Britney Spears' Comeback Stalled?

jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2008 |

Britney Spears' highly-anticipated comeback has been delayed -- because her record company fear the star's new single isn't good enough.

Womaniser was due to hit US airwaves on Monday. But her label have delayed it and sixth album Circus to put finishing touches to the single.

A snippet was leaked on to the web last week and picked up by a Los Angeles radio station. And listener reaction was poor.

A source said, "The label held the song back to make it as good as possible."

Meanwhile, millionaire music mogul SIMON COWELL confirmed yesterday that Spears will be performing on his UK TV talent show The X Factor -- and even urged the Toxic singer to shave her head before taking to the stage.

He said, "Yes, I think Britney Spears is going to perform on The X Factor.

"She's got a record coming out. We have the number one show in England. It's the best show for her to perform on. We're absolutely thrilled to have her."

"I've always said this about Britney -- that she's a hugely talented person," Simon added. "Everyone wants to work with her because she's a star. She's the number one booking in the world at the moment for a show... The fact that she goes a bit crazy occasionally makes her more interesting. And now she has her career back on track -- fantastic. I'm thrilled.

"If she wants to shave her head before she comes on the show, she's welcome to; I don't care."


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