Sergeant quits over victory fears

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John Sergeant dramatically quit Strictly Come Dancing saying the joke was wearing thin.

The 64-year-old former BBC political correspondent brushed off suggestions he had been bullied and said he left to avoid a "bloody battle". He said there was a real danger he might win and told a press conference at BBC Television Centre in London: "That is a frightening thought, it is a terrifying thought.

"I didn't want that to happen because it would have been a very bittersweet victory." Falling back on his years of political election reporting, he added: "The problem was there was no viable Stop Sergeant candidate."

Sergeant, who has come under fire from judges for his clumsy footwork, said: "I decide to choose my own battles. What I did not want was a bloody battle." But he added he was very grateful to everyone who had voted for him over the last few weeks.

Viewers' love for Sergeant has kept him in the popular BBC1 show - despite him coming bottom of the score table three weeks in a row with dance partner Kristina Rihanoff.

BBC1 controller Jay Hunt announced that anyone who had voted for Sergeant and wanted to be reimbursed would be. The BBC's website has been flooded with comments from "strictly incensed" viewers angry at his departure.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson added his voice of support. He said: "John Sergeant should not bow out. He has become the people's John Travolta and he should be a fighter, not a quitter."

Sergeant will end his dancing career with a last waltz on Saturday, saying after that: "I shall return to my rather quiet life."

He was grilled by Newsnight heavyweight Jeremy Paxman among others over the reasons for his departure. In front of a glitzy backdrop, Sergeant defended his move to quit the show.

He said: "The reasons for leaving; well it is like when do you leave a party? You leave before the fighting starts and I think that is what has happened on this occasion."

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