Amy Winehouse drugs-fuelled life exposed by ex

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008 |

Alex Haines, her former personal assistant, has revealed how the singer smoked crack for breakfast from pipes she made out of drinks bottles as she blew 3,500 pounds a week on drugs in her darkest hours.

Haines said the ‘Rehab’ hitmaker was so desperate for every last bit she even frantically scraped the residue out with a screwdriver so it wouldn’t be wasted.

He said: “When Amy woke up the first thing she’d ask was, ‘Where’s my pipe?’ She often made crack pipes by putting foil on top of plastic bottles and then burning the drug.

“While she got it going I made toast with butter and a cup of tea for her. It was her normal breakfast.

“When Amy ran out of the drug it she would cut the bottle in half and sit there on the floor completely wired, scraping the inside to get the residue with a screwdriver.

“She had to have a heroin and crack pipe near her or she freaked out. She’d keep taking drugs until she passed out. I reckon she spent 3,500 pounds a week on them.”

Haines has also opened up about their marathon romps while Fielder Civil was in prison.

“It was like having my own little porn star. Amy was so dirty—she wanted sex all the time. We did it four or five times a day and she’d even wake me up for it. She was addicted to sex like she was to drugs,” News of the World quoted Haines, as saying.


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