Robert Pattinson's fame death

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009 |

Robert Pattinson doesn't seem to think he will be a big star for much longer.

He might have millions of fans and be the best actor Britain has produced in decades but Rob doesn't think his fame will last.

When he was asked by whether his Harry Potter experience prepared him for 'the whole pop culture phenomenon of Twilight' he replied: "Having it die down afterwards.

"Having it being the hot thing for a few months and then it just going and no one giving a sh-t.

"It helps. It helps once you get used to it and know that no one will care. Once you're immune to failure, it's like nothing matters."

He was also asked if he was still doing music.

Rob joked: "Not so much anymore. Since I was on the soundtrack I've given up."


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