Jade returns home to spend final days with sons

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Jade Goody returned home today to spend her final days with "all those who are close to her", her publicist said.

The former Big Brother contestant, 27, looked frail as she left the Royal Marsden Hospital, in London, accompanied by her husband, Jack Tweed, 21.

But Max Clifford said Goody was "thrilled" to be back at her home in Upshire, Essex.

"She is thrilled to be at home," he said. "It's where she wants to be. She is just hoping that they can keep on top of the pain so she can get as good a quality of life as possible for however long she has got left."

Mr Clifford said the star was looking forward to spending more time with her two sons, Bobby, five, and Freddie, four.

"She wants to spend all the time she has got left with Jack and the boys and all those who are close to her," he said.

Goody, who was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer last summer, left hospital late this morning and was taken on the 25-mile journey home in an ambulance.

The star, who wore multi-coloured pyjamas covered by a red blanket, was wheeled out of the ambulance on a stretcher pushed by a medic.

Goody's mother, Jackiey Budden, was at the house when her daughter arrived.

She told reporters that Goody was "pleased" to be home.

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