Jessica Simpson Shows Fuller Figure

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009 |

Jessica Simpson has spent some time in recording more country music and in adding some fat to her curves. The one who had once been a famous pop-star now turned her musical influences to the country style, which seem to fit her better. What about the fuller curves she showed off during the performance at the KISS Country Chili Cookoff?

On Sunday in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Simpson seemed not to be ashamed of her fuller-than-usual figure and wore some high-waist jeans which discovered her extra-kilos. The belt with leopard print and the low-cut tank surely shocked Simpson’s fans.

In 2007, the singer told Harper’s Bazaar that “curves are better.” She then added that she didn’t understand all the things connected to this, such as unhealthy and unfitted for the mind. She declared herself as being a “nervous eater” but happy with her fuller waist and figure.

One of her best friends told the Daily News that Simpson is threw with complaining about herself or the way she looks. Supposedly, her wish is not to fit into a 2 size jeans but to feel comfortable with her figure and she seems to feel just great about the way she looks.

Simpson started to gain some more weight as soon as she started her tour and many believed that she was pregnant with her boyfriend, Tony Romo. Yet, they aren’t expecting a baby, but her shouts about eagerly wanting to see Romo showed that the singer has truly found her love.

Simpson rose fame back in 1990 and achieved seven Billboard Top 40 Hits, winning three gold and two multi-platinum RIAA-certified albums.


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