Jade Goody Splits With 'Cheating' Jack Tweed

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2008 |

Jade Goody has ended her reconciled romance with Jack Tweed over rumours of his cheating ways.

The Big Brother star is apparently “devastated” after ending her relationship with Tweed again, but felt she had no choice after reports of Tweed’s philandering had eroded her trust in him.

A source tells the Mirror, “Jade is devastated, and she's been in floods of tears. But now she realises she's got to be strong and move on with her life.

"No one thing has caused this, it's just that Jack has been accused of cheating so many times Jade doesn't know what to believe."

The pair had got back together late last year after Tweed got Jade into bed and “lasted longer than I usually do”.

Via entertainmentwise.com

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