Robert Pattinson breaks down in London

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009 |

Robert Pattinson might have millions of fans and a great movie career but he still misses home.

Robert told Frida magazine: "Yes, I miss being able to go for a walk. And I miss the smell of London!"

"I landed in London recently, on my way to Rome, and I almost cried because I missed it so much. And I miss my dog."

He might be moving home soon though. When he was asked whether he was living in Los Angeles he replied: "Yeah, kind of… But I haven't moved here for good.

"I live in a rented apartment where all of the furniture is rented. Mostly I walk around waiting for something good to turn up."

Robert is determined to be the best actor he can be.

He says: "I definitely want to continue with acting for a while now!

"I've worked for so long now and received nothing, so when everything is working it would feel silly to waste it all away."


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