Rihanna Will Testify Against Chris Brown If Subpoenad

lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009 |

An attorney for Rihanna said that the 21-year-old star would testify against her fellow singer boyfriend Chris Brown if called as a witness in the 19-year-old’s assault case. Donald Etra, who is representing the Barbados-born beauty, said on Friday that Rihanna would be obliged by law to give her testimony if prosecutors subpoena her.

The attorney appeared on court on Thursday, the same day Chris Brown showed up for the first time on charges of attacking and making criminal threats to his girlfriend. Nevertheless, Chris Brown’s arraignment was postponed until April 6.

Donald Etra said his client did not want a “no contact” order issued against Chris Brown, but that she would officially report any violations of an order prohibiting him from threatening, harassing or harming any person. A court order grants Rihanna the authority to record any such violations of the order.

In addition, the order is not at all unusual in case in which a victim claims he or she does not wish to completely interrupt communication with an individual, explained Steve Cron, a Santa Monica criminal defense attorney who has represented well-known figures such as Paula Poundstone, as quoted by The Associated Press.

Donald Etra said Rihanna, whose entire name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, wanted the case to be concluded rapidly. “She wants to get along with her life and career,” he said.

Chris Brown was taken into police custody on February 8 as a result of a quarrel that police officials say he had with Rihanna inside a rented vehicle in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood. However, the R&B star was released from custody as soon as he posted a $50,000 bail.

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