Jamie Bell: Daniel Craig saved me from dying

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009 |

Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell has revealed how Daniel Craig saved him from dying on the set of their new film Defiance.

The upcoming Brit told how Craig broke from his notorious cold-hearted stance to rescue Bell as he went into hypothermic shock as they filmed in the freezing conditions in Lithuania.

'The conditions were ripe for a bout of, “I'm not f**king doing this!” but the closest we got was Daniel standing up for me one day in the rain at the end of October, it was absolutely freezing,' reveals Bell, 22.

'My body started to lose control, going into hypothermic shock, I think. He said, 'We have to stop, he's starting to freak out and he's going to die'.

Commending Craig, no famed for playing tough-as-nuts James Bond, the xx-year-old says: 'It's daft, because you do have to be butch in the presence of Bond, but Daniel has a really good heart and said, 'You need to take a second and then come back'.

'He's very much the leader that he portrays in this film.'

Via metro.co.uk

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