Kidman says she was only to be 'seen, not heard' when married to Cruise

jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008 |

Nicole Kidman has confessed that she felt she didn't exist in her own right and was 'not heard' when she was married to Tom Cruise.

The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, who's now married to country star Keith Urban, revealed that it was following their split in 2001 that she was acknowledged for who she is - rather than being looked upon as an extended version of Cruise.

The 41-year-old, who separated from the actor just after their 10th wedding anniversary, told the December issue of America's Glamour magazine that she felt like a stifled wife.

"I felt I became a star only by association. I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and be seen and not heard," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

The Oscar-winner, who established herself as an actress within two years from her divorce, admits that she was given her due credit and prospered in her career only after the split.


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