she can act every bit as well as she can sing."

"Brit looked slim, trim and gorgeous," added the New York Post.

Alison Godges, a student at New York University who watched Monday night's show, said: "She looked like the Britney we used to know. Long blonde hair and great make-up. She was funny too."

The star's ditzy character had a crush on the comedy's main protagonist, Ted, and flirted with him badly.

Spears, who was admitted to a psychiatric ward and lost custody of her two sons earlier this year, said working on the show was "terrific".

Meanwhile, a legal challenge to her father's conservatorship of her affairs was dismissed by a California court.

A judge ruled that he did not possess sufficient powers to grant an appeal, lodged on the grounds that Spears had not been given enough notice that the order was being implemented.


Jamie Lynn Engaged?


According to reports published online Tuesday, pregnant teen actress Jamie Lynn Spears has been showing off an alleged engagement ring to friends around her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, and that she and beau Casey Aldridge are going to get hitched this summer.

And while a rep for the former Zoey 101 star would neither officially confirm nor deny the rumor to OK!, a wedding would be in line with what Casey's great-uncle, Pastor Odus Jackson of Galilee Baptist Church, recently told OK!. "They are fully committed to each other," explained Odus. "He wants to propose to her and get married!”

However, some friends of Jamie Lynn have also told OK! that Brit's little sister had been wavering on the subject of walking down the aisle and was hoping instead to get her career back on track after she gives birth in June.

In the months since announcing in an exclusive interview with OK! that she was expecting, Jamie Lynn has maintained a relatively low profile around her hometown, finishing her high school education in private and spending her free time with Casey.


A nude photo of the French First Lady, Carla Bruni, has been put up for auction at Christie's New York, just hours ahead of a state visit to Britain.

The portrait, by photographer Michel Comte, shows a younger Miss Bruni gazing thoughtfully into the camera with nothing but her crossed hands to cover her modesty.

The pose, apparently in reference to the paintings of French neo-impressionist artist Georges Seurat depicting models, is expected to fetch around £2,000 when it goes under the hammer on April 10.

Miss Bruni and her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, are to arrive in the UK on Wednesday for the start of their two-day state visit, and will be meeting the Queen and the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Mr Sarkozy has faced criticism that his flashy, Rolex-wearing image is not in keeping with his function, and he had hoped that the visit would add some much-needed gravitas to his public persona.

According to aides, he is relying on the refinement of his 40-year-old Italian wife to wow the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

Educated in a Swiss finishing school, Mrs Bruni speaks fluent English unlike her husband, who has been taking intensive lessons to catch up and impress his hosts during the visit.

Christie's defended its decision to put the picture on sale, describing Miss Bruni as "one of the most beautiful women in the world".

"It's a work of art. It was shot in 1993 when Miss Bruni was a model and it's a tasteful nude portrait executed by a well known, respectable artist", said Milena Sales, spokeswoman from Christie's.

"Christie's stands by the works it represents to its clients, it doesn't censor or pass judgement on any content or subject matter. It's a perfectly respectable work of art."


Amy Winehouse back to rehab


English singer songwriter Amy Winehouse is willing to go back to rehab. The 24-year-old 'Rehab' singer recently shocked onlookers when she stepped out with scabby skin for a night out to dine on kebabs. "Amy has admitted she needs to check into rehab again," the Sun quoted a source as saying.

"There are too many temptations for her in the UK — people around her in London are making it impossible for her to stay clean for any length of time," the source said. “Her management had considered flying her to a clinic in Israel but are now looking further afield. They are assessing a clinic in Cape Town in South Africa," the source added. Amy had earlier spent two weeks in rehab in January 08.

She was seen earlier in the day visiting her husband Blake Fielder-Civil in jail, and later visited at her flat in Camden by grubby-looking junkie rocker Pete Doherty, 29. Winehouse says her skin condition is impetigo, which is a bacterial infection. "The damage is quite severe, but not unusual with crack cocaine abuse," Sun doctor Carol Cooper said.

"She's got a number of sores, some of which look infected, and others that have formed ulcers," she added.


