Madonna’s Expensive Photos

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009 |

Everything about Madonna is expensive! Let us not mention the movies and albums, but a simple photo. According to the Associated Press, a nude, full-frontal photo of Madonna was sold at auction for $37,500 yesterday in New York.

The explicit black and white picture was taken in 1979 when the star was a dancer struggling to make her way into the music business. She was 20-years-old and known then as Madonna Louise Ciccone when she met photographer Liz Friedlander by responding to a classified ad seeking a nude model. She was taken many pictures but apparently only six of them were featured in a 1985 issue of Playboy.

This photograph of the future Material Girl became the highest-priced ever sold at auction, beating out the top bid of $15,000 for the Herb Ritts-shot cover of “True Blue.”

According to Christie’s auction house an anonymous European was the one who paid all that amount of money for the picture which had been expected to fetch $15,000 (£10,365).

There was another photograph of Madonna sold on Thursday at Christie’s but it was not that expensive. Perhaps it cost less, only $18,750, because the diva was not showed completely naked but wearing lingerie, with a man kneeling beside her.

On Thursday’s bid there were sold around 150 photos featuring many other different celebrities, as part of the Leon and Michaela Constantiner collection. Madonna’s images were only two of them.

As for the other five photos left from the singer’s shoot 30 years ago were also sold, but back in 2003 for $7,170.


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