Cheryl Cole's 'horrendous' husband

lunes, 5 de enero de 2009 |

Cheryl Cole has finally forgiven her husband's "horrendous" infidelity.

The Girls Aloud singer insists she found it difficult to forgive soccer star Ashley - who was exposed as a cheat in January 2008 - but has finally put it behind her.

She said: "It was horrendous, but look, Ashley's young and he's got a young mentality - for his age anyway.

"He's learning. He has a beautiful soul, he's a really nice guy and I'm not stupid, you know. I'm really not. I know what I'm doing.

"I've had enough knocks in the past to know what the circumstances are, and I'm happy. If other people aren't, then that's their problem."

Cheryl - who has been married to Ashley, 28, for two and half years - was pictured without her wedding ring until September last year when she first spoke publicly of her marriage problems.

In the TV interview, she joked: "I was tempted to put it the ring back on - in his head."

Cheryl, 25, also revealed Ashley often gets himself into trouble with her by committing himself to charity events when he is supposed to be spending the night with her.

She added to Britain's Vogue magazine: "He'll agree to go to dinner with me, then someone will call and ask him to do a charity event on the same night - and he'll say to them, 'I'm there'. Then he'll be too afraid to tell me until it's time to go.

"He does make life difficult for himself, but - annoying as it is - I suppose it's quite sweet in a man. And quite rare, too."


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