Susan Boyle more popular than Obama on YouTube

martes, 21 de abril de 2009 |

Unlikely superstar Susan Boyle has eclipsed the internet fever commanded by US President Barack Obama.

The Britain's Got Talent contestant has clocked up 100million YouTube views of her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream.

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The hits easily surpassed the 18.5million that Obama racked up during his January inauguration ceremony.

The Scot, 48, is now just 18million views shy of the all time record on the website currently held by Judson Laiply's Evolution of Dance, reports The Sun.

The star from Blackburn, West Lothian, is now hailed as the website's fastest mover of all time.

A YouTube spokeswoman Julie Supan said: 'She's really the world's singer right now.'

But it seems not everyone is a fan.

US TV star Rosie O'Donnell attacked the fame hopeful saying: 'Here is this freaky miss, a fat, ugly girl – like Shrek come to life – directing energy towards her soul.'


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