Did Rihanna Really Forgive Chris Brown?

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009 |

Following a highly criticized reunion with Rihanna, Chris Brown returns to LA for arraignment. In other words despite the serious charges that singer Chris Brown faces in regards to the brutal assault of girlfriend and fellow superstar, Rihanna, the two reportedly reconciled and are staying at entertainer P. Diddy’s South Florida mansion.

Early this morning, the "Umbrella" starlet was spotted stepping off of a private jet in L.A. and into an SUV with Chris following behind her.

The public and media have been speculating why Rihanna had a change of heart and has seemingly forgiven her beau. While some outlets speculate Rihanna doesn't want Brown behind bars, Mediatakeout.com suggests to "Extra" that Chris could try and make a deal with the D.A. "Rihanna is willing to talk to the D.A. and try to get Chris Brown off. Chris is willing to plead no contest to domestic battery and in return get no jail time."

However The District Attorney won't be able to ignore the photographic evidence obtained by TMZ that showed a swollen and bruised Rihanna.

Rihanna, whose real name is Robin Fenty, called police after being assaulted and threatened by Brown after a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles February 7, 2009. Both entertainers pulled out the award show at the last minute and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to speculate on the cause of the attack. She called police after being bit and pummeled by Brown while traveling in a rented Lamborghini on the way to perform at the 2009 Grammy’s. A leaked picture showing the extent of the damage done to Fenty’s face was leaked to the media and confirmed to the public just how serious the charges really were.

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