Celeb Air – Michelle Marsh's flying problem

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Model Michelle Marsh might make a fool of herself on Celeb Air as she is nervous about flying and does not like turbulence.

Everything you need to know about Michelle Marsh

After winning a modelling competition through a tabloid newspaper, Michelle was advised by the photographer that she should have a go at glamour modelling.

Michelle's mum, Linda, dad, Dennis and two elder brothers Brian and Darren have always supported her.

Michelle started her career by singing in the pubs and clubs around Oldham and Manchester, however, when she became renowned for her modelling she had to stop performing as she was getting attention from people wanting to see Michelle 'the model' and not Michelle 'the singer'.

Michelle's achievements include appearing in Brookside, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street.

She is married to St Mirren F.C. footballer Will Haining and gave birth to her first child in 2007.

Michelle reveals all...

Am I excited or nervous about CelebAir?

"I think I'm more nervous about flying. I am going to find it hard to keep my cool if there is a lot of turbulence. My sister-in-law has just trained as an air hostess and she loves doing short haul flights to Tenerife and Ibiza, because everybody's so excited. So I'm looking forward to staying over in one of those places and having a good laugh and getting drunk with everyone."

How will I deal with awkward people?

"I'll put them in their place; tell them what they would least like to hear! I think I will struggle, because I don't like people being cheeky. If someone was cheeky to one of my colleagues I think I'd really snap, especially if they were trying to help them."

How am I finding the training?

"It is a lot harder than I imagined, I thought they would be a little bit easier on us. It has been one exam after the other and I've never revised so much, not even for my GCSE's. It is really, really hard, but I think we've got a good group of people; there haven't been that many mishaps."

Any holiday disasters?

"We were going to Mallorca to do a shoot and the plane actually plummeted, twice. We saw the stewardess running towards the front of the plane and I started hyperventilating, I was petrified. It didn't help that the photographer I was with said 'Oh we can't crash in water, I can't swim!"

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