Elephant Trainers From Britney Spears' "Circus" Video Fires Back At PETA

miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008 |

The trainers of the caged elephants used in Britney Spears' music video for "Circus" has spoken out following PETA's allegation that they have abused the animals.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has recently issued a statement chiding the returning pop princess for her "cruelty" to animals. It also claims that the group contacted her prior to the filming of her music video and "explained in graphic detail how trainers shock, whip and beat exotic animals into performing."

PETA also singled out Gari and Kari Johnson, the trainers of the elephants and owners of Have Trunk Will Travel company, as having "long histories of exploiting animals."

On Tuesday, the duo responded to the charges, denying the alleged cruelty they were accused of.

Kari wrote to MTV News, saying, "My husband, Gary, and I do indeed have a long history with elephants. Our love of and infatuation with elephants started for both of us in our teens, 37 years ago. To say we care about elephants welfare is an understatement."

"Have Trunk Will Travel has never issued a written endorsement, nor does it condone using electrical devices to discipline and control elephants except in situations where elephant or human safety is at risk. PETA may conveniently used a sentence out of context from a USDA request for public comments regarding policies on elephants in 2000."

She also insisted that a representative from the American Humane Association was present the entire time during the video's filming.

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