Charge over McConaughey 'scuffle'

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008 |

Two surfers have been charged after a photographer was allegedly thrown into the ocean while trying to take pictures of actor Matthew McConaughey.

Skylar Peak, 24, and Philip Hildebrand, 30, are said to have confronted several paparazzi on a beach in California and are accused of battery.

One photographer claimed he was attacked and had his camera hurled into the water during the incident in June.

McConaughey was surfing at the time and was not directly involved.

Even though a video of the confrontation appeared online, police had problems finding any witnesses to describe what happened, the Associated Press reported.

But prosecutors in the Los Angeles district attorney's office now think there is enough evidence to proceed.

Mr Peak's spokesman, Howard Bragman, insisted the surfer was innocent.

"We believe that a complete investigation, including looking at the tapes, will show that Skylar defended himself," Mr Bragman added.

A court hearing is expected to take place next month.


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