Coronation Street - Helen Flanagan sexy

viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008 |

Coronation Street fans will see a lot more of actress Helen Flanagan tonight as her character strips off in an attempt to seduce Tony Gordon (played by Gray O'Brien).

Helen's character, Rosie Webster strips to her underwear, a sexy corset and knickers, and waits for him in a hotel room.

But when he rejects her and threatens to fire her she decides it's time he knew the truth about his fiancée Carla and her brother-in-law Liam Connor.

So she smugly shows him the footage she shot on her mobile phone of the two of them kissing.

Even Rosie is not prepared for Tony's jealous reaction. He throws the terrified teenager down on the bed and tells her that no one else must find out about Carla and Liam's affair.

And when Rosie mysteriously disappears, her family and the police soon establish that Tony was the last person to see her.

Over the coming weeks a desperate search gets underway for Rosie – has she run away or is there a more sinister explanation?

Actress Helen Flanagan, 18, has played Rosie since she was 9-years-old but she wasn't worried about the underwear scenes.

She said: "Rosie is such a fun character to play. You never know what she will get up to next. Everyone was fantastic on set when we had to do these scenes and put me at ease.

"We had meetings about what Rosie would wear and it was decided that as she has access to all this amazing underwear she would go all out to try and seduce Tony.

"I knew that I had to act confidently because Rosie is confident and there was no point in being embarrassed. In the end I had great fun doing these scenes."


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