Katy Perry's London move

viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008 |

Katy Perry is planning to buy a home in London. The American singer performed an intimate show at the Water Rats Theatre in Kings Cross, London, on Wednesday and told fans she has fallen in love with the city and wants to move to the UK capital.

She said: "Thanks for popping my cork, London, it's been really messy! I love this city and I want to get a place here." The 23-year-old singer has been at number one in the UK chart for five weeks with her single 'I Kissed A Girl', but performed to an intimate crowd of just 200 people at the venue.

Wearing a low-cut red top and tight black shorts, Katy thrilled the audience with a selection of tracks, but the biggest cheer of the night was reserved for her controversial smash hit single. Recently, Katy's mother Mary Hudson - who is deeply religious - branded the song "shameful and disgusting" and admitted she strongly disagreed with her daughter's raunchy image.

Mary - who along with her husband Keith is a preacher in California - said: "I can't even listen to that song.

The first time I heard it I was in total shock. It promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting.

When it comes on the radio I bow my head and pray. "She is our daughter but we strongly disagree with how she is conducting herself and she knows how disappointed we are. "The message she is promoting is about homosexuality, which the bible clearly states is a sin."

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