Michael Jackson Gravelly Ill, According to Reports

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Michael Jackson is always surrounded by one damaging rumor or report after another. The infamous charges and reports of molestation killed his career and his reputation in America. Since Jackson went overseas and into seclusion, speculation is even more pronounced about what he could be doing and is going through. But now, new reports and rumors have Jackson being worse off than ever. In fact, they even say that Jackson is fighting for his life.

A report is now out that Jackson is gravelly ill, with supposed quotes coming from new Jackson biographer Ian Halperin. According to CBS, media outlets are reporting Jackson has a genetic illness that has become a possibly fatal lung disease.

Jackson is rumored to be ill from Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which would require a lung transplant. According to these stories, Jackson has gotten so ill that he can barely talk and is going blind in one eye.

Another British tabloid, the Sun, quoted Jermaine Jackson as saying that "this isn't a good time" for his brother.

Jackson is infamous for, among other things, wearing face masks and other odd costumes to keep him hidden from the public, and apparently to protect himself from illness.

Jackson was just spotted in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, where there were photos of him wearing a Zorro like mask over his eyes. He was also seen in a wheelchair earlier this year.

Jackson is also facing a new lawsuit from a woman calling herself "Billie Jean Jackson" after one of Jackson's biggest hits. She claims that she is the mother of Prince Michael II.

Jackson's money problems already forced him to sell Neverland Ranch and leave the country. He had claimed that "ill health" caused him to miss a recent court date involving a legal dispute with a Bahraini sheik.

These illness reports would seem to back up those claims, but these reports come from tabloids and other sources that have been questionable in covering Jackson. The British Sun, in particular, is a hard to trust source.

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