Miley Cyrus: Media Making Her the New Britney Spears

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009 |

Miley Cyrus fired back at her critics on her blog over her most recent public faux pas, a picture of her and a group of friends slanting their eyes. One group, OCA (Organization of Chinese Americans) has called for an apology for what it calls an offensive and stereotypically hurtful denigration of Asians. Miley Cyrus maintains that she was only making a "goofy" face.

On her blog, according to EOnline, Cyrus says that she had heard that some people were "upset with her" and her friends for maing "goofy faces." She wrote, "Well, I'm sorry if those people looked at the pics and took them wrong and out of context!"

It does not read like much of an apology, but, then again, it probably isn't one. Especially when taken in context with the rest of what she wrote in her blog.

The "Hannah Montana" star complained that the media was out to make her the "new BAD GIRL!" She even brings Britney Spears into the fray. "I feel like now that Britney is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me! haha."

She went on to thank her fans for their support and to admit that when she felt she had done wrong, she had done the responsible thing and apologized. She finished by saying that she wished that "everyone would stop focusing on my personal life." She wants the public and the media to concentrate on her acting and music.

(Miley Cyrus should be careful what she asks for, due to the fact nobody other than children actually believes that she can do either of those things outside the confines of Disney and children's programming.)

Miley Cyrus' latest picture scandal just might cost her some awards, though, according to Tom O'Neil at the Los Angeles Times. O'Neil says that the two-time Kids Choice Awards Best Television Actress award-winner might lose this year because of the controversy.


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