Lily Allen and Hilton in Twitter battle

martes, 17 de febrero de 2009 |

Lily Allen and Perez Hilton have continued their ongoing feud on their respective Twitter pages.

The pair have had a long-running spat, with the celebrity blogger describing Allen as "washed up" and the popstar claiming that Hilton is a "bully" who hates women.

On his Twitter page yesterday, Hilton noted that Allen is casting the music video for her next single and called on readers to suggest him for a part.

Allen said: "Oh, I'm sorry, we've already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time eh?"

Hilton responded: "Jealous of who? David Beckham, maybe. And if I wanted to be a f***ed up Brit, I'd rather be Amy Winehouse - whose got talent."

Allen claimed that Hilton was "obsessed" with her and called him a "douchebag" and "parasite", while he called her "desperate" for reducing the price of her album to $3.99.

Hilton added: "Aw, u can see I've lost weight! I am a littler Perez. But I'm still a big fat c*** - just like U! That's why I lova ya. Xoxo P.S. Thanks for advertising on my website. I'll take your money (or the label's) anytime!"

Allen concluded: "I know you will, and that's what makes you a cheap a** whore. Now leave me alone, stop following me, I'm working. Bye x x."


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