'Madonna in Swine Flu' hoax

jueves, 30 de abril de 2009 |

An email which claims Madonna has caught the killer swine flu is a hoax sent by spammers to spread a computer virus, it has been revealed.

The spam message is headlined 'Madonna caught swine flu', while another targets Mexican actress Salma Hayek, saying she has the bug.

When the emails are opened, the computer virus is activated to cause damage to PCs.

According to anti-virus software company McAfee, inboxes around the world have been flooded with the mail and has warned against opening the emails.

A spokesperson from McAfee said: "We see attackers all the time trying to trick us into infecting ourselves through the use of current affairs and popular topics…and here's a big celebrity who people want to follow the gossip from."

Via metro.co.uk

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