Racy Photos End Up Online, Man Sues McDonalds

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A man filed a lawsuit against McDonalds at the end of November because of a situation with a paying customer’s cell phone. Philip Sherman accidentally forgot his cell phone at the McDonalds in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The phone in question apparently contained nude pictures of Philip Sherman’s wife, Tina Sherman.

According to statements, Mr. Sherman supposedly was in contact with McDonalds as he attempted to locate the lost cell phone before someone accessed the pictures.

An employee from the McDonalds said that Mr. Sherman should not worry about it and also said that the phone would be placed in a secure location until he could come back to pick it up. However, some time between the time that Mr. Sherman spoke to the employee and when he arrived to pick up the phone, someone, supposedly from the McDonalds, had already leaked the photographs of Tina Sherman, as well as the couple’s address and phone number.

The photos were posted on the internet which is an invasion of customers’ privacy and has utterly humiliated them.

The Shermans claim that the photos were altered to include the McDonalds’ advertising slogan and logo and then posted on the internet.

The racy pictures of Tina Sherman were posted in several different locations on the internet and reportedly all included the slogan, “I’m lovin’ it,” a well known McDonalds catch phrase.

The pictures also appear elsewhere stating that Tina Sherman was “as hot as McDonalds’ coffee,” which caused the couple even more embarrassment.

The Shermans are now seeking no less than 3 million dollars in damages against McDonalds Corp., the store’s manager and the owner of the franchise.

Their report claims that due to the actions made by the restaurant, they were caused great hardship and embarrassment as well as emotional damages.

Philip Sherman has also claimed that the photos, which were posted with their address and phone numbers has threatened the safety of his family. His wife has allegedly received threatening letters and phone calls and text messages. Because of the situation, they had to sell their house and move somewhere else.

The damages they are seeking include the cost of relocation and missed work because of the nude photos. No one from McDonalds has released a statement on the subject. Most believe that the photos were leaked and posted by a specific teenager who is an employee for Fayetteville McDonalds.

People are reminded to keep their cell phone with them at all times and to avoid keeping pictures that would harm their reputation or the reputation of a loved one on the phone.

The fact is that if a cell phone is left somewhere, anyone can hack into it and take any pictures or text messages off of the phone and post them on the internet.

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