Madonna's new sexy kissing photos

martes, 10 de febrero de 2009 |

They are the pictures Guy Ritchie would hate to see - his ex wife snogging another man.

But that's exactly what has happened. Madonna been photographed romping with a new lover in a photo shoot.

The singer rolls around in a hotel bedroom with naked 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, said to be her new boyfriend in the 46 page spread for W magazine.

Kissing her brooding lover in a pair of sunglasses, the singer adds to her controversy by styling herself as a nun and wearing a religious cross.

The singer can be seen locking the bedroom door before rolling around the bedroom with Jesus Luz - who has his full name branded in a tattoo across his back.

Other pictures show Madge, 50, recovering in her knickers after the pair's sex session in the bedroom.

They posed in a hotel room in Rio de Janeiro before Christmas to be shot by photographer Steven Klein.

So thrilled with her modelling partner, Madge reportedly asked him to join her for the remainder of the South America leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

The images are released just days after Madonna and Jesus were spotted dining together in New York.

A spy said: 'During their brunch here, Madonna and Jesus held hands across the table. At one point, Jesus had his hand on her bottom.'

Their date reportedly came just hours after Guy Ritchie put on a brave face to join his ex-wife and children at one of the star's Kabbalah meetings.

Ritchie is in New York filming scenes for his upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, is already said to be unhappy by Madonna's latest fling.

'Guy doesn't think highly of Jesus since he is convinced this is a casual fling and is not thrilled this is happening so soon after the divorce,' a friend is quoted as saying.

'He's definitely got reservations about the fact Jesus has already met the children.'


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