Britney Spears Denies Pregnancy Rumors After Seacrest Stumble

jueves, 30 de abril de 2009 |

Britney Spears has angrily denied rumors about a third pregnancy, after Ryan Seacrest announced that he had heard the singer was expecting on his popular radio show.

The ‘Circus’ star already has two children from her previous marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline, Sean Preston, and Jayden James. Both boys currently live with their father.

The allegations brought anger from Britney’s camp, and her spokesperson said it was absolutely untrue.

“She’s absolutely not pregnant. I have no idea where this ridiculous rumor came from,” he said in an interview with Perez Hilton.

“Ryan has communication with our camp and could have checked this before saying it.”

This is one of many pregnancy rumors that have followed the pop princess in recent years. Given how eager she was to report her past two, it is doubtful that she would keep a third under wraps.


Lindsay Lohan Hooked on Neuro Energy Drinks


Lindsay Lohan loves her energy drinks!

The Mean Girls star — a noted Red Bull fan — is apparently hooked on Neuro energy drinks.

“I drink so much of it — I love it,” Lohan tells Life & Style magazine. “There are several kinds, including Neurogasm, which is for sex. But I don’t need that one right now unfortunately.”

Lindsay has also been spotted drinking Neurosonic, a mood-enhancing concoction that contains caffeine.

Another of Lohan’s is favorites is Neurotrim, which is said to control appetite, increase metabolism and enhance the body’s fat-burning capacity.

The actress was spotted with the beverage during a recent night out at LA hot spot Bardot.

“I saw her driver tuck a bottle of something into his pocket before she went in,” says an eyewitness.” Lindsay said to him, ‘You don’t need to hide it. It’s just my Neuro.’”


While everyone freaks out because we are all worried we are going to die, Paris Hilton has the right approach. Being misinformed works for me in this case because then she wouldn’t be worrying about getting the swine flu. asked Paris if she knew about the swine flu she replied back that she wasn’t worried [...]


'Madonna in Swine Flu' hoax


An email which claims Madonna has caught the killer swine flu is a hoax sent by spammers to spread a computer virus, it has been revealed.

The spam message is headlined 'Madonna caught swine flu', while another targets Mexican actress Salma Hayek, saying she has the bug.

When the emails are opened, the computer virus is activated to cause damage to PCs.

According to anti-virus software company McAfee, inboxes around the world have been flooded with the mail and has warned against opening the emails.

A spokesperson from McAfee said: "We see attackers all the time trying to trick us into infecting ourselves through the use of current affairs and popular topics…and here's a big celebrity who people want to follow the gossip from."


Jennifer Aniston is not set to adopt a baby boy. On Wednesday, reports surfaced that Aniston was in the process of adopting a child through a California agency. She allegedly spent $250,000 on a nursery in her Beverly Hills home.

Sources said Aniston was ready to adopt because she “doesn’t want to wait.”

An insider now denies the reports saying, “They are completely wrong.”

Meanwhile, Aniston is rumored to be dating Scottish actor Gerard Butler following her split from John Mayer. Read more on Jennifer Aniston


Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lead the charge of teen idols who have made People magazine's annual Most Beautiful List.

The on-screen couple are joined on the list by starlets Frieda Pinto, Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez.

Representing the boys alongside Rob are Nick and Joe Jonas, mooted Eclipse star Channing Tatum and HSM hottie Zac Efron, reports MTV.

But it's not all about the teen stars.

The list also features breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate, Christina Aguilera, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie and Tina Fey.


Britney Spears begging for dad distance?

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009 |

Britney Spears is "crying out for help".

The 'Circus' singer is desperately trying to escape from her controlling father, her former attorney's lawyer told a Los Angeles court yesterday (21.04.09).

Jamie Spears - who took legal control of his troubled daughter's personal and professional affairs last year - is trying to obtain permanent restraining orders against the singer's former manager Sam Lutfi, attorney Jon Eardley and lover Adnan Ghalib.

Eardley's lawyer Roger Diamond wants Britney to testify in court because he believes she is being held prisoner by her father.

He said: "Britney Spears is crying out for help".

The 27-year-old singer's legal team refutes the claims, calling the men "predators" who have "patently threatened and continually harassed" Britney.

The temporary restraining orders against all three men were extended until April 28, when the judge will hear rebuttal arguments before making a final decision.

Britney is currently performing in 'The Circus Starring Britney Spears', her first concert tour in five years.


While Ashley Tisdale seems to be spending a lot of time lately with music-video director Scott Speer, it might be a little premature to call them a couple.

"They've been enjoying hanging out together," a friend of the pair tells People. "Ashley's just easing back into the dating world."

The 23-year-old Tisdale was recently photographed with Speer at Los Angeles International Airport, where she was holding a large bouquet of flowers as her companion pushed a luggage cart. However, Tisdale quickly dismissed rumors that the pair were an item.

"I'm not in a relationship. I'm single," she told E!

"He's a really hot, good friend of mine," added the "High School Musical" star.

Tisdale is fresh off a recent breakup with dancer Jared Murillo, whom she had dated since 2007, so it's understandable if she's not ready to jump back into the dating scene. But Tisdale and Speer also have a relationship that dates back to 2007, which is when they first worked together professionally. The pair also teamed up again recently as Speer directed the just-released video for Tisdale's new single "It's Alright, It's OK."

Whether that has spilled over into a romance remains to be seen, but Tisdale does admit to E! that they make for a perfect duo on the video front.

"We have a really good, creative relationship," she said.


Jennifer Aniston's rumoured new love interest Gerard Butler could yet turn out to be a John Mayer-sized “player,” according to insiders.

As we reported previously, the Marley & Me star is said to have rebounded from her singer-songwriter beau into the arms of the Scottish hunk, after sharing a special connection with him at last year's Toronto film festival.

But whilst Jen is described as “smitten” and keen for a serious romance, Gerard is apparently less committed to their fledgling relationship.

“He’s very excited to see her again and wants to hook up with her again and hang out. [But] he’s a total player,” says a source.

Here we go again...


Justin Timberlake is getting some pressure to propose marriage to his girlfriend Jessica Biel by her father, according to the National Enquirer. A source claims that Jessica’s dad Jon Biel has grown impatient with JT since they’ve been dating over two years already. The insider dished:

“Jessica’s dad is really putting heat on Justin to marry her.

Jon’s been calling Justin a lot lately for man-to-man talks.”

The source claimed that JT was requested to “do the right thing” and explained:

“But Justin is running out of time and excuses. Jon has made it clear he’s growing impatient.”

Jessica’s dad even allegedly told him he’d make things easy:

“Jon told Justin that he’ll cover the entire cost of the wedding.”

Yikes, JT better figure out what he’s going to do with his relationship because it’s not going to get easier with his possible future in-laws.