Tara Reid Gets Into Rehab

martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008 |

Even if celebrities get a lot of free access into clubs or different spa, they are regular people when it comes to be treated for weaknesses, such as drug abuse. And Tara Reid makes no exception, as she has been recently admitted into Promises Treatment Center from Malibu.

The same treatment center hosted other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

Yet, Star Magazine reported that Reid was admitted into the treatment center for free and in addition, she hadn’t had her bags searched, like any other patient. Investigations made on this issue proved that the “American Pie” star does pay for her rehab, which is not cheap at all. A night at the center cost almost $1600.

A spokesman for the rehabilitation center told Tarts that Promises Treatment Center doesn’t identify any of its patients, nor it releases information about the fees. He added that all patients are searched in their bags and that all the packages that arrive at the center are also checked up before being given to the patients. In addition, all patients are treated the same, as well as they have the same set of rules, without exceptions, the spokesman also said.

Still, he denied all rumors about the fact that the rehabilitation center seeks for celebrities who need rehab as to improve their publicity. He said that this thing is a big and offensive lie, which has no basis in the reality. In the name of Promises, the spokesman asked the magazine to release a retraction to what it had been written and threatened it that the center would take further action if their request isn’t accomplished.

Reid was admitted into rehab on December 9, but she didn’t want to make any public statements about this issue, nor about the problem for which she is being treated for. In addition, a rep for Reid also added that the actress doesn’t receive any kind of free treatment nor special care.

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