Miley Cyrus And Justin Gaston Already Living Together?

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008 |

Miley Cyrus and model boyfriend Justin Gaston's relationship appears to be moving at light speed with reports claiming the couple have already moved in together.

The 15-year-old Disney star and her 20-year-old hunk are said to have taken things to the next level by living together - under her parents' roof.

US reports claim that the Hannah Montana star has been looking for her own love nest but in the meantime she is sharing her bedroom with Justin.

A source tells the National Enquirer, “Billy Ray wasn’t born yesterday. He figures the safest path to take is to keep Miley and Justin on a short leash - and under the same roof.”

The source adds, “Justin is the guy Miley’s parents see her settling down with a few years down the line.

“He’s handsome, talented, clean-living, goes to church and knows his Bible - a real catch.”


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