Heather Locklear Arrested for DUI

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Heather Locklear was arrested in Montecito, California, Saturday after a witness saw Locklear's car weaving erratically, People has reported. According to the witness, Heather Locklear was also gunning the engine and drove repeatedly over a pair of sunglasses. The witness contacted the California Highway Patrol after seeing Locklear's car pull onto the highway. The witness did not know that Locklear was the driver of the vehicle. Police found Locklear in her stationary car on a highway blocking a lane. Heather Locklear was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman, Tom Marshall, in an interview with People Magazine, Heather Locklear appeared "disoriented and impaired" and was booked at a nearby precinct. Locklear was administered drug and alcohol tests and, based on observations by officers, it appeared that she was under the influence of prescription drugs. Locklear was released after booking.

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in not new in Hollywood. In July, Shia LaBeouf, most recently appearing in the latest Indiana Jones movie, was arrested for drunk driving after an early morning crash in Hollywood that injured LaBeouf, his passenger and the driver of the other vehicle. On Friday, his DUI charges were dismissed in court but LaBeouf still faces misdemeanor traffic charges.

In September 2007, 24's Kiefer Sutherland was arrested for drunk driving after making an illegal late-night U-turn in West Hollywood, according to the New York Daily News. It was Sutherland's second drunk driving conviction and he served 48 days in the Glendale City Jail. Sutherland served his time early so that it would not interfere with his filming schedule. Sutherland was also required to participate in court-ordered alcohol awareness programs.

Actor Mickey Rourke was arrested in Miami Beach last November for drunk driving after making an illegal U-turn on his Vespa Scooter.

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