Photos of Rihanna’s Injuries Released

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009 |

Recently, entertainment website got its hands on a photo of Rihanna, which shows her injuries following the incident involving her and boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown that resulted in the latter having been charged with assault and with having made criminal threats.

Previously, the website reported that after the unfortunate event that took place Sunday morning before the Grammy Awards ceremony, Rihanna had initially refused to be treated at the scene of the incident, still she allowed the police to take images of her injuries before she was taken to the hospital.

Photos of the injuries show major contusions on both sides of the singer's face, with major swelling and bruising, including a split lip and a bloody nose, along with bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers, said five days after Brown was arrested.

Now, in the photo released, Rihanna’s lips are swollen, while she has welts on her forehead and bruises on her eyes, nose and cheeks.

According to TMZ, Rihanna, who turned 21 years old today, has some bite marks on her arm, as well.

The picture could be used to determine whether criminal charges should be brought to Chris Brown, while it could also play a major role in establishing how severe these charges should be.

On February 8, LA police stated that Brown and an unidentified woman had got into an argument in a parked car in the Hancock Park area of the city, adding that when the two had stepped out of the car, the squabble had aggravated.

The night before the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown and Rihanna attended a party, whereas afterwards, neither of them showed up for the ceremony held on February 8, although they had both been scheduled to perform during the event.


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