Record Debut For “Quantum Of Solace” Bond Movie

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008 |

Preliminary data concerning the opening of the 22nd installment of the Bond franchise “Quantum of Solace” in North America shows that the new James Bond movie sold $27 million worth of tickets on the very first day it was released in Canada and the United States on November 14.

Moreover, film industry experts have estimated an approximate amount of $60 million for the „Solace” movie during the three-day week-end that began on Friday.

Currently, the James Bond movies record is held by „Die Another Day,” which opened back in 2002 as the twentieth spy film in the series, being also the fourth and the last that starred Pierce Brosnan as the 007 agent. „Die Another Day” brought in $47.1 million during its debut weekend in November 2002.

„Quantum of Solace” is the second Bond movie starring Daniel Craig in the leading role, after the actor made his debut as the MI6 agent in „Casino Royale.” The latter production opened in November 2006 and earned $40.8 million within its first three days in theaters.

This 22nd James Bond movie is the result of a partnership between Columbia Pictures, which supervised the production, marketing and distribution of „Solace,” having also funded most of the film, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Incorporated, which holds the DVD distribution rights.

„Quantum of Solace” was directed by Marc Forster, a Swiss-German filmmaker, and it was reported to have made $180 million internationally since it was released overseas on October 31 (first in the United Kingdom). Furthermore, the Bond movie registered number one debuts throughout all the 58 markets in which it opened so far.


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