Jade Goody's final journey

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Jade Goody made her final journey home to be with her family yesterday (11.03.09).

The former 'Big Brother' star - who is nearing the end of her battle against cancer - was stretchered from London's Royal Marsden Hospital at 10am to an ambulance waiting to take her home to Upshire, Essex.

Too weak to wave at photographers, Jade instead clung to the hand of her husband, Jack Tweed, 21. She will now spend the little time she has left with Jack, sons Bobby, five and Freddie, four and mother Jackiey Budden.

As Jade returned to her house, Jackiey, 50, said: "It's beautiful that she's back. It's just so lovely to have her home and the boys will be over the moon when they come home from school."

Jackiey had arrived with balloons with the word 'mum' written on them, for Bobby and Freddie to give to Jade. The last time they had seen their mother was at their christening on Saturday (07.03.09). They have since been staying with their father, TV presenter Jeff Brazier.

Jade's spokesperson, Max Clifford, said: "She was desperately keen to go home. It's the best place for her. Home is where she wants to spend whatever time she has got left.

"She wants to make the most of the time she has left with those closest to her and in the comfort of her own home."

Jade - who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August before the disease spread to her liver, bowel, groin and into her bloodstream - will stay in a bed set up in her dining room, which overlooks her garden and a paddock and visitors will be kept to a minimum.

She had pleaded with doctors to let her spend her final days at home, but was only allowed once medics were satisfied her stomach pains could be controlled. Jade, 27, will be watched over 24 hours a day by a team of Macmillan cancer nurses while at home.

Her wedding to Jack, which took place last month (22.02.09) will be shown in Living TV special 'Jade's Wedding' tonight at 9pm.

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