The couple got engaged in Amsterdam and will get hitched soon.

The Kills' Jamie Hince and model Kate Moss are engaged to be married, after the couple agreed to tie the knot while in Amsterdam.

According to The Sun, Moss told members of the public that she was getting married, after spending time with Hince in various Amsterdam bars. The newspaper reports that she said that the ceremony would be "soon".

The newspapers goes on to quote an anonymous "friend" of Moss's as saying: "We're all so happy for Kate. Everyone was worried she would end up with Pete [Doherty, her ex-boyfriend], who we thought was no good for her.

"Jamie looked like it could be a bit of a rebound thing at first, but now it seems like the real deal."


Thomas Beatie is one of the few man in the world claiming to be pregnant, but the secret behind the Oregon man's pregnancy is - he was born a woman. According to reports, Thomas Beatie has had a chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy, but decided to keep his female reproductive organs. Before Beatie became a transgender man, he was Tracy LaGondino living in Hawaii as a woman. LaGondino fought for the right for gay couples to adopt children and against hate crimes when she lived in Hawaii. Today Mr. Beatie is legally male and lives with his wife, Nancy, in Bend, Oregon.

And now the transgender man claims he is 5 months pregnant and feeling great about it. He told the Advocate, a magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender audience, that carrying a daughter for his wife, Nancy, and himself was an "incredible" experience, but people already question if the Oregon man is really pregnant or if it's just another hoax. "I saw him a few days ago and he didn't look like that," one of Beatie's neighbors told the media. His side of the story - he and his wife Nancy tried to have a child for over 10 years, but Nancy was unable to conceive, having suffered severe endometriosis and undergone a hysterectomy. Stopping the hormone injections and using frozen sperm from a donor, the Oregon man was able to become pregnant twice, the first time the pregnancy was entopic and required surgery, but the second time it was a success and the Oregon man and his wife are expecting their daughter in July.


Katona 'fine' after health scare


Pregnant former pop star Kerry Katona, who was taken to hospital with suspected pre-eclampsia, is not as ill as initially feared, it has emerged.

Katona, 27, who is expecting her fourth child, was admitted after her midwife became concerned she had the potentially life-threatening condition.

A spokeswoman said: "In fact it was water retention and low iron levels, which brought on similar symptoms."

Katona is expected to be released from hospital soon.

"Mummy and baby are fine," her spokeswoman added.

Rehab clinic

Katona's publicist Max Clifford earlier said the singer had been in "increasing pain" before being admitted for treatment in Macclesfield on Tuesday.

He stressed that she had been taken into hospital by her husband Mark Croft as a "precautionary measure".

Katona, who won I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in 2004, recently ended a stay at a rehab clinic.

Filming on her current MTV reality show Crazy In Love was suspended after she was admitted to The Priory for a fourth time last week, and is again on hold.

Mr Clifford said that Katona has been receiving treatment for bipolar disorder.

The ex-Atomic Kitten singer has two daughters by her first husband, former Westlife star Brian McFadden, and already has a daughter with second husband Mr Croft.

The pair have said they will name their second child, a son, after Max Clifford.


First 2 Couples Are Done 'Dancing'


Magician Penn Jillette and tennis champ Monica Seles were the first stars eliminated from the sixth season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." Each came into Tuesday's results show in last place.

Jillette, 53, added a dash of magic to his quickstep, but his footwork failed to impress the judges. Despite his dismissal, the magician insisted that he and his professional partner would continue to rehearse daily and planned to perform in the parking lot.

"There's no way my dance career ends now," he said.

Before her name was announced, Seles said being the first woman to leave the show "would be really hard."

"I'm not used to losing," said the nine-time Grand Slam champ.

Judge Bruno Tonioli acknowledged that her tennis prowess didn't translate to the dance floor: "You're not a performer, and it's hard for you."

Still, he called the 34-year-old athlete "a legend."

"Somebody of your stature being here with us really is a privilege, and you threw yourself (in) at the deep end," he said.

