Britney Spears : ‘Britney filed for divorce behind my back’: K-Fed

sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2008 |

As pop princess Britney Spears celebrates turning 27, her ex hubby American rapper Kevin Federline has been divulging his side of the story.

Federline, 30, who has been called names like boy toy, gold-digger, wannabe rapper, and partier during his association with Spears, revealed that he still cares for her and loves their two sons Preston, 3, and Jayden, 2 very much.

In an interview Federline revealed that he had met Spears for the first time at a club in Hollywood, called Joseph’s, and when he was asked what the happiest memories of the marriage were, he answered getting married.

“Well, getting married. I never thought that I would get married but it wound up happening. That was a really, really, happy, exciting moment. I pretty much realized that I was giving my life to her, and I was doing it without question,” People magazine quoted him as saying.

Regarding the divorce, he said that Spears had gone behind his back when obtaining it.

“It’s hard enough to be in a marriage, and then have a kid, then kids, it changes everything. For me, I’d become more concerned with my children, he stated.

“Not that I ignored Britney, but my kids are always most important … I mean, we were having complications.

“I didn’t give her an ultimatum, but I was trying to work stuff out with her, and she didn’t even talk to me or anything and went behind my back and filed [for divorce]. [I was] completely blindsided,” he added.

Now that Spears is finally getting her life back on track, they’re sharing parenting duties again.


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