Simpsons' New Treehouse of Horror XIX

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008 |

Simpsons fans have another reason for celebrating the first of November, as the series’ Halloween special is about to be released. It usualy takes a few days after the event for the 30 minute special to be released and just as it happens every year, this one also presents a trilogy of tales, spoofing present and classic pieces of pop culture.

The first story from the Treehouse of Horror XIX is taking shots at the Transformers movie and is called Untitled Robot Parody. The second is a Halloween homage to AMC's red-hot series, Mad Men – "How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising," featuring the ghost of Krusty the Klown blowing Homer's head off with a shotgun.

The final piece is titled "It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse," being a spinoff of Peanuts’ Halloween classic, capturing the look, style and feel of the original and bringing some hilarious horror scenes.

Even though some say that the show is finnished and fails to bring anything new and appealing, I for one, just as many others, feel that there is still a lot of material available for the show and this Halloween special proves just that. Its humour never seems to get old and appeals to many different generations.

The show’s opening act is a 2 minute piece with Homer voting. After failing to get into the booth because of his large belly, he enters the double-wide booth and when he presses the Barack Obama button, the machine announces "One vote for McCain." Upset by this, he presses the Obama button again and again. The machine announces "Two votes for McCain. Three votes for McCain." The machine then sucks him inside and messes him up. Once he is released, one of the people in charge of the voting section sticks a note on his forehead that notes "I voted."


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