Katona and PR guru Clifford split

miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2008 |

Former pop star Kerry Katona has parted ways with her high-powered publicist Max Clifford.

A representative for Clifford confirmed that his company no longer looked after the former Atomic Kitten singer.

Clifford told the Daily Mirror he had "almost been a surrogate dad to her", adding: "I've been there through the depression and drink and drugs.

"I just wish her health and happiness." He told the Daily Mail she had asked that he no longer represented her.

The split comes a week after Katona, 28, gave a slurred interview on ITV1's This Morning. She blamed her condition on prescription drugs.

That prompted Clifford to tell BBC Radio 1 he was "increasingly concerned" about her.

He has now told Heat magazine: "What people who are around her tell me makes me increasingly worried.

"People around her are telling me that she is drinking more and more, earlier and earlier."

Katona has previously battled drug addiction and depression, spending time in rehab for both.

Clifford gave Katona away when she married Mark Croft in Italy last year, and the couple named their son after him.

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