Britney Spears and Obama lead Yahoo top 10 searches

lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008 |

Barack Obama's presidential victory got more clicks than any other story on this year, but the most searched term was "Britney Spears," Yahoo Inc reported on Monday.

In the top 10 searches, Spears -- the most popular search term for seven of the past eight years -- was followed by World Wrestling Entertainment and then by Obama, Yahoo said.

Others on Yahoo's top 10 list among its billions of searches were, in order, television actress Miley Cyrus, online game RuneScape, actress Jessica Alba, Japanese manga cartoon series Naruto, actresses Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie, and reality TV talent show American Idol.

Among special categories, the only non-presidential or vice-presidential candidate to make the top 10 politicians was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, at No. 9.

The top 10 political searches were Obama, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Ron Paul, John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney.

Yahoo said the most searched news stories were on hurricanes, Caylee and Casey Anthony, election 2008, Pakistan, pregnant man, China, Iraq, Shelley Malil, Patrick Swayze and Afghanistan.

What were all those stories, anyway? Go search.


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