Actress Winona Ryder taken ill on flight

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008 |

Actress Winona Ryder was admitted to a west London hospital after being taken ill on a flight to Heathrow.

The 37-year-old was met by medics at Heathrow after being taken off the flight from Los Angeles.

A British Airways spokesman said the captain of the flight had requested a priority landing after she became ill.

Ryder, the star of movies such as Girl, Interrupted and Edward Scissorhands, was admitted to hospital in the morning and discharged a few hours later.

A spokesman for British Airways said: "The captain of BA282, which was travelling from LA to Heathrow, requested a priority landing as a female passenger required medical attention.

"The passenger was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The plane touched down shortly before noon UK time."

BA also said crew had looked after her as much as they could before the plane landed, and passenger service staff had gone with her to hospital.

Ryder will appear alongside Simon Pegg and Eric Bana in the forthcoming Star Trek film.


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