Coldplay ditch Chris Martin for studio session

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009 |

Coldplay have started recording – without frontman Chris Martin.

The singer revealed he has been cut out of the band's latest sessions while playing an acoustic set this afternoon (January 30) for Absolute Radio in London.

Martin explained the band started without him at the insistence of producer Brian Eno, who wrote the band a letter declaring: "'Viva La Vida' (2008 album) was good. But I know that you can do better."

As a result the band are recording for two weeks without their frontman, who used his spare time to play the short set.

“This should be interesting," Martin told the invited crowd before embarking on a performance that saw him switch between guitar and piano, adding, "I’ve never tried this before.”

Chris Martin played:

'Viva La Vida'
'Life In Technicolour'
'The Scientist'
'Violet Hill'


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