Morgan Freeman Sued by Passenger Over 2008 Car Crash

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009 |

The woman who was in the same car as Morgan Freeman on the night of a crash that left both the actor and his companion injured claims she was never involved in a relationship with the 71-year-old and is suing the “Bucket List” star for negligence.

Demaris Meyer and her attorney, Gloria Allred, organized a news conference on Wednesday in order to make public the fact that Meyer had filed a lawsuit against the Academy Award-winning actor.

“I have been labeled as the other woman and have been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman's marriage,” Demaris Meyer explained. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship.”

Throughout the days following the incident, which took place in August last year, Morgan Freeman’s lawyer, Bill Luckett, informed various sources that the actor and his wife of 24 years, Myrna Colley-Lee, had been separated for almost a year and were getting a divorce. Therefore, numerous media outlets reported that 48-year-old Demaris Meyer was in fact Morgan Freeman’s mistress.

However, the woman does not agree. She said on Wednesday that she first met Morgan Freeman on the same night the accident occurred, at a dinner party at the Bayou Bend Golf and Country Club, where she had been invited by Bill Luckett. In addition, Demaris Meyer said that the actor had acted like a “perfect gentleman” throughout the evening and that he invited her to stay at one of the three houses on his property, so that she “would have an easier drive to work the next morning.”

Gloria Allred said the accident took place when Morgan Freeman was driving his companion’s car with Demaris Meyer in the passenger seat from the actor’s lawyer’s residence in Clarksdale, Miss., to Freeman’s home in Charleston, Miss., which was approximately 40 miles away.

Demaris Meyer refused to give information on whether the actor had been drinking that night and did not say what generated the accident that left Freeman with a broken arm, broken elbow and shoulder damage. The woman’s injuries included a broken left wrist, right scapula and a damaged labrum.

Meyer said during the press conference that the accident has changed her life completely, as her condition following the crash impeded her from taking care of herself and leading a normal life. She added that she was still “suffering both physically and emotionally as a result of the accident.”

According to the lawsuit, Freeman did not maintain an adequate lookout and attention and failed to keep the vehicle under control and act upon the posted speed limit.

Morgan Freeman’s publicist, Ken Sunshine, said on Wednesday that he and his client trusted that everything would “be resolved.”


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