The show's first double-elimination round also featured a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic dance performance and two live songs by tween fave the Jonas Brothers. The pop-rock group played a cover of a-ha's 1985 hit "Take On Me," which was released before the trio of brothers was born, and the new song "When You Look Me in the Eyes."

The remaining competitors include radio host Adam Carolla, pro football player Jason Taylor, Olympic skater Kristi Yamaguchi, R&B singer Mario, and actors Steve Guttenberg, Shannon Elizabeth, Christian de la Fuente, Marlee Matlin, Priscilla Presley and Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Each will perform the tango or jive on next week's show.

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Britney Spears delivers 'Mother's' highest ratings

martes, 25 de marzo de 2008 |

A guest appearance by Britney Spears on Monday gave the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" its highest rating ever.

"Mother" spiked to a series high 4.5 preliminary rating among adults 18-49, even as the rest of the CBS comedy lineup fell from last week's record-setting return to original episodes.

Critics were relatively impressed. "Britney the Trainwreck showed how she can still be Britney the Performer," wrote the Associated Press. "Spears proved she can act every bit as well as she can sing," wrote the New York Daily News. "Brit looked slim, (OK she was behind a desk), trim and gorgeous," wrote the New York Post.

The second week of strong "Mother" ratings (10.6 million, 4.5/12) assures the one-time bubble comedy will be renewed for the fall. "Mother" was the fourth-highest-rated show of the evening, and CBS won the night (averaging 12.5 million, 4.4/11).

At 10 p.m., "CSI: Miami" was the first major broadcast network drama to return with post-strike original episodes. "Miami" easily won the 10 p.m. hour and outperformed its previous season average by 7% (15.8 million, 4.8/12).

CBS' other comedies dropped slightly from their post-strike returns last week, however. "Big Bang" was down 6% (8.6 million, 3.4/10), "Two and a Half Men" was the highest-rated show of the night but also fell 6% (14.2 million, 5.1/13), and "The New Adventures of Old Christine" dropped 12% (9.9 million, 3.8/9).

ABC was second with the second week of "Dancing With the Stars" falling off 11% and "The Bachelor" dropping a steeper 16% to place last in the 10 p.m. hour, matching its series low amid the increased competition from "Miami."

Fox and NBC tied for third. NBC aired "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad," dropping to a new all-time low and going below the line for a major broadcast network series (7.1 million, 1.2/3). NBC then aired "Deal or No Deal" (7.1 million, 3.0/7) and "Medium" (8.8 million, 3.0/8). Fox had a repeat and "New Amsterdam" (6.3 million, 2.0/5).

The CW had a repeat and "Girlicious" (1.5 million, 0.8/2).


American actress Lindsay Lohan has blasted her ex-lover Calum Best for releasing a sex video of theirs onto the web. The clip, which turned out to be quite blurry, had been filmed when the two of them had been seeing one another last year. It is believed that Calum"s phone was used for the filming, and the clip then forwarded to one of his friends.

After viewing the porn-style photo on the Internet, Lindsay, according to her pals, made a number of abusive phone calls to George Best"s lothario son. "I can't believe you would ever f***ing do this to me, I should have listened to everyone," the Sun quoted a source, who overheard the rant, as saying. "I should never have f***ing trusted you," the source said Lindsay screamed.

Lindsay, who was screaming on the phone for a very long time, had to leave another voicemail to satisfy her and continue her abusive outburst. "It's everywhere now, all over the net, everyone's seen it, how f***ing could you?" the source revealed Lindsay as having questioned Best.


According to a report from People magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears is engaged to her boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Last December, the 16-year-old announced she is pregnant with their first child.
Sources say Aldridge and Spears are now engaged and the ‘Zoey 101’ has been showing off her diamond engagement ring to family and friends.

“She’s got an engagement ring. She’s been showing it off, talking about it,” a source tells People.

Spears’ older sister, Britney Spears, is said to not approve of the marriage. Insiders allege that the pop star refuses to participate in the wedding ceremony.

A wedding date has not been announced. The baby is due this summer.