Katie Holmes copies sexy Victoria Beckham

jueves, 15 de enero de 2009 |

Only 24 hours ago Victoria Beckham flashed her knickers to the world in a set of sexy new photographs for Emporio Armani.

But before she could even get dressed again her very own 'single white female' has come out of the woodwork to steal her thunder.

Today former best-buddy-turned-fashion-rival, Katie Holmes, has stepped up her own PR push, unveiling a new collection for rival fashion house Miu Miu – a spin off of Prada – and the results look unsurprisingly familiar.

Katie wasn't daring enough to flash flesh as she dressed in a golden frock. But there's no prizes for guessing who her inspiration was for hair and make-up.

Holmes lops off her locks and has gone for Posh's well received pixie-crop.

She's also smoked up her cats-eyes sixties-style, a la Posh Armani.

And if Katie thought she'd be keeping her influences under wraps, the final giveaway is that she even used Posh's photographers Mert & Marcus, who shot Beckham for Armani.

They say Katie was picked because of her 'certain Fellini-esque chaotic excess' but whether her excessive demands included a £12million fee like Posh is yet to be revealed.

It's not the first time Holmes has been accused of rummaging through Posh's box of tricks after she famously copied Posh's 'Pob' haircut after a trip to Paris together.

In the weeks after, Beckham's bug-eyed blackout sunglasses were then used by Katie to fend off the paparazzi flashes.

And if we're not mistaken, we've seen Katie's Miu Miu pout somewhere before too.

Posh famously boasts about practicing in the mirror and it looks like Katie might have been practicing alongside her in the latest shots.

Now we wait with baited breath to see if Tom Cruise will be copying Becks with his own range of bulging skimpies... Go on Tom!

Via metro.co.uk

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