Lindsay Lohan Explains Dramatic Weight Loss

jueves, 29 de enero de 2009 |

It's nearly impossible to deny that Lindsay Lohan has shed a ton of weight. She was always fairly thin, but in the last few weeks she's been photographed looking scary skinny--we're talking hipbones sticking out!

Tired of the constant media coverage surrounding the disappearance of Lindsay Lohan (literally) her rep issued a statement this morning claiming "stress" is the reason behind the weight loss.

"Lindsay is aware that she's lost some weight due to stress, but we recently did a photo shoot and she ate two full meals."

This is the same rep that told us repeatedly that Lohan was clean while she got one DUI after another. We're not buying it sista!

Sources close to Lindsay claim that her rocky relationship (and breakup) with Samantha Ronson may be to blame. Hope she bounces back before she literally disappears. Skin and bones is not sexy!


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