Amy’s circus acts trouble guests

martes, 13 de enero de 2009 |

The Rehab hitmaker, who has been at the hotel since the New Year, had reportedly shelled out 32,000 pounds to fly friends to soak up the sun with her in the Caribbean.

The singer has apparently been infuriating staff and other guests at the posh Le Sport hotel with her drunken cavorting and crazy antics, reports the Sun .

Amy, her ‘budding-actor-beau’ Josh Bowman, and friends were said to have smashed a bed and lamp in her room during a pillow fight that went out of control.

She was alleged to be have stripped off to her birthday suit and giving her “new man” a lap dance by the time security entered.

The pop star, who vowed to make a fresh start in 2009, including getting rid off her drug and alcohol addiction, purportedly also irked others by screaming and swearing during the Manchester United v Chelsea game on TV in the hotel bar.

Amy had recently almost got herself charged with assault after she threw a glass of water at a woman tourist, while having dinner at the plush resort.


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