Katona, Croft blasted over money dispute

sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008 |

Kerry Katona's mother-in-law has branded the reality TV star and her husband 'disgusting' for taking her to court over a money dispute.

Marilyn Croft, 59, attended a hearing yesterday after her son Mark tried to reclaim £3,500 he had offered her to cover medical care and lost wages while she battled cancer. While taxi driver Mark has claimed that he gave the cash as a loan, Ms. Croft has insisted that the money was a gift.

A judge at Wigan County Court adjourned the case yesterday. Ms. Croft and her legal team have vowed to "[put] a case together that this was a gift".

Speaking outside court, Marilyn explained: "I feel terrible. It is disgusting that they have put me in an embarrassing situation like this. They are both involved and I feel more stressed now than I did at the height of my cancer."

Katona has been facing a backlash this week after slurring her words in an interview with This Morning.

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