Katrina Darrell, "American Idol" Bikini Girl, Gets "Noticed"

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Katrina Darrell would fit somewhere in between the two categories. Slim, beautiful, and clad only in a mini - bikini, Katrina Darrell defiantly performed in front of a visibly surprised panel of "American Idol" judges. Performing a mediocre rendition of "Vision of Love," Darrell got passes from both slack-jawed male judges, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. New judge Kara DioGuardi offered a very vociferous negative. Paula Abdul, never one to hurt anyone's feelings, said nothing about the performance until after Darrell was told she was going to Hollywood.

But you knew the moment bikini girl Katrina Darrell was singled out on "American Idol" that at least her audition would be memorable. In a segment leading up to the audition, Ryan Seacrest, the host of "American Idol," approached the near-nothing wearing Darrell and, taking her hand, said, "I didn't even see your hands." Then there was a brief flirting scene, with Katrina Darrell telling Seacrest that she was going to make out with him and Seacrest, eyes noticeably averted to the point of strain, hesitatingly saying that he thought it was against the rules.

Katrina said she wanted to be "noticed." And she was, to the point of distraction. Being nude has that affect on people.

Walking into the audition room, eyes were raised all around. Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson could not decide whether to smile, laugh, or simply gawk. There were a couple "Wows" from the two female judges. Randy Jackson asked the contestant, "Do you go out to all auditions dressed like this?"

Katrina Darrell: "No, just this one."

Simon Cowell said, "Let me tell you: It's smart." Randy laughed.

Kara DioGuardi, not impressed, asked the contestant to do a turnaround "for the guys," then pointedly asked Simon if there was anything else he'd like to see. He said, "I'm fine."

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