Robert Pattinson's older woman love

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009 |

Robert Pattinson isn't afraid to fancy women who are older than him.

Last year Robert had a bit of a crush on Hollow Man actress Elizabeth Shue.

When he was asked about this during an interview for Samedi Magazine he replied: "Yes, I remember. There was Elizabeth Shue, Patricia Arquette, who must be 50 today, and Dana Delany from Desperate Housewives.

"So what? Age doesn't matter to me and like I said I don't really have a type."

Robert also revealed that Twilight producers hadn't been too keen on him being Edward Cullen.

He says: "It's true. When they mentioned my name in high places, someone shrugged his shoulders and said: "Robert who?" They weren't ready to bet on a stranger.

"They would have loved to find a 17 year old Leonardo DiCaprio."


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