Kate Moss Is Solid Gold Supermodel

viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008 |

Only a glimpse has so far been revealed of the statue, named Siren, by artist Marc Quinn.

But it is thought it will show Moss, 34, in an uncomfortable-looking yoga pose, which is how Quinn portrayed the model in a previous bronze sculpture.

Quinn's masterpiece is the largest gold statue to be produced since the time of Ancient Egypt.

Siren will go on display in the Nereid Gallery of the British Museum, where it will be surrounded by beauties such as Crouching Venus, the goddess of love.

London-born artist Quinn gained fame for his statue Alison Lapper Pregnant.

The marble sculpture of Lapper, who was born with no arms and shortened legs, was on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for 20 months.

Quinn is also known for his sculpture Self - a bust of his head made from eight pints of his own frozen blood.

The artist's latest work is part of a contemporary artists' collection, entitled Statuephilia, going on display at the British Museum.

Each work will be placed in a separate room within the museum, alongside the permanent sculpture collection which dates back 250 years.

Highlights are to include Turner prize-winning artist Damien Hirst's collection of plastic skulls in the Enlightenment Gallery and Antony Gormley's precursor to his celebrated public sculpture Angel of the North.

Waldemar Januszczak, co-curator of Statuephilia, said: "Statuephilia will bring together a group of modern sculptors, all of whom have prowled through the corridors and display cabinets of the British Museum in their formative years looking at sculpture and feeling its unmatched international potency.

"The British Museum helped to make these artists what they are. Now they are seeking to return the favour."

The exhibition will run from October 4 to January 25 at the British Museum.